Incense Powder for Taoist Magic of Cleansing

taoist powdered incense

Today we are going to talk about this special type of incense that we burn in our lineage, which is called the Chum Heung沉香, which is in powder form in this case. You will need a small pot for the incense, and also a tool like a small spoon that allows you to dig a hole in the pot of ashes. The powdered incense comes with a small plastic spoon, which is just for scooping up the incense powder, don’t mess it up and use it directly on the pot! 

Burning the Incense

This type of incense is tricky to burn, because most people will get it all smokey and messy, which doesn’t work out pleasant and is not what we need. The goal is to make it turn into super mild smoke, but super nice smell that fills the whole house in seconds. You won’t see much smoke, but it will show you the power with its strong smell. It’s a pleasant type of smell of course, but beginners might be shocked about how strong it can get sometimes.

powdered incense

First of all, dig a hole in the center of your pot of ash, and do that gently to avoid things falling back into the hole.

incense pot with hole

After that is done, put in 1-2 spoons of that powdered incense.

incense filled in hole

Take a piece of the incense wood stick and burn it up with fire, using your candle on the altar. When you get the stick on fire, keep it burning a bit and then stab it into the powder partially so the fire is starting to burn up the powder and light things up too. When you see that happening, stab the stick in more and fire will go out.

taoist burning incense

Now, cover the hole up mostly, leaven the center a bit of space, and then top on half a spoon of the incense powder on top.

incense burner

At this moment, the incense of the pot will start to burn and accumulate heat, and the heat will stay inside, grow hotter and hotter, and then rushes back up to heat up the new “toppings” you added at the end, giving off even more scent. The “topping” will get burnt up later too, but it might take a bit of time for it to fully get blacked. 

Now the pot is “ready” and it’s time to do your magic into it.

A simple way to use this setup is to purify your home and space. Draw magic power with “heart spells” and dump in the power into the pot, and then draw the Saam Ching Symbol one by one over the incense pot, then stamp it by distance with the Saam Law stamp once. Then, take the wooden fish and recite Jing Tin Dei spell 3x with the help of the Hing instrument. At last, take the Yun-Hing and hit 36x over the pot, or you can take the Yun-Hing to walk around the place and tap it while reciting Jing Tin Dei spell. When you are done with this, then just let the incense burn out and it’s all done.


Why Do Incense This Way?


The corresponding theory is the secret. In magic, there is a secret pathway that connects everything in nature, regardless of where you are, and how far you are, just like a “tunnel” in the mountain, it will connect everything up and channel things here and there. This secret portal or pathway Is what we call “Ling Gaai靈界”, the D6 zone (dimension 6).

What marks the entrance of d6? When things are at “Yin” fullest, it will be the d6. Which means, when things are “under a ground” and buried. It can be anything “inside a ground” too. For example, when you close your eyes, the “black world” you see is considered the d6 corresponding zone too. The inside of the floor (the space below the ground you stand on) is also a d6 entrance. Anything “inside” a ground is the way to the d6 pathway. However, to enter this, you must have the intention of transmission and also know how to do so.

By going through the d6, you can push energy from one system to another like how electricity can “ground” itself into the ground and passes to other things that also links with the ground. 

This theory is used all the time in Taoist magic, just like when we close our eyes and knock the head to the handsign, or when we bow and knock the head to the ground while we close the eyes, or when we are doing portalling magic to send magic out which requires you to close the eyes to send things out. It is all about connecting yourself to the d6, and your “soul energy” is the transmitting element that brings these things to the other connected elements.

Now take a look at the pot again, the powdered incense buried “inside the ground” (the ashes) is considered the d6 when you bury it up. If your intention is to link the pot to your house’s internal energy, and you set the magic work to start in the pot, it will then make the pot’s magic power goes to the house’s spiritual dimension (the d6) and pack in energy (like how it packs up heat in the pot) and keep on cleansing and purifying your house’s spiritual body (energy field) for you as you do your magic.

With this method, the whole house got packed up with your good energy that you just channeled in from the Tao, and the negatives will be also pushed out because good stuff came in. Just like packing in good cells, bad cells then get pooped out of the body.   If you are doing rites while this incense is burning, you can even get a better effect going on with the morning rites in action.

This kind of method is very common when we need to "cook things up" inside someone or something. For example, you can be using this method to deal with someone who have evil crap energy inside their body. By using the incense pot, you connect to their body's "internal" as in their soul body and burn the e-crap out with magic work cooking up the incense pot - which transfer to the person's soul body at the same time. This is one powerful tool to use for exorcism for people who have negative energy or evil crap inside them.  You boil things up from their inside, infuse FU and other things from the pot, and its like you can toss bombs through the pot and into the person's soul body intenrally, how powerful and useful!

This is the basic, and you can add in FU work and other magic to enhance or tweak the effect of what you want to do and where you want the magic to go to etc. This pot is a must have and is super important for our monthly 1st and 15th ceremony! Get one from your Dai Sifu!  If you are not in our lineage yet, no worry, you can get ordainednow and start learning!