Making The Most Powerful FU Talismans?

Making The Most Powerful FU Talismans?

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A lot of my fans asked me how to make the most powerful FU talismans, or do the most powerful exorcism. It feels like they are about to hand me a $100m cheque and say “here is the money, hand me the good shit! I want all of it!” 

Funny question, and yes there is a way.

First of all, how does a FU talisman get its power? Simple!  It gets the power from 3 sources. One is you the writer, one is the altar, and the other one is the higher power of the lineage. If you suck, the FU cannot be good. If your altar suck, your FU have not much power to take from because the bank is dry. If you and the lineage don’t bond well, meaning that you don’t trust the lineage or you are those who just hide and stay quiet forever type of disciple, then your bonding to the lineage and me also suck, that means your connection to everything fails, and nothing works just like the internet is chopped off from your computer, everything failed.


First Element for Power

The first thing to look at is your heart and how you do as a disciple in the lineage. Your heart might be very strong and trusting the lineage, loving the lineage and so on, but did your action shows what you meant? 

Staying in the dark corner all the time, being quiet, not showing up, and not communicating or just come when you have problems, etc.. this is not going to earn you a good connection.  Please note that heart energy is like love, it goes both ways. You can love the lineage all you want, but if I the master don’t feel you, don’t like you, then the connection is not working out.  Love is 2-way, not one. We all know one-way love doesn’t work, right?

You are basically establishing a relationship in the lineage with people, like me, and the other sifu(s) or other disciples.  If you want to be bonded to the lineage strongly, show up often on LINE, talk more, be open and be friends with us. We don’t mind you goof around, we just don’t like you to be too serious!  If you can make me know you, and feel strongly about you and who you are, then the friendship grows, heart-energy grows, and your connection is strong.  Don’t just come to me for help or for service. Just treating yourself like a “client” who come to me when you need things isn’t going to earn you a good impression in my heart.


Next Element – The Altar

Your altar is built, but not get cultivated well enough. You need to focus on your daily cultivation, burning incense, food offerings, and build up history with it. Yes, nothing can replace time and investment over time. Basically, if your altar is fresh new, the time you have put in it is for sure very little, and that isn’t going to be powerful at all.

Make sure you do more food offerings, do more work at the altar, be closer to it, make it part of your life, and feel your altar.  Burning incense daily and communicate with the altar is very important. When you have things in the mind, you can tell your altar and share it with the altar too. When you are about to do something, or need help for something, you can always go to the altar and burn incense too.

Even you wake up and you decided to burn incense later, you can always go to the altar and bow to say good morning, you are up!  Let the altar know about you all the time and so the altar will be able to track you and know where you go, giving you a better connection, and bonds to you better.

Have you use your altar a lot and do a lot of magic work?  No?  Then how can your altar be strong?  Can you be strong physically if you never use your body at all?  Power is built by exercise and using the body, and that goes to the same pattern too.


At Last- Yourself

Have you learn enough, practice enough, show us what you have learned, or even dig into the fine details to upgrade your knowledge and such?  Don’t just read my blogs and watch the youtube then call that learning. My real teachings kick in when you start asking question and talking to me only, and that is something a lot of disciple overlooked. 

The more you know and understand about the symbols, FU, and the mechanics behind things, the better it gets and the more powerful you get. Just because you have learned a spell a week ago, doesn’t mean you cannot learn more today. You can always show us your progress and see if you can do better!  Don’t just sit and try to read or watch everything first, you will never come to an end like this! 

At last, don't forget concluding work!

As you can see, after ordaining, you can do some super powerful FU, but only if you do have these 3 ingredients!   Power does not come like a magic capsule, it comes from your real dedication, your performance, and your everything.  Magic power is just like how people build up power for their physical body. It comes from real hard work over a period of time.  To make the most powerful FU Talismans, you will need to let yourself and the altar soak through time, with your heart as the base of this big pot of energy soup. Like it or not, but that’s real magic. Get ordained to start learning today!