How to Supercharge FU Talisman Writing Brush

How to Supercharge FU Talisman Writing
People do not understand that a Taoism FU talisman is not just a piece of paper that you copy from the book and it will work because it looks just like the original text. There is a lot of things behind it which people don’t see, and that is the magic power. Imagine you are building a real computer, and your kid is copying you trying to make something alike with his LEGOS beside you. Maybe it will look alike at the end, but it is not going to be the same.  Here is one method to supercharge your FU Talisman if you are in our lineage, learning the Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung.

Your FU writing brush is the tool that draws energy out from the altar and infuses it into the piece of FU paper. This brush alone is already a super magic-tool. It needs to be empowered, programmed and activated, but besides that, there is a lot more to make your brush stronger.

Imagine your altar’s incense pot is a pot that cooks up energy inside. What’s inside is the “internal power” of your altar’s upper deck. Every day you burn incense with your “heart spells” and your altar accumulates energy inside. That is why it is so important to keep doing your incense daily, because you are accumulating the energies into this pot daily, and it is not the more the better!  

A new incense pot should not have too many incenses on the first day, because it is a baby pot, and it is not ready to take that much power in (if you are a newbie disciple). Therefore, do about 1-3 times of incense a day is fine (with heart spells). The 1-3 times of incense upload is a form of investment, for your future magic work!

After you are done with your first month of accumulating work, your incense pot should be mature enough to be used. Take the 2 magic brushes that you got from your Dai Sifu in the lineage (after you activated them), reverse them and stab them into the pot. The black brush goes on the left of your altar, and the red brush goes to the other side. Remember it is the left OF THE ALTAR as if you are the altar looking outside.

FU Talisman Taoism magic

Fu talisman drawing is very complex but we mostly use 2 brush as the foundation, with one mainly for red ink and one for black ink.  Yin and Yang! 

The red ink brush is for doing wok to push out power and give birth to things, while the black brush is to give energy and sucks in essence to infuse into things. Both are commonly used in our FU talismans work. Usually, as a general rule, anything you want to execute power and cause-effect is done with red ink. Anything you need to tweak the internal of things or push in essence to things, like empowering, Fung Shui tweaking, and such, then you will use black ink.

While your brushes are in the pot like this, take a FU HEAD(like the one in the photo), and do not fold the FU paper, but just to burn the top of the FU paper (face up) and use the flame to circle on top of the 2 brushes with 3x CW circles, drilling down the energy, plus a “dip” to the brush with the flame. After both are circled, then slowly and carefully let the FU head finish burning and drop it into the incense pot. You can take out the ashes later for garbage.

After this is done, keep doing your incense and such as you daily does, or do rites, etc. While you use the incense pot and do work to strengthen your altar, it will keep pumping magic power into the brush and charging them up.

FU Talismans are not just a piece of paper with some writings, it is a piece of energy work, with real magic power inside the piece of FU paper. These energies came from yourself, the pot and the pot from your altar link you to the lineage, which allows you to draw energy from the lineage too.

With this method, you will be nourishing, empowering and supercharging your brushes. This is good to do once a while and leave it there for 3 to 7 days, giving it a “SPA” so that it will be nice and juicy the next time you use it. If you are doing your Cheng Sun, it is a good idea to have the brush in the pot to get those magic power sucked in too!

Do not forget to clean your brush after every use too!  The hair on your brush needs to be carefully cleaned after every use to make them flexible and bouncy for the best writing condition!

If you are not yet a disciple, you can always get ordainedand learn the Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung from us. We teach by distance and you can get ordained, learn magic, do magic, without even stepping out of your house!