How Does Taoist Prayer Work for COVID19?

We have posted a lot of materials on YouTube in regards to using Taoist magic to counter the COVID-19 coronavirus such as chanting, chi kung, and so on. At the same time, there are people who do not understand what our magic is really about, and what it can do. Which also leads to many questions about how does the Taoist Prayer actually work? What makes it so powerful that it can be said to be one of the ways to help or cure the virus? Can magic actually replace medicine by just doing some chanting, scriptures, and burning FU etc.? This article is to further elaborate how our magic works, and why Taoist prayers and chanting are going to work and provide actual help. As we all know, when the virus hits, the government cannot really help you that much, besides locking down the city and putting up crazy laws that don’t do much, aside from stressing people out. 

Taoist chanting and prayers are actually very useful magic that can be done by any Taoist who has ordained into the lineage and is therefore related to the scripture or prayer. In other words, if you want to use Catholic prayers, you need to first get baptized and become a Catholic. Similarly, you also need to become a Taoist in order to have your Taoist scriptures “work” to do what they are supposed to do. There are many people who believe that just because they decided to pick up a book and start chanting, then there “should” be some sort of effect or help. Yet, it is not as simple as that, and it definitely would not work. You need to be a part of the phone network to use the phone line, or pay to subscribe to the internet service to have internet on your computer and cellphone. The Taoist chanting and prayersare Taoist magic for the Taoists to use; it’s not for any ordinary person to pick it up and start using right away. What I see online nowadays, are a lot of people who just download PDFs and collect Taoist prayers from all sorts of sects and then combine them into a book of magic in their own computer. “The more the better”- that’s how they feel. One common thing amongst these people is that the things they “collect” needs to be FREE material, of which they do not pay a single penny for. I mean, seriously, do you think that is going to work? Of course, it’s not going to work for you, because you aren’t even in the system yet.

Taoist prayers or ceremonies all have a structure of how they operate. In short, you can break it up into 3 parts. First, they have to connect to a source of power, which often involves invoking the Gods and Deities. After that, they will have to request for the energy required to do the magic. Then, they will take that energy and use it up for something, such as the actual magic itself for dealing with such and such problem. If you are an ordinary person and you are not in the lineage, how can you even do step one? No wonder it doesn’t work, because you don’t have any SIM card or phone number yet, and you are not even signed up for phone service!

The key point is, you need to invoke the Gods and Deities for the powers to come down to an altar, and then you will need to pick up that power and deploy it with your chanting for it to work accordingly. The reason as to why Taoist prayers work for the COVID-19 cases is that they are not just “saying things out of their mouths,” but instead, it’s a communication method between the Deities and humans, and you are asking them for help. If you are a genuine and legit Taoist using Taoist prayers from your lineage, then it will for sure work and have an effect, just like how all of your other magic does.

What makes you a genuine Taoist, is that you have to be genuinely related and submitted to one of the many Taoist sects in this world. As long as you have connections built, then you need the proper tools, like the right scriptures or prayers that are actually from your lineage. It might sound weird, but there are actually many lineages today who just “steal” things from other places and call that their own magic. These people often don’t even know a thing about their own lineage, and that is why they start stealing and calling it their own. Can you use Microsoft programs by using an Apple log in? Right, you get the idea!

Learning from a good master is very important, because the good master knows how to teach, and is willing to teach. Those who just throw out the ancient books and quote from text are not the real masters. A real chef doesn’t talk from books, they talk from experience, and doesn’t “quote” anything for you. Instead, they cook and surprise you with their skills, without referring to any books or history etc. This is the same thing with learning Taoism and Taoist magic- you don’t need to throw out history books if you know your stuff. Watch out for these so called masters, and avoid them. They are all over the internet!

Taoist prayers for COVID-19 definitely work and have benefits for the people who believe and practice it. However, the result is all about your commitment, trust and faith toward your Tao. Based on my own experience, I have witnessed myself and others being cured by Taoist magic. There were people who have suffered from the virus or similar issues and came back home totally sick and coughing, but it was fixed after the magic is done on them. To me, it’s a solid proof already. For you, maybe you will also believe and be surprised after trying it out yourself.  Remember that you will need to be a legit Taoist first, so ordain as a Taoist to get started!