Magic Symbols of the Three Pure Ones Application

saam ching symbol

In our previous post about the “Three Pure Ones” and the “Three Pure Ones Symbols Intro”, you should have learned what these symbols are about. Many people interpret them as if they are secret symbols that summon these 3 old folks or somehow “sign” the name of these 3 old folks on things, which is absurd and illogical in our lineage’s dictionary. In our introductory lesson, we talked about what these 3 symbols mean and here you will learn about how to apply them. Here are some notes from my conversation with my disciples, teaching them the basics.

Don't forget to read about what symbols do, we call them - 花字 FA JEE.

First comes the 3 symbols in full, demo from left to right, the Sheung Ching, Yolk Ching and Tai Ching symbols.

three pure ones symbol

Every symbol you see the “Rain head” and the “3 Drops of Water” on the left side. The rain head meaning can be found on the article “rain ghost symbol”, but basically you are telling the Tao (the higher powers) to rain which means to release its energy to this place. When you see the sky rain, you get the water from the sky – which contains the “air” and essence from the sky. We all know water is H2O right? With air inside. (It’s a metaphor!)

Instead of just raining down, the “3 drops of water” transfers the water over to the subject that your are writing this symbol on. Imagine option a) is that you can rain, and the subject just soaks up the water and get wet. Whereas option b) you drop the rain down, and the other party collected the rain and delivers it to other uses, like pouring the bucket of rain water over your dog or something, which is different than being soaked up by the rain yourself, isn’t it? “Three drops of water” on the left means to transfer the water to some other use, and not to absorb it. So transfer the energy of the Tao to some other use on this subject that got the symbol.

decoding taoist magic symbols    

Then this pic tells you about the right side which is the work to be done with the energy given or transferred. Every one of them does different things with the energy/essence given.

taoist magic symbols decoding

The Sheung Ching takes it and then gives the energy to make this subject register to the Tao, which have the wordas in approach or register. When things are registered or marked by the Tao, it means they are connected, like you hook up a line from the Tao to this subject that got the symbol. It can be for many reasons and purposes, but the main thing here is that the Tao now knows about it and this subject is recorded in the system, and the Tao has acknowledged it.

sheung ching , upper ching symbol

The Yolk Ching symbol with theword means to charge up energy and project it into the subject. A short way to say it is to “charge it up” and so this subject has the power of the Tao inside, like an energizing effect.

jade ching symbol

The Tai Ching symbol with theword means to give off light and radiate, which means to expose the power, and radiate it outward, shine out the light.

tai ching symbol

Now that you know how these symbols work and what they do, let’s reinforce your knowledge again. All these symbols must be drawn AFTER you have drawn your power out with your “heart spells”, which actually draws the power from the Tao. However, every Tao is not the same for all sects and lineages, just like we said in “what is Taoism”. In our lineage, you connect to our own higher powers and that is your Tao. The Tao cannot directly give you the power though, you have to cultivate your daily stuff to build up a good connection and build up your own bank of energy. The Tao gives you power by letting you absorb from it daily through the lineage, and it’s like a small personal bank account inside the big company account, and the company pays you daily and you accumulate the resources in your own account. Using the heart spells draws power from your own account in the lineage and not directly from the bank, yet, it is still the money of the big company that you are using!

Without being ordained into our lineage, you don’t have heart spells, and you don’t have any connection or accounts, so even you try to do the symbols, it doesn’t mean anything and it doesn’t work. The symbols only work because they are like codes/language that our Tao understands, and so when you do it, the Tao here knows what you want and understands what to give you. Without the Tao, where and who are you requesting help from? Yourself? Well, if you already can help yourself, why do you need magic?


Application of the Symbols

To apply these symbols, you should ask yourself what you want to do and understand the symbol, then see which one fits, or maybe all 3 fit your needs. You do NOT have to use them all at once. Sometimes you might just want to do one or two, and the best way to understand how to apply it is to know their meaning and then you will know how to use them in all sorts of ways. Just like you know how salt and sugar taste, then you will know how to use salt and sugar. Memorizing “rules” and “how to use method A, B, C, D” is useless, because you are not a robot! Learning Taoist magic is like learning cooking, you should first understand it and let it make sense, then you will be able to apply it, mix and match, or even do changes to it later on.

Sheung Ching symbol – whenever you want the Tao to empower know something, you can apply this symbol. Why do you want the Tao to know about it? Well, so the Tao can remember this thing, record it in the system, and maybe get your message. What happens when the Tao gets your message? Let’s replace the Tao with your boss, or your dad, or the king (like as if you work for the king). I think you get it now, right? 

Look, there is a letter that you want to send it up to the Tao and tell the Tao a message, write the symbol on the paper after you chop the stamp, and burn it, boom! The energy goes up and records into the system, and now the Tao get this message.  

Another example would be more practical for everyone new the lineage, and lets say you are going out to a trip for 3 days and you want the boss(tao) to take care and keep an eye out for your house. You can write the saam law fu head plus the sheung ching symbol on the door and windows, stamp it with the saam law stamp and record it into the altar system, and now everything is like on the “alarm mode”.

Yolk Ching symbol – This symbol gives things an internal charge, and what happen when your internal is charged up? Imagine you are hungry, and you got a bunch of food shoved into you, charged you up. Now you have energy to do things! Imagine you are a tire, when you are inflated, you can withstand more pressure from outside, so you are more “protected”, tougher, stronger, and more “filled up”. When will you want this to happen, and for what?

A good example is like when you want to send out a package for someone, you will want the package to have a good charge inside, so it will go out smoother and the person getting it will be happier when they open the package! Right, when they open the box, the energy you charge in also releases outside, and then the person will absorb all that good energy and willmake them so much more happier and “feel it” more, resulting in a nicer experience! Now apply the same to your resume, your job interview letter, your business card, and such! Maybe even when you are in need of a charge to protect yourself from spiritual power invasion or attack, this will also help to fill you up with energy of the Tao, which repels the negative stuff away from you!

Tai Ching Symbol – Instead of an internal charge, this is an external power outburst, and you can imagine things are “glowing” with light radiating outward. What happen when you see things that glow? You will wow, you will be amazed, you will be happy, or shocked, because this thing is attracting your attention and is giving you a strong impression. Imagine a love letter with this power, the other side who gets it will have all that “light” from the letter shine on her face and she will definitely find it much more attractive, convincing and lovely!   

If you are going away from your car and you feel the area is not so safe, you can also do this symbol to your car, making your car “glows” and the light is like a protection shield now, which repels people with the mindset of wanting to steal your car, and there goes the prevention of thieves.

All 3 together – When you want something to be known and registered by the Tao, charged up and energized, and also to expose the power and radiate light, that’s a full-on empowering, and its powerful! Think about when you will need that kind of help from the Tao. Maybe your son is going on a trip and you are worried about him, you can then draw the FU HEAD and follow with these symbols over his body or the thing he carries, and that will shield him and also hook him up with the Tao, so that he is being “watched over” and if anything, he will be helped by the invisible forces.

Using the Tao’s power is very important, because when you use it, just like when your body being used, you will develop power and growth. The more you use the body and witness the results, the more you trust your body. The more you use the Tao’s power and feel the help, the stronger you bond with the Tao. However, don’t forget the cultivation of Te, which is to give back to the Tao for a complete cycle. Just taking and not giving back is like using your body and not eating food to fill the body up, you will run out of juice and soon your magic will not work anymore. Read the “concluding article” again if you have not yet done so recently, and always remember Tao and Te comes hand in hand! Not yet ordained? Time to do so now!