How to Use Magic Money

This article is a technical post about how to use the magic money in our lineage. If you want to understand more about this topic, read up the 101 to Magic Money article. In this article, we want to focus on the application part, which one to use for what situation etc. After reading this article, you should know how to pick the magic money for your need. This is just for our disciples to read mostly because a normal person cannot even make the magic money, you need to be a disciple with an altar and stamps etc in order to make them. However, you can go to our website to “give offerings” and have us burn OUR magic money for you to ask the gods for help or to thank the gods.

Ki Chiaan溪錢

These are the postage on a package, like your stamps, they are a must when you need to send a package of offerings to any spiritual party. They are also used as a channelling and connection booster, which could be burnt when you are trying to connect to a certain god or deity for the first time etc.  These are often burnt in a "pie" or circle form by taking a stack of it and fan it out using a pencil or stick. This is the FIRST thing you burn in the package.

Xuan Bwa 元寶

These are brown soft paper, they serve the same purpose as a carton box that we use for putting the stuff inside the package. These are burnt LAST in the whole package to ensure the successful delivery.

Daai Gwong Bwa 大光寶

These are the same thing as the previous one (Xuan Bwa) but they are like boxes with returned postage included, so that the other side knows they have to give something back in return. This is used when making wishes and such with the celestial court, so that they have a way to "send the gift" your way.

Gold and Silver (Gim/Ngeen) 金銀

The easiest way to understand this is that silver has less value than gold. Imagine 1 silver is one dollar and one gold is $100. You can buy food and small things you need everyday with silver, but you need some gold to buy a good weapon or a house. These are wealth for the spiritual beings (gods too). With more silver, they have better health and can be alive for longer time. With more gold, they can do things and have greater power to execute their tasks.

Sometimes we also stamp these with our civic officer stamp for making them into Xiou Gim, which is like government issued money, and they are only used for burning for the gods and celestial troops for the work they are doing etc.

5 Colors Clothings (Yea Ju) 五色衣紙

These are like different "coatings" or clothing to add on top of the spiritual being's body, empowering their 5 elements energies. To make it easier to understand, I will explain the benefit of each.

The white one gives more gold energy, and will empower their senses, feelings, and awareness.

The purple one gives more water energy, and will make them more patience, increase their desire to do things, and also improve their use of time.

The green one gives more wood energy, and will increase their motivation, energize their soul, and hype them up for better mood.

The pink one gives more fire energy, and it serves as a booster to make them happier, increase their power for doing anything, and make them stronger.

The yellow one gives more earth energy, and it helps to protects them, increase their confidence and magic power.

Lu Ma (Boosters) 祿禡

They are basically green and red fu paper, blanks, for using as a booster to speed up the work to be done. They are used whenever there is a request or wish inside the package to be fulfilled.

How to Use

To use the magic money (MM), you would need to gather the package up, and then stomp the heart spell #2 into them (for ordained disciples) or you can use heart spell #0 if you are just in the Tin Yat Stage. That will allows the god to acknowledge and claim to be the owner of these MM. 

After the MM is consecrated, then you can take them and bow to the receiving party, such as your altar, and then burn them into the big red bucket.

If they are to be consecrated with your altar as your altar's MM, then you would need to upload incense, and circle the MM CW 3x and CCW 3x over the incense to make these MM become the altar's MM first.

MM consecrated using heart spells takes the wealth from the power inside you, it can be burnt for any spiritual party.

MM consecrated by the altar side can be burnt for any troops and armies or human. You can use those to fuel the celestial troops that work for you with the FUs and magic setups.

MM consecrated by the celestial court can be burnt for any gods and deities like the government giving out salary to the workers.

For disciples, make sure you ask me on LINE for details and more teachings!  You can burn these on your own, or you can have the lineage burn it for you at the HQ. If you want us to help you, contact us on LINE!

Ordain to learn more and don’t forget to check out our FIRST TAOISM BOOK!