How to Deal with a Spiritual Attack During Sleep

How to Deal with a Spiritual Attack During Sleep


taoist magic for sleep attack

A lot of clients and even some of my disciples have encountered a situation here they seem to get attacks during their sleep time, and it mostly kicks in after they have just fallen asleep. There can be voices, sounds, visuals or even a super real figure trying to hunt them down. Sometimes they can move, sometimes they cannot, sometimes it’s just a bunch of wind blowing beside the ears and they will suffocate and feel like they are on near the edge of dying already.  What to do in this situation as a Saam Law Taoist?  If you have ordained, even you are just a newbie, this is something you need to know and can do at any time to bust the crap out of the attacking “thing”.

To make it easy and short, we will limit the lesson to be only using the minimal knowledge and memorizing the minimal spells for the magic. However, you must be ordained, and you must have your heart spells memorized.  If you are smart, you should have recited the heart spells zillion times on the first few days after your ordination!  The heart spell is the first thing that connects you and the Tao, it’s like a password that you dial in to get connected to the source.

Secondly, you will need to learn he Saam Law Fu Head (with spells), which is taught to you in the first e-mail from your Dai Sifu in the lineage.  There are also demo videos and such on our Google Drive, ask Hung Sifu for instructions and help if you cannot access.  If you are one of the smart ones, you should download the 36x FU HEAD copy-book style pdf from our google drive and start copying zillions of pages from day1 and on.  More practice makes perfect, and brings you the power.  Feel free to photocopy those and keep drawing until your box of pens is all used up!  The FU HEAD is a symbol that allows you to channel in the specific powers. In this case, is the Saam Law FU Head for the Saam Law Jo Si’s power.

Now that you have gotten connected, and you got the power drawn out, it’s time to put the power to a specific use. Here you will learn the symbol of “Bagwa Fire-Magic”

To learn this magic, you will first need to know how to write the word 火斗, which contains 8 strokes. Copy it zillions of times on paper or you can consider buying one of the special tablets which cost about $13 only, and you can draw on it all you want. This tablet runs on a coin cell that provides you up to roughly 2 years of use-time. Nothing fancy, but a button for clearing the screen in one click, saving you tons of paper ink money for this kinds of practice!

The word here has a spell that combines with it to make it effective, and here we will show you the short version which only consists of 8 words, and that is the Bagwa in post-heaven order, repeat it a zillion times to memorize it by heart.  Do the words in a 4-4 manner and it will make it much easier to memorize.

Kin, Hum, Gun, Junn, Shun, Lay, Kwun, Dui (乾坎艮震巽離坤兌)

The long version of the spell consists of many words which I will explain here so that you can understand the meaning of the words with precision.

乾開天門路 Kin – opens the pathways to the source

坎水降法來 Hum- transfer the magic down here

艮山入靈元 Gun – accumulates it into the internal resources pool

震雷動法心 Junn – charges and activates my energy heart

巽風送神法 Shun – with a force like wind that delivers the power outward

離火霹靂生 Lay – to cause fire and sparks up to activates

坤地陰陽轉 Kwun – toward the target and it absorbs, with power unleashing

兌出三羅神 Dui – out the power of Saam Law it goes

急急如律令 – Quickly execute as command

It’s a rough translation, for your understanding, but you do not have to memorize it. (whew!)  Enjoy the short version with just 8 words for now and it is sufficient enough to deal with most cases.

For more information on what is this fire-magic about, read the fire-magic blog post and also the Bagwa 101 lesson!


Execute Fire Magic for Sleep Attack

Remember the sequence in order – heart spell, fu head, and the magic command to execute. When you feel the thing again, here is what you can do.

If you cannot move, say the heart spell in your heart, and focus in the center to draw the FU HEAD, and then draw the symbol over the FU HEAD stroke by stroke, reciting the spell (words) one by one for each stroke. After you are done, visualize a ring of fire wraping around the word and transforming it into a fireball. If you cannot do that, visualize or think of red, blood red, and then focus and use all your force to push it out toward the evil thing, or just jump up from bed and say “HA!” at the same time and you are freed. Instantly go on our LINE chat and ask for help, report what happened, request troop, and then go get yourself a glass of water, do the FU HEAD in there (with heart spell) and the symbol etc, then drink it. Go and FU HEAD your bed, and recite the JING spells if you know them, but otherwise you should be good to sleep again.

If you can move, put sword finger at chest level and recite your heart spell in the mind, and then move the hand around with micro-movement to draw the FU HEAD (with spells) and then use the finger to poke your chest (like how we teach in the internal fa jee video) and then draw the fire symbol with spells embedded toward the target. After you are done, turn your sword finger into a palm and strike forward while saying “HA!” to blast out the power. You can also write the symbol on your left palm and blast the palm out too.  After the evil is busted, go on LINE and do the same as what we have said above.

Don't forget you can always do a FU BATH at night to reduce the risk of being harmed too.

NEVER just do something and go back to sleep, because you are for sure still under attack or the “thing” is still not yet busted.  You want to report on LINE so in case of anything, we have sifu(s) all over the world to help you and provide you with some immediate help and “troop sending” to help you out right away. If the situation is very bad, we might just send you instant help to deal with it too, that’s why you are in a lineage, don’t just do things by yourself, we work as a family, a team!

This magic can also be used anytime when you need to blast out some evil crap.  What you are doing is to channel in the power from the lineage, and then execute the magic to burn up the energy to expose the power out of you, which then delivers the power to the target. No matter what it is, be it a ghost, a spirit, a sorcery attack, you will be able to bust it out or at least put a hard-hitting blast on it that remove it from your sight.


The Fix

The fix is of course more than just a fire blast. The problem is, you got attacked and you have issues that are tagging you, which means you have a long journey ahead for you to enjoy.  Aim at building up your altar and beefing up your altar’s power by your daily cultivation, and then aim to learn how to clean up your house monthly, get power pumped up, and when you are stronger, the evil thing or sorcery cannot harm you again. In the meantime you can always request protection FU or other things from us to get things under control. However, the best thing to do is to keep learning and cultivating to get yourself toughened up in the long run. 

After this lesson, at least you can give this evil crap a blast and fight back to earn your peace for the night. Remember to make use of the troop request room and request reinforcements regularly, daily, and so when you execute this magic again in the future, it will become more powerful with the backup power inside your body.

This method is a quick method which anyone who just ordained can learn and try to do it right away. Later, you will then learn about how to seal up yourself and such, but that will require more memorizing, more skills and more power. For now, at least you know how to fight back and give them a good kick in the face, it’s better than just being spiritually raped and harassed without the power to fight back!   Ordain and learn today if you are still a believer, get more power and protect yourself!