Importance of Taoist Robes

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Taoist robes are never just decorative clothing, and they do play a big role in our cultivation. First of all, as we have explained in “what is Taoism”, there are many different sects and lineages, and we are all connected to different higher powers as our own “Tao”. Hence the teachings and content are all not the same. What we are explaining here applies to our lineage, but not others. This article will teach our disciples to know why they should be getting their robes and why to get new robes that they will need when it is the right time.

Why do we put on clothing? Very simple, because we need something to cover us for some reason. Maybe we are cold, maybe it makes work easier, or maybe to hide something, or maybe to pretend something. Remember how Halloween works with costumes? You pretend to be ghosts and witches, make people think you are one, because you appear like one. 

Putting on a Taoist robe also does similar things, which will change the way you look, and programs your body’s energy output. Imagine your body is a light bulb, and you output light (your energy radiates outward). Your light is white, and so what happens if I coat you over with red fabric? You output red light, which makes you suitable for doing things with red power, isn’t that magical?

Not only that, but a real Taoist robe is also special because it is consecrated, and it is not your own normal ordinary clothing. The robe is consecrated, meaning that it is connected to a source of power. You do not put on the robe as your own clothing, it’s a piece of clothing that you put on to connect and put on the power of the Tao of the lineage. Everything you do and everything you say while the robe is on will record into the lineage’s power. In other words, if you are pissed off and need to vent your emotions, please take off your robes nicely first, before you go apeshit crazy. If you do all that crap with the robes on, it will go into your “account” in the lineage and these energies will damage your own foundation, or even ruin your cultivation, because you are shoving in all this garbage to your own profile. Like pouring poop into your own profile in the government record, it does no good but harms to your future.

We used to say, once you put on the robe, you are not an ordinary person anymore. That’s because you are now in the robe and your action, your speech, your everything represents the Tao, the higher powers, who have given you the connection and the power through the robe. Your actions and everything represents the Tao, and its not a joke at all.

To make you understand this, you can look at a cop with his uniform. If a policeman puts his uniform on and goes to a night club, hangs out with some hookers and starts bullying people like a punk, do you think he will be alright? What is he damaging is not only his own reputation, but the whole policeforce will be in trouble because of him. The consequences for him causing trouble are way worse than a normal person doing it for sure.

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Benefit of Taoist Robes

Whether it's a Taoist robe or a magic robe in our lineage, it’s all important gear for doing a specific job. What you will get is an empowerment from the Tao, the higher powers, which grants you the extra power and energy to do different magic work.  A general rule is that flat color robes are for bringing energy into you and absorbing energy into you. Reflective or shiny robes are for pushing powers back out to the outside. Usually the basic ones are all flat, because they are for pulling powers in to help you. As you learn and develop more, you will get shiny robes which are for helping you output powers to do things for the things outside of you.

Doing work with your normal clothing means you are all on your own with no help from the lineage to coat over you, and you are considered “naked” in terms of spiritual energy. With robes over you, you have a special power that covers you. In case you are not sure yet, when a spirit sees you right now, you are “naked” to them. With robes on, you become much more powerful and you are protected! If you are working on things like exorcism and such, you will not want to go without robes.   Whether you fight back and kick the evil’s butt out of the house, or just dusting the energy pollution out of your home, your body can get dirty, and you can be attacked too. With robes on, you can avoid all that danger and successfully perform your ritual.

To make it even more clear, if you are doing your Cheng Sun ceremony at your altar, you must dress up properly to welcome the energy in. A very easy concept here is- if you dress like crap, you welcome crappy energy. If you dress high class, you welcome high class energy. It’s a law of attraction, red welcomes red, green welcomes green. You want to do your Cheng Sun and make it worth the hassle with all the food offerings and such? Dress properly and do your best to present a better YOU to welcome what you want. If you keep doing Cheng Sun with no robes, then your Cheng Sun ritual will stay very weak and powerless, even doing it for 20 years won’t be helping much. Dressing up properly ensures your work is not wasted!


Taoist Robes and Consecration

You must first get the Taoist robe or magic robe purchased from your Dai Sifu, upon approval for buying the robe that you need. After you have received the robe, you will need to learn how to consecrate it (chick it). With the most basic method, you will get the robe consecrated and started off. The more you learn and develop your consecrating skills, the more you can program into the robe and make use of its potential features and powers. The key point is, get the robe first, it will require consecration, and then the robe will become a Taoist robe for real. Just buying the robe doesn’t do you any good, because it is not yet connected to the lineage and the higher powers yet.

Once you get ordained, you should already be getting your Taoist robes and such from your dai sifu. Remember to get them, and start using them often!