Mazu in Taoism

Mazu in Taoism


Mazu is one of the goddesses in Taoism, but just as we say in “What is Taoism”, every sect or even every temple will have their own Mazu, or own version of Mazu. That’s right, because Mazu is just a name, and it can be different when you change what’s inside, and what this statue is connected to. This might be confusing for a lot of people – why they are named the same and using the same statue but are different inside? 

Have you met people with the same name? Or people that look alike?  The body looks similar, the name is the same, but it is a different person. The same applies to Taoist magic and how we use statues. Check out the ‘statue article” to read about how it works!

Here in this article, we will talk about the Mazu of our lineage, which is the Mazu of Saam Law Tao. This is meant for our disciples to learn, and also for our clients who are wanting to open a statue for their home altar.  The Mazu in our lineage kicks butt, and is definitely much more amazing when you know what power it contains!


Power of Mazu

The first thing that you need to understand about Mazu is the name, Ma and Zu , it translates to simply mother-creator.

A woman is not yet a mother, she is only a mother when she is pregnant, which means when the “essence” from the male enter the female’s body, and the “yang” and “yin” clicks, then life creation begins.  When the female is at this stage, pregnant, she is called a mother.

In the theory of Saam Law, the ternary principle of nature, we use Tin, Dei, Yunn (sky, ground, human) as a metaphor to describe the stages of all happenings and all things in nature. You can watch the video below to understand what it is all about.    However, in short, there is always a sky which is where resources come from, a ground that takes the resources from the sky and processes them, then pops back out a Yunn (human) which is a final product.  Money goes into a company, the company makes a product out of the money given, and thats what makes your phone or tablet. Tin, Dei Yunn. Here is the video lecture on this theory:

Mazu is a female “deity”, which represents the power of “dei”, a processor, or absorbing force. We have explained in the article of “Gods and Deities”, that these “Gods” are not what most think they are. Read our article if you have not yet.

Mazu’s power is like pregnancy, it is enclosed, not leaking out any energy, and you keep pumping in more essence into the system (inside the mother’s body), to pump up the energy, for creation of the “baby” to be successful.

We call the Mazu- Goddess of the Sea, not because it has anything to do with boats and the ocean, but because it is related to the sea in the theory of Tin, Dei, Yunn.  Sea, water, is stored below the ground and accumulates below ground level, collecting “chi” (air and energy) from the sky.  When water gets heated, it evaporates back up, or when water gets enough pressure from above, it will pump up.  Therefore this “water” is the “contained energy” zone inside the “dei” system.  It is not about the physical ocean or sea.

Mazu statueThe statue of Mazu sometimes has a reporting-tablet in hand, with her holding and reading it.  This means she is “absorbing” the messages from the reporters (people who connect to her), and by reading, you absorb the “light’ of things, which converts into energy inside the body. These energies then push the creation process to go faster, and feed into the processing power, rushing and pushing into the creation process.

What can Mazu help you with? Think about the powers and patterns above!

Whenever you are “in” some sort of process, some sort of work, some sort of “ground”, Mazu’s power is to help you absorb “light” from outside and fuel your work or things you are trying to do. It helps you to collect “light” for your work, and it helps you to make things that are in-progress more successful, or to be done better.

Let’s say you are doing a business promotion project, this is the ground!  Mazu power kicks in, then you will be able to absorb the light from outside – such as be able to get ideas and attention from outside of your business, and then fuel your project to make it better, make it more hyped, make it more successful.

If you are doing homework, the time when you are “doing” the homework is the ground, and you might be stuck tonight.  Mazu’s help can kick in and you will then suddenly be able to see things outside the box better, and new ideas can kick in to help you finish your homework faster and better.

Even if you are pregnant and you are nervous, its time to get some Mazu help, so she can help you to absorb the pre-heaven essence into your body as the ground, and there goes the extra potential that can add to your baby, ensuring she will be healthy, strong and protected.  How powerful!

Mazu is very close to Guan Yin in terms of their power and property, but they are not the same. Guan Yin’s help kicks in before things happen, and Mazu’s help kicks into something that is already in process or in-creation zone. When you are hopeless, you should find Guan Yin for help, because she can hype you up and motivate you. Mazu is only good when you already have something happening and she can kick in extra fuel into your matter to help you finish it better. They are very similar in power, but not the same.


Saam Law Mazu

saam law mazuOur Mazu of Saam Law Tao is connected to our own Tao, which is Saam Law, the power from Dai Law Tin.  That means, the “Tin” (sky) is from this Tao, the power of “Saam Ching三清 in Dai Law Tin.  When you ask for help from the Mazu in our lineage, she helps you to get power from this source, and pump it into your matters.  When you are just putting the statue on your altar and cultivating it daily, it will help your altar (as the ground) to absorb the power from the Tao and pump up your altar’s creation energy power- which is the magic power.  It’s a magic power booster and guardian, which is very useful when it comes to magic warfare!   This power strengthens the heart of your altar, and the heart of people at home, resulting in a much stronger team, and provide you with the indestructible power that kicks the butts of your enemy. 

Mazu gives you courage, pumps your heart, hypes your system up and boils your blood to make you strong. It’s one of the most powerful guardian goddess for your altar. However, that only applies to our Mazu!  To get one of these Mazu on your altar, get ordained and start learning the magic from our lineage!