Ghost Month Taoist Self-Defense Guide

You have come to the right place if you are looking for protection and a strategy to protect yourself for the ghost month.

The Problem

The “Ghost Month” (Lunar July) is the month which many people use to worship or connect to the dead ones, as well as using this month to do sorcery that invokes the greedy and evil spirits from the other worlds. Because of the practice and traditions that have been going on for a long time, many spirits and demons are crossing over, seeking an opportunity to loot and haunt the humans here. It has become the hot season for them to harvest soul energy from the humans and find a good target to possess and take over if they could.

Few people will have a vivid encounter with these spirits and demons crossing over and breaking nature’s boundaries. However, if you are being tagged by one of these spirits, you might experience a sudden drop in health, mood, or luck. Potentials and opportunities could be reduced or even vanish before you can grip on tight. Even a slight increase in the chance of catching flu or the covid could ruin you in the next months. Even children at home could be affected, leading them to a bad start when school begins later.

Some angry ancestors also utilize this month to curse their relatives or enemies and send negative impacts. It's like the revenge season for them!

Initially, the lunar July isn’t a big problem, and it is not supposed to be a month for evil spirits to haunt the human realm. Instead, it is the month when the preheaven energies are coming out from the spiritual realm (d6), which leads to energizing the human realm (d8). It should fuel and pump the human realm, making things come true and pushing good luck to reality. However, due to Asian practice and tradition, humans have introduced a problem to the world, which is now already non-reversible. As Taoists, we must understand what is going on and utilize our Tao’s power to protect ourselves and those around us.  The power of the spiritual beings and the unseen elements is very scary, which can cause a lot of long-term damages that most people call “bad luck” just because they don’t know what caused it all.

It is not bad luck; it is a spiritual attack! Just that you don’t “see” it doesn’t mean it is not there. We don’t see radiation and those energy waves, but it greatly affects us. Look at those affected by the nuclear bomb and such, it’s harmful, but it is invisible! Evil spirits and demons are just like that!  You can only see the result and not the actual culprit.

The Solution

As Taoists, we must defend ourselves and our loved ones or people who could be around us that deserve some help from the Tao. For the solution, we will have three main categories to work on.


We must carry a FU from the beginning of lunar July to the end of the month. This FU is made for protection for this month; it is not your ordinary protection FU. It involves powers that block off the spiritual attacks and harmful energies from those dimensions you will not encounter on your ordinary days.

You must burn 5x incense in the morning and chant the Gum Lung Sin Si spell to channel the power into yourself for protection.  You can also memorize the spell too. This will give you protection for the whole day. Gum Lung Sin Si’s anniversary is at the beginning of the month; you could also memorize the spell to show your commitment!  Don’t forget that you can also sanctify some FU HEADs or FUs that use Gum Lung Sin Si’s power, then save them on the altar for future needs.

When you come home in the evening, you must take a FU BATH or pour FU WATER over your body after a shower at least once a week. Do more if needed or wanted. This FU WATER is for cleansing the; it’s from those harmful spiritual energies and gives us a “coating” of armour against the evil entities we could encounter this month. Again, this is to block off things that you don’t usually encounter; it’s not a normal cleansing FU!

Our Properties

For home and office, you should deploy new FUs for the local deities to reinforce the protection force for the area. This will include the Door Guard Deity FU for each entrance to your house or office, one Landlord Deity FU for the landlord altar (tape on the left side of the wall next to the frame), one Kitchen Deity FU in the kitchen, one Bedside Deity FU next to the bed (tape high above), one Toilet Deity FU in the toilet, and other local deities that you need (refer to the Chut Saat FU Writing Guide Book).

Seal your house and put a 4v5h13L on the main entrance every day when you come home or before you sleep. This will empower and “lock” your entrance.

Remember to Chut Saat on the 15th and prepare one more set of FU to Chut Saat again on the lunar 1st for the next month to sweep out all the unwanted energies and make a fresh start.

Tape a House Protection FU at the entrance (high), and remember to be alert when you go in and out of the house. Bow to the Door Guard Deity when you leave or come home. If you acknowledge God, then God will also do so to you. When the god pays attention to you, they can help you block away anything harmful to you before they get a chance to slip into the property.

You can also have the HQ do the local deities FU for you by requesting them on our website.

Others Around Us

Hand out a Body Protection FU for people you know or could encounter. Place it into a small envelope so they can carry it or put it inside their wallet. You can also burn and infuse the FU into objects and gift them out, such as a small keychain or something that could be small, inexpensive, and carried around all the time.

Notify people that you are a Taoist and tell them to find you for help if they experience anything negative or feel uncomfortable because of unknown reasons. You can also offer them a Home Protection FU if they want one. If you have a chance to gather them up, you can also host a mass cleansing and protection empowerment ceremony for them.

Some people might ask about funerals or ceremonies for the dead; you could refer them to the HQ here, and we could handle the case for them to ensure that the dead are in good hands.

For ordinary people, avoid dark colour clothing; wear yellow, red, orange, or bright colours. Don't let your house or room go completely dark at night; put on night lights and have some small lights turned on in every room for this month. Avoid going to the funeral, hospitals or police stations etc.

For disciples, you should be obligated to spread the Tao and let our Tao’s power protect people. Do your best!  If you don’t know enough to do the things mentioned, ask on LINE and start learning today! Not yet ordained? Do so today!

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