Landlord Deity in Taoism 土地神明

Landlord Deity, Toe Dei Sun Ming 土地神明 (Saamlawnese: Tu Di Sin Miong) is a very important deity that all disciples should have at their altar on day 1!

While the gods on the altar are powerful, they are like the big boss in a company; without the workers, the bosses cannot do anything alone. The landlord deity does three things: connect your altar to the lineage’s Religious Court, protect your house and family, and work for the gods on the altar.

Our landlord deity altar uses an exclusive Sun Paai 神牌 (god signage) of our lineage, different from the common ones sold in the stores. Suppose we are consecrating a landlord altar for someone. In that case, the common design can also be used, just that our lineage signage is for the landlord deity to connect to the lineage’s Religious Court network and controls the army inside the altar. The common landlord can only help to overwatch things locally to give general protection.

The Network of Altars

As we have said, the landlord deity connects your altar to the Religious Court network, which has all the other altars in the lineage connected to the same place in the spiritual dimension. It allows the court to receive messages from our altar and deliver their powers to us. If our altar is under attack, the court can send reinforcements and protect it to prevent evil spirits from taking over it.

There is a higher god from the Celestial Court that oversees the Religious Court for these matters related to the landlord deities of the lineage; his name is the Ground Emperor 地皇大帝 (Di Hwong Daai Di). All the landlord deities would have to report to this god through the Tin Yat Palace of the Religious Court.

All the altars in the lineage are connected in a network. The more altars are opened, the more support points are added to the network, and the more impact absorbing the network is. Something tries to attack from one point, and all the other altars will absorb the impact together like a suspension system. That is why it is always a good idea to build your altar as soon as possible so that you can be part of this system to support everyone else and be supported by everyone else at the same time!

Local Deities and Army

The landlord deity is the boss of the lower deck of your altar, leading a bunch of local deities and some armies to work as a team. The four main local deities are the kitchen, door guardian, bedside, and washroom, which help protect your house and family. We also have the five ghosts and their army at the local altar, which helps us fight in magic battles.

The guardian statues are also often put into the landlord’s altar to protect and defend the “ground.” This is not the ground you stand on, but the “ground” we have discussed in the “Secret Behind the Moon “article.

Family God and Landlord

If you are now at the atmosphere level of our world, you would see something like the space station view above the cloud level. If you can go into this location’s spiritual dimension (D6), you will see many “ghost altars” 鬼壇 in this zone. Don’t be mistaken; it has nothing to do with ghosts.

Everyone has a soul that resides inside their physical body, but the soul also has its “home” in the location we have just discussed. This home of the soul is called the “ghost altar” formed by the soul energy of the house you live in, plus all the properties you own in your life etc. If you are living with your family, the ghost altar would be grouped closely. These ghost altars will grow bigger as you send more things back to the PreHeaven from this world. We have talked about this in the “moon” article. The family god 家神 (Jia Sin) refers to the power born from the ghost altars linked by the same house.

Your landlord deity and family god are linked. You can give things you don’t want or need to the family god through the landlord altar, which allows the family god to absorb the energies into the PreHeaven quickly and use them to fortify your ghost altar.

Landlord and Magic

When would you write a FU and use the landlord’s power? Think about it this way, the landlord deals with the spiritual dimension of things (D6), while the “big gods” at the top of the altar take care of things in this human world (D8). If you have learned the difference between these two dimensions, you can better understand how to use the landlord’s power.

The spiritual dimension (D6) is like the dimension in which our soul exists, and the physical dimension (D8) is where we can see with our naked eyes, which is what we call “reality.” D6 is not visible, while D8 is visible!

Sometimes you have a nightmare or spiritual attack, but nothing is wrong physically; it’s just all mentally disturbing, then that is a D6 issue that the landlord can help you with. If you have problems at work, such as people backstabbing you, that is already happening; you would need the gods on the top deck to help you. The landlord is often used for dealing with Fung Shui issues since it is all about the energy flow in the spiritual dimension!

We usually use both the top and bottom altars to handle the situation for exorcism cases since they work together as a team. While the lower deck goes and kicks the evil’s butt, the gods at the top deck would empower and secure the place to prevent the evils from crossing over.

Submitting a Letter to the Court

When we submit a letter to the court, the Dei Wong Stamp allows our landlord to send the letter out of the altar and the court. Most disciples will use the Jo Si stamp on their letter at first. It is “fine,” but the landlord’s Dei Wong Stamp is more proper for the job.

The landlord deity is our messenger communicating with the Religious Court or the Celestial court. Therefore, if we need to relay a message to the court above, we can drop the message to our landlord for it to be sent to the court. This is extremely useful when dealing with a spiritual case for someone. We can keep updating the court whenever we know something has happened or changed; that way, the gods can know how to help us.

After-Death Care

When you die, the landlord deity is the first one who might come to the rescue and save you from wandering around in the open space. It will bring you to the altar’s property and safely guide you to your next journey. If you have pets dying, they will also be taken care of by the landlord deity before moving on to their next life.

Ordain to learn more and start building your altar today to get protected by the lineage’s powerful Religious Court system!