How to Attack People with Taoist Magic

How to Attack People with Taoist Magic

attack people with taoist magic

Why do we attack people with Taoist Magic, or seek revenge and kick people’s ass?  The reason is simple, it is because we take the principle of nature seriously, as explained in “karma in Taoism”. We don’t talk about that Buddhist kind of Karma thing, we have our own theory. When people go ape on you, or they started throwing you curses or bitching at you for some reason, you “feel” bad and you “feel” they have hurt you already, and that is why you don’t like it, you feel mad, you feel resistant and want to punch them back somehow. You know it is not right to just throw them a punch physically, but you know that your heart already wants to kick their ass so bad. That’s right, it’s because they have already injected/punched-in energy to you with those words and actions. If you don’t get rid of it, these energies get stuck inside your system and accumulate, just like junk files in your phone or computer, and they become a bunch of garbage that never gets flushed out. The more you accumulate, the more your system starts lagging, hiccuping, and even crashing-this is what we call “bad luck” because you can’t explain what the heck caused all this turbulence in your life.

By kicking back with magic, you will vent all this energy they have dumped on you back to them. In a way it is like a backfire, or at least doing something to give them back the crap that you don’t want. Why would that be a bad thing to do?  When people give you a dish of shit, do you just let it sit in front of your meal?  I guess you will throw it back at them, right?  So how is this bad?

We do fight and kick people’s ass with magic in our lineage, there is nothing to hide about it. However, if you don’t hit me first, I won’t hit you back. It’s what we call magic self-defense, which does require some time for people to accept and understand the importance of it. 

For example, you posted a video and someone come to bitch at you by spamming BS on your comment section. You saw it, and what’s next?  Instantly, because you have seen it, it stamped an impression into your heart, because you have absorbed the “light” from this, like a “thing” that went into your system. This thing then will be stirred around when you get the “wind” element later on. For example, another message or some other rumors, or whatever sound beside you, and it will make you “think” or “feel” in a certain direction, leading you to a bad mood, or just feeling “stuck” in the heart area, or even affecting the way how you talk with people. Imagine you are supposed to talk with your boss about a promotion or a raise, and you saw this crap now, it affected your mood, and you have to deal with it first.  Yes, you can delete it, but it “already” stamped that crap into your memory. While you are at your boss’s desk, this memory can pop out by surprise and immediate put your mood down or affect the way you speak. You don’t realize it, but the other person does!

Before you leave for the meeting, you can look at the crappy message, and do magic to pop him a bomb, and then delete the message to conclude it, and now you have returned the “gift”. You feel better, and the memory is there but you also included the part which says “he gave you something, but you returned it” and now this won’t make you feel bad anymore, and you can happily talk with your boss without the crappy image in your head. What a relief!

Talking about this, you should now also know that you should never be one of those assholes posting crap on my Youtube channel! 😊 Yes, I do hit people back and the attack will be harder for those people who deserve a harder punch. 

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Applications and Examples of Attacking Magic

There are so many things you would like to ask, but nothing is better than getting “ordained” and then becoming part of our family, or our lineage. Once you are ordained, you get connected to us by LINE (app) and you can ask all the questions you like!  Here we will give you a few examples of some easy magic that can be done on people instantly as an attack.

To understand the symbols and how the pre-fix works, you can also read the “rain ghost article” to get more knowledge on the symbol too. All these symbols below will require you to first draw power with the “heart spells” which you should already know from your newbie lessons in our lineage. No heart spells, no magic power, the symbols don’t work!

Example 1 – Luck Depletion Magic

First you have to know what you want to do and what you want to damage. If your intention is not clear, things will not work. Imagine you are the general and the magic power is the troops, if the general doesn’t have a clue of what he wants to achieve, the troops are also clueless.

luck depletion magic

Draw symbols with right sword finger onto the target and then flick your finger to “dip” it into the target, and then change from finger to palm and strike it in, stomp right foot 1x at the same time.  This can be done directly on people, or by distance. If they are not here, close your eyes and visualize their face or body and do it there. For advanced method, execute HT-magic to lock them in place first, and then do the magic for a much better and accurate strike. The best target spot for this will be the heart area or the face or even the tummy location. If you have a chance to slap it at their lower back from the behind, EVEN BETTER. Slap 3x if you want a faster result.

After the strike goes in, the command will start to do its job and what happens is that you are telling it to push the “blood” outward, like a depletion of blood. However, blood does not mean the real red blood liquid. In magic, blood is a metaphor, which means anything that runs inside for fueling the life of something, or some event.

