Improve Money Luck with Taoist Magic

The secret to improving your money luck is to look at the ways for money to come in, or for money to grow from your hand. Taoist Magic can help you do better with your money luck, but it cannot replace your career. You still need a job or a business, to make money. This article is not a magic pill; it is meant to be for those who are already working or running their own business, and want to know how to do better and earn more money by using Taoist magic.

There are 2 ways to earn money. One is what we call the direct wealth, which is all about putting your time into a career, working or doing business, then earning money from your customers or boss. The next one is when you have money in your hand, then you will invest them into something such as stocks or real estate, and then earn money from that, which is like growing money with money. This is what we call the “sideway wealth.” Both of these are needed for a good and healthy flow of income. It’s just like saying, it is best to have a job and invest your money into some sort of stocks or bonds to let them grow, instead of letting them just sit. However, just doing investments will not be stable and is never enough for a living, especially when you are just starting off.

In Taoist magic, we have two money-luck related deities, and they are called the Choy Sun 財神. One is called the direct wealth deity, and one is called the sideway wealth deity. In short, if you need help, you find the right deity and ask them for help. Oh yes, that really works, if you do it right and have the right method!

If you need help with your job-related things such as securing your job, letting the boss fire anyone but you, getting a promotion or a raise, getting better and more helpful friends and colleagues, being able to work and be seen as productive, and having your talents be discovered, these are all what the direct-wealth deity deals with.

As for making the smarter decision for investments, buying things wisely, being able to control your spending better, being able to spend on the right things, having better vision and instinct to play the investment game, etc., these you can ask the sideway-wealth deity for help!

Asking for help requires a method that works, and you cannot just assume that just screaming to the sky will get you anywhere, right? To talk to the gods and deities in our lineage, you must first know how to dial their phone number and connect to them.

Taoist magic is very systematic, there is no guessing around! You must have the 3 basic parts for a magic to work. First you need to connect to the power, which is like what I have said – dial the phone number. Second is to tell the other side what you want help with, and ask for help. Third is to have something that allows you to contain the help, like a box to contain the goods, and so you can take it with you and consume it later.

For example, you want help from the direct-wealth deity. If you ask me for help, I would connect to him at my altar, and then tell him about you and your request, so that he understands your situation. Then, I will take a FU talisman and empower it at the altar, letting the deity inject his power into the FU, then we will ship the FU to you. That way, the “help” is in the FU, and now the FU is with you all the time, letting the help to be deployed on you all the time. 

The help from deities is not like how a human can help you, because they are not physical beings. Yet, the force of these deities is so powerful that you cannot imagine how they move things around without even being realized. Most of the time, people are driven by a feeling inside which leads them to think and act. For example, one wants to date this lady today, but somehow the power kicks in and he suddenly have no mood or feel for the lady, and the dating is then spoiled or even gone. This feeling is not something you can explain by using physical references, because it has no physical aspect to it, but rather, just an invisible force that penetrates your heart at times to do its magic.

To get help from the Taoist deities for improving your money luck, you must first trust and believe in them. Who would like to help someone who doesn’t trust them? To show your trust, you will have to output something, just like proving that you love someone, you buy them something as proof. Therefore, you give offerings, such as the money you output when you request the help etc. After that, make sure you relay your message properly by email so that we can know what to say for you! Then, you will just need to wait for us to get back to you with a FU that is customized for you. It’s that simple. However, if you want to be able to do all these yourself anytime you need help, then simply ordain and become a Taoist, setup the altar, and then you will learn and be able to make these FU and do these magics yourself! Improving your money luck isn’t something you want to do once in a while, but instead once a month or every two weeks! Improving and SECURING your money luck is something very important! Don’t forget that there are always competitors who will use magic or spiritual methods to destroy your money luck too. How can you fight back if you don’t have a good power source at your back?