Is Feng Shui Superstitious?

Is Feng Shui Superstitious?

When it comes to Feng Shui, there are often two different types that you will bang into, and that is one type that claims Feng Shui is science or scientific, then another type that keeps going the superstitious route and using some ‘Feng Shui Cures” such as a bunch of salt and stones, coins, crystals, mirrors, just like as if Feng Shui is some sort of witchcraft or Pagan magic. Which is the real Feng Shui?

First of all, we got to define what is superstitious here. From what I read google and dictionary, the word superstitious is often referring to people believing things that happen without any linkage between two things, like they don’t even have any relationship and it happened. People think that witchcraft and such are superstitious because they cannot find a relationship between the ritual and what is happening or believed to happen from the ritual. How can burning some candles lead to this result of good luck or something like that?

Let’s step back a bit and think about is science a form of superstitious belief?  We talk about atoms, photons, electrons, and all that crazy small particles. We cannot see them with our eyes too, yet they exist and work in things we use every day, such as the computer, your phone, and such. We were educated to believe these things work like so and so in school, and the things we see in textbooks are all computer generated images of planets, atoms, waves, but how do we really know it’s really like that?  We were taught about atoms in school, but none of us can see one before we believe so. Not to even mention blood cells, DNA, and such. We believe it without seeing it, are we being superstitious with science?

Feng Shui, Taoist magic, and all sorts of magic in this world uses a form of energy that cannot be detected by science, but it is a form of energy inside us, and we can “feel” it every day, it’s just that you cannot use the “science method” to observe and analyze it, because the time you try to analyze it, the matter or energy will be gone. How is this even possible?

Thanks to our superstitious science, quantum physics.

If you look into the basics of quantum physics, you will see that “scientist” are speaking in tongues, just like everything you learned about science is wrong. There is an experiment where scientist shoots some light particles through a wall with one single slot, and one wall with two slits and they have got some stunning findings.

You can see the video yourself to know what it is about.

Sum it up, in short, they say that this experiment is crazy when you observe the stuff, it behaves like ABC, and when you look at it, the result will become XYZ, how can this even be possible with “matter”? The whole lab test is done the same way, but “people paying attention” to the experiment or not changes the result, things can act like waves or matter, and they change instantly like time don’t even exist in that world of sub-atomic science. The more you dig into these quantum physics videos, you will know that science is really not everything, and I am glad that science does admit that today too.

Many people knew how to make a fire in the ancient time, but none of them know how it works for real. Some just “accidentally” discovered it, some copied others, and some got inspired by “something”, but apparently, we all can make fire from all over the world in the ancient time, without science knowledge. Then how do we know we have to “cook” things before eating them?  How can “cooking” be invented even without science explaining the cellular structure and changes of things inside the cells and such?  We don’t even know what is bacteria is back in the ancient time, but we know fire can cook food and we can make it safer to eat. How is this teacher that teaches us all these wonder knowledge back then? Are we just “superstitious” to believe that fire can cook food and “kill the germs”?

Just that you cannot see it, doesn’t mean it is not there. We cannot see bacteria with our eyes too, but it is there and they can kill you when it gets into your organs. Sorry, you can’t even see your organs, but they are there too. There are many things you cannot see, smell, sense, or even detect with your body and we are living with them all the time. Feng Shui energy is like that, and so is the magic energy we use in Taoist magic.  If you don’t believe it, let’s talk about electromagnetic waves, gamma waves, radio waves, infrared waves, all these things cannot be detected, but we are living in a world full of these things around us. We cannot see it, yet we believe it, is that also superstitious to believe how radio can work just like magic? Wi-fi beams in the air? Wireless power? Oh mine, science is so superstitious, if we lack the real knowledge behind and don’t understand it.

Feng Shui is also like that, Feng Shui is not superstitious. It just works with a form of energy that cannot be detected by any physical matter, because it is what we call the pre-heaven energy or creation energy. This energy is like the energy which triggers our “feeling” and our “heart” living energy. Not the organ, but the heart that feels.

You can wake up in the middle of the night, nothing happened, but you just feel the “urge” of wanting to type something on twitter. Why?  What made you feel that way?  It’s your “heart”. We all know that, but it is not explainable, and not graspable, and not touchable.

Just like love, you can feel it, you know it, but it JUST cannot be explained. The more you try to explain this with “logic” and refer it to matters, the more you lose it, and the more you destroys it. 

Feng Shui is not superstitious, but it is not scientific too. Feng Shui exists, and it is real, but it depends if you have the right teacher to teach you the stuff and if you learn from a legitimate path, and not just from the crappy books out there teaching you those fast foodFeng Shui…! 

If you want to learn Feng Shui, skip the bookstore, here you can ordain and start learning Taoism and Feng Shui already.  Why do you need to ordain and become a Taoistto learn Feng Shui?  Well, you don’t need to be a Taoist to learn Feng Shui, but you need to do so if you want to work with Feng Shui energies, the creation energyor what we call pre-heaven energies!  Normal people are “already born” human beings, and we only get “fed” by the pre-heaven energy!  We cannot manipulate or control it backward!  That’s the law of nature!  If you want to work around it, you need to cultivate and learn the Taoist magic, which works with an even more original, raw, ancient form of pre-heaven energies, which is what you can use to really work with the Feng Shui energies in this world. Ordain and experience the real deal Feng Shui today. Knowledge is everything, and that is why we don’t call Feng Shui superstitious and not science. Feng Shui is Feng Shui, what else do you want?