Ghost Month and Rituals

The Lunar July 14th is often referred to as the “hell gate opening day” in the Chinese culture, which is due to some Buddhist stories and culture, and also blending with the Taoist July 15th Mid-Festival. Long story short, the “ghost will come up to the human world” and so on, that people freak out about whether it is real or not, but it doesn’t mean you should not be concerned either way. Do not be the ignorant one, because this special day of the year is indeed a great day for us to do something that will bring us benefit!

First of all, those temples and such out there are indeed going wild with their rituals, and so there are indeed tons of “spirits” going in and out of this place, which means that even if the whole “origin” of this ghost month thing is a hoax, it is not a hoax anymore, since people are doing things to welcome in the “guests.” When these “guests” came over, be it evil gods or just some spirits and ghosts, they are all here for nothing else but to “hunt for food.”

What is their main target and what is their food? Simply said, they need soul-energy. The more they can consume, the more they will become “energized” and they will be able to utilize that energy to “create things” in their world, just like having more hard drive memory in your computer. Therefore, the more juicy and powerful your soul is, the more it will become a hot target. 

People with juicy neutral soul energy are those who always want to study and know about religious stuff, spiritual things, or think about life and philosophy etc. The next comes the juicy negative soul, which is from those who love to think, or being very pessimistic, or those who just think too much and think the wrong way.  The last one is the juicy positive soul, which is often in those who are physically trained and believe in their physical body a lot.  If you fall into one of the three categories, or you are a combination of the three, then you will most likely be found as a “juicy meat” in the spirits’ view. Oops, your altar is also a VERY strong bunch of energy that contains these elements too, and therefore, any altar is also a juicy target, if they do not have any protection or the protection is very weak.

Do you need to care and be concerned? Yes, you do! During this month, you should at least carry a body protection fu around your neck, and do some fu cleansing bath, then seal up yourself when you go out. Extra cautions are required because you don’t want these things to ruin your success!!

What if you live in a place where there aren’t people burning joss money and worshiping ghosts? The fact is, who knows? Also, even if you are not doing anything, those spirits have already become accustomed to the culture, and they will go out to find food, so even if you don’t believe anyone around your house does these things, the ghosts and spirits themselves are already going to go around and find their targets. If you are not prepared, your altar and you will be blown away by the spirit, and there goes a haunted house or possession case…! Maybe you won’t be haunted that badly, but a passive-haunt is also scary, because it is like having a leech around that constantly sucks the blood out of you and your house non-stop, a bit a day, and eventually you will see your life begin to go downhill.

In short, yes, the ghost month thing is a hoax from the beginning, but NO you should not ignore it, because the ghost month has been made true due to people doing all that crazy things in the past years. Therefore, you should protect yourself and your house, and carry a FU when you go outside to at least get some basic protection to avoid the big disaster.