How to Improve my Luck with Taoist Magic

After people got ordainedinto the lineage and start learning Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung, they all wanted to know how to improve their luck and how to get better in life etc. Most people only want to learn the “luck boosting FU Talisman” or some money luck spells and such, but is that really how it works? If life is that easy, and you can all easily get rich and wealthy, who wound not want to learn Taoist magic and just skip everything else including school and work?

This is also the reason why most people fall for the scams out there, with “Taoist magic” that claim to help you win the lottery and get big money in a short time after a ceremony. Let me bring you the truth here – you cannot do Taoist magic to get money or get rich! Then what is all the money luck spells and Talismanabout?

In our article that talks about the “wealth magic”, we have explained clearly already, that the “wealth” we talk about isn’t money and money is not even a form of wealth in Taoism’s dictionary. Money can bring you wealth, but it is not wealth by itself. Having tons of money is useless if you don’t use it to buy something you can consume, right?

How can one really improve their life or luck by using Taoist magic then?

In our video on YouTube, we have talked about some basic situation and magic that you can do right away, even after you have just ordained. Yes, your magic power will be weak, but you can start using these right away. A bit more help is better than no help, that’s the fact! Imagine you are going to take an exam, and you are going to get 78% as your final score, if you can top it up with 1 or 2 more points, you might just get the 80% mark and your grade totally changed from B to A! A tiny bit of boost is better than no boost, isn’t it? 

When you first ordained into our lineage, you will have your ‘heart spells” and they are already very useful if you combine them with the proper handsign, tweak, and execution.

The first heart spell is for dealing with anything that relates to the feeling, mind, thoughts, and anything that has to do with the inner side of things. For example, if you want people to “feel” good about your resume and hire you, or you want your date to turn out better by enhancing the “feeling” of someone toward you, or maybe you just want to increase the chance of this client of yours to sign the contract just because they feel good and safe to sign this contract. As you can see, the feeling and sensing part of life is a big thing!

The second heart spell deals with anything in general that needs to move, to start, to work, to execute, or anything in general, or to “do” something. For example, if you want to “do” your project better, or you wanted a protection power to kick in and protect you, or you want to do something before you drive to make your trip safer. You will “start” doing things all the time, and you want that “thing” to be better, or smoother, or safer, then this spell helps.

You have to get rid of the mindset of carrying “one’ talisman around and thinking that it will help you with “anything” or boost your life up “all around”. That’s not real magic, and it won’t happen. What you need to understand is that magic is done specifically on something you want to target it toward, and that is how the magic can work itself in.

Think about what you are doing today, or what you need some boost with? Then, before you start doing it, you might want to use these magic as mentioned above, with the correct handsign and method to apply to the matter or subject. By doing so more and more, you will eventually be able to get the hang of it and you will see endless opportunities in life for using your magic power. There is no way that one FU Talisman can supply all that demand for you, and so it is best to cultivate and learn it yourself!

Now that you know how useful the 2 heart spells can be, but just having a spell is not enough. You will need to choose the proper handsign, and proper method to apply your magic power to, so that the energy can inject into the things that need the power, and NOW the magic will kick in. 

Magic power is like electricity, you cannot just push out electricity and have any results, but if you have something to contain it and utilize it, then the power will kick in and help you to boost everything up. In order to cast magic properly and correctly, you must have ONE specific thing you want the magic to help you with, and then apply the proper spell and handsign or other things to it. After you are done doing your magic, don’t keep thinking about it or doubting your own work and think “did it work? Did I do it right?”. Don’t doubt yourself, trust your magic power and let it go. Once you have let go of your mind and not think of the magic, NOW the magic will start kicking in and doing its work for you.

What if you did your magic, and it does not turn out to be as good as you wanted? Don’t feel bump! No one can success the first time, and your magic power is like your soldiers, and they need training! Give them more opportunities to work for you and they will become better and better at what they are supposed to do. You must put your trust and faith in your own ‘soldiers” (the magic power) and even fi they fail a mission, they have tried their best to help you already. Don’t doubt or scold them, but encourage them to try harder next time, do better next time, and maybe pump them up with more goodies such as consuming the FU HEADS, replenish them!  The more you use the magic, the better it will be as you and your “soldiers” advance in the journey!