Mandarin Lesson Videos for Chinese Magic Launched!

Thanks to Wun Sifu 雲師傅 of our lineage, finally we got a special playlist started with mandarin videos talking about Chinese magic!  It's hard to fulfill every Chinese, because we have so many dialects!  Wun Sifu is Taiwanese, but she also speaks Mandarin, which I figured thatit might be more common to encounter Mandarin spekaers these days, let's put this playlist up and see if we can get the attention of this group of audience. If you are also a Mandarin speaker, at least now you know that this Chinese magic is something you can learn, and we have sifu who can guide you to learn eveyrthing.  Enjoy the show and this playlist will keep growing as Wun Sifu produce more videos. Don't forget to click "like" for the videos to give her some encouragement and support too! :)