For example, the blood of your phone is like the battery juice, with no blood your phone dies.  The blood of your birthday party is the energy that hypes people up in the party, when blood is drained out, the party is like a balloon that leaked air, everyone wants to leave and go away.  If you do this to someone and you know what you want to fire this magic on and for, then you can set it to deplete their blood for whatever thing.  Let’s say you did it on the person and you want him and his friends to have issues as a result, then the blood is the energy in the friendship. When the blood is drained, the friendship loses its bonds and people start to stop talking to each other. Just use your brain to think about the logic and intention before you attempt to strike!

Example 2 – Stuck Magic

luck blockage magic

Apply the same way as example 1, very easy!

This will inject the power of “obstruction” and “clogging resistance” into the subject. Now this energy is like a spring loaded road block or like how you put some big marbles into the toilet bowl and flush it down, everything gets stuck, or at least slows down. If you think about the blood theory above, you can imagine how this can be applied to stuck the luck for someone, making them feel stuck here and there, delaying their luck, creating obstacles for their success, and even can make them just 5mins late for the bus, causing them to have to go for the next bus that might only come after 45minutes on a stormy day. Enjoy the wait!

Example 3 – Freeze Magic

freeze magic

Apply the same way as example 1, but aim for the face.

This magic will be making their energy “go cold” instead of going hot. When you are in love with someone, the energy is hot because the internal energy is pumping and the heart pumps to create energy between the two. When two people are “cold”, they will not talk to each other or even feel each other that much. We all know what it means when we say the relationship is “cold” right?  The same can be applied to the person alone, and you are making their energy outside “cold” which means they will not expose light to the outside, and everyone looking at them will reduce the “good feeling” while they will also be looking at everything without much “mood”. When your energy is cold or colder, you will see everything like there is not much hope, not motivated, not happy, and everything leans to the negative side, which also leads to wrong decisions, accidents, or even doing things that will attract troubles for yourself because your inner energy is not working to provide you the right power. When your energy is cold, your brain also stops working as well.


You might wonder what's even easier that a day 1 newbie can do in our lineage?  Form the handsign of 三羅三山訣 as taught in our internal video, do heart spells, and add in the end of the spells "may jo si please assist XXX (the person/target), to have XYZ results" and fire the handsign over, stomp your left foot 3x and right foot 3x and the magic will fire over. This can also be done by distance too. It's fast, it's effective, and it's powerful.

The trick is to remember magic is accumulative, just like love. The daily small mistakes from you can ruin a relationship after a long period of time doing the same "small mistake". It's like sand, one bit of sand per day, and in one year you have a mountain of it at home.  Imagine someone pisses you off daily and you fire them back daily, they will eventually accumulate enough and to a point that they will have to explode. It's often the time when you detach from them, and they will explode, because the time when you finally "let go" of them the magic will have to conclude, which means things need to kaboom.

Power Level of Attack

All these examples above are very simple and they can be done by even a newbie in our lineage right away. The question is, how powerful can it be, and how do you know you have hit the other guy and it is working? 

The power of these magics come from many factors. How well you are connected to the lineage, how much you have practiced, how much you know about the magic, how well have you executed it, did you use your altar power or not, etc.  Besides your side, the person being attack will also have his or her own factors too. For example, if you are trying to do a freeze magic on the guy while he is already in a very big event and super boosted by his friends, the effect is hard to kick in.  If you know he is already in a down mood or he just lost his job, giving him a freeze magic can screw up him very fast. It's the same logic as hitting people with your fist. When he is already on guard or toughened up, it is harder to hurt him. When he is already injured, or you see open wounds, just lightly tap it and you will already get him screaming very badly.

Doing magic to attack people requires skill, power, and tactics. You must not attack people just because you like to. However, if people attack you first, you will for sure know what you want to happen to them right away without thinking, and that is your heart making the decision for you which can be actually very useful sometimes. For example, he said something to curse your business to fail, immediately your heart might say you should hit him back and make his business fail instead. Do so!  Your magic will kick in once, and it might not really hurt or make him fail instantly, but there is FOR SURE impact to him.  Now just wait, and wait for the next time he come to you and curse you again, you repeat the attack again with more force.   As he keeps “accumulating” your punches and kicks, the problem on him will gradually grow to a bigger and bigger bomb, and whenever he finally reaches to the point that snaps, he is in big trouble.

Besides doing these attacks which are quick and easy to do, there are also more advanced methods such as using FU Talismans and tons of different things to make it even combo up to a more powerful feast for the bad guys, and you can really make people sick or even die with magic attack.  That is also why we must teach things to people according to trust level and how we evaluate their maturity level and mindset.  The more power you are granted in the lineage, the more help you can give people, as well as harm in some situations. Therefore, with greater power, you must know what you are doing!  Get ordained today to learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones!  Don’t let yourself just be punched by people with magic or other spiritual methods!