Feng Shui is Not Scientific

Fung Shui is Not Scientific

Many Fung Shui masters today tends to incline toward saying that Fung Shui is very scientific, just to earn some likes from the audience and make themselves more “make sense" to most people who believe in science as the world’s ultimate truth. I am not saying science is wrong, but I am just saying that Fung Shuiis really not scientific, because it goes beyond the scope of science. If you want to go scientific and such, you are better off measuring your house with tons of gauges and meters and analyze the house with numbers and graphs. No matter what the Fung Shui master say, if they start going “science”., you know they are totally off the chart.

What are Fung Shui and the energy that we talk about in Fung Shui?  It’s funny to see how the Chinese “Fung Shui celebrities” can just spit out things like “oh, it’s the electromagnetic field and blah blah blah”. Really? Is it really the electromagnetic field? Are you sure?  We have so many ancient texts of Fung Shui, and no one cares about electromagnetic field back then for thousands of years.

Does Fung Shui need to be “scientific” to work or sell better?

Science is not everything, and it is definitely not the truth-teller in most cases. In fact, it is a way to destroy the truth for some things too – such as love, feelings, and such pre-heaven matters. Our feelings are very easy to understand if you just go simpler and stop trying to explain it with all sorts of fancy methods. I don’t feel good, then that is the answer. When you try to use all the chemistry and DNA and such to explain feelings, you are totally going crazy. 

Science says that love does not exist, and they analyze human like we are just animals, looking into the cells and such to see what cause the love and such behaviors. O-M-G.  Do we really need to do all these nonsenses to know if love is there between two people?  Is love something you can test like how they test rats in a lab?  The second you put your love to a test, it does not love anymore.

Pre-Heaven energies in Fung Shui, the dragon energy, or the creation energy, is just like love. This creation energy is formless, yet it exists in the pre-heaven dimension, and it is not seen, heard, measurable but felt. We sense it all the time and is working with it all the time, moved by it all the time, yet we cannot touch it with ANY of the physical materials in this world. This is how magical it gets.

What is this creation energy that we talk about in Fung Shui?

Putting it in short, the creation energy we talk about in Fung Shui is the “heart energy” of nature, the energy that gives birth to things and “starts” things up. We all have this energy inside our body too, and it’s part of us which creates our future.

Pre-Heaven Energy Proof

You can witness this energy we talk about in Fung Shui instantly, without whatever third eye and such. It’s so simple that most people even overlooked it or not realize it. