How to Use Magic Money

This article is a technical post about how to use the magic money in our lineage. If you want to understand more about this topic, read up the 101 to Magic Money article. In this article, we want to focus on the application part, which one to use for what situation etc. After reading this article, you should know how to pick the magic money for your need. This is just for our disciples to read mostly because a normal person cannot even make the magic money, you need to be a disciple with an altar and stamps etc in order to make them. However, you can go to our website to “give offerings” and have us burn OUR magic money for you to ask the gods for help or to thank the gods.

Kai Cheen溪錢

These are for connecting and channelling, which is why there is the word “Kai 溪”, which means water streams, like how its “flows” to the other side that receives your signal.

These will be burnt to send signals to connect to the party that you are trying to reach. By default, we use 12 or 13 of these, circled into a pie and burn.

12 is used when you are requesting the other side to give you something or do things for you.

13 is used when you are gifting and giving this to the other side only, and they purely just receive and gain.

You can also just take a stack and circle it by a random number, it’s fine too.

When we are searching for the ghosts in a funeral in other dimensions, we could be burning these non-stop to beam out the signals, until we can get in contact with the ghost then we will stop.

This is always the first thing to burn in a package.

Yuen Bo元寶

This is the last thing to burn for the package most of the time. This is like the carton box which wraps the whole package up. It is for what the other party should do to this whole package.

By default, you burn 2 of these at the end, meaning the other side only has to “receive” the package. Sometimes we burn 3, which tells them this is for establishing communication. It tells them what this package intention is for, and what they should be doing after getting your package of MM. If you don’t know how much to burn, just go with 2 pieces is fine.

Daai Gwong Bo 大光寶

These are mega size Yuen Bo, the purpose is like a return envelop. You want the other side to return something back to you after receiving your package, then you include this box with the return label. This is usually used when we are sending money up to ask for help. We usually send a pair of these after the Yuen Bo.

Gold and Silver 金銀

*Deeper knowledge required*

Silver gives the light (D1 energy), which allows the other side to have the essence required to “exist”. Simply said, the more silver, the more healthy and longer lifespan you have for the spiritual side. It also gives them the light so they have more faith and hope in life as well. For the human, they will have better vision and more potential.

Gold gives the heart power (D5 energy) which packs on more confidence, and empowers the magic power, helping them get stronger. It’s like in this world, with money (gold) you can buy more things and not just “buy food” to survive.

You can also get it as, having silver you can live a life and have food to eat. Having gold you can buy a gun, a car, or even clothing.

These also need to be stamped with the specific stamps to authorize them as who’s gold and silver.  When stamped, these are all civic money, meaning that they are given by a certain god for a mission to be done. If they are not stamped, then they are civil money that you can use for any purpose and not specific to a mission.

Stamped Gold and silver are called Sau Gum 壽金, while the non stamped ones are just called gold and silver.

5 Colors Coatings 五色衣紙

These are “coatings” and not “clothing”, they are like the 5 elements power coated over the receiving end, which empowers them to become stronger or patches them up to help them heal their souls. Usually, we burn one set with 1 of each, but sometimes you can burn just a specific color too.

Luk Ma (Horses) 祿禡

They are basically green and red fu paper, blanks, for speeding up the process. You can use both or just one. Green for D3, red for D7; green to help make preheaven come to postheaven, and red to help make things come true or to happen in the physical realm.

Burning Method

When you are burning these magic monies, you must group them up in a pile, and then burn incense to the altar to say you are burning this for who and who, then circle the bundle over incense 3x CW to connect, and then take it to the big red pot to burn. You can burn them slowly one by one to reduce the smoke and fire. Make sure you are not freaking out on the fire. It’s supposed to be easy and safe to do if you are calm and doing things slowly one by one.

If the day is too windy to burn things, you can either save it for the future time to burn it off, or you can use the “trash method”. After the circling, then put it into a clean bag and then write the baak hork sin si fu head over it and tell the god to help you send it off. Then go dispose it into the garbage chute of your apartment or dump it in your trashcan that is outside. Remember that as long as your heart detaches from it completely, then the energy will have to go.

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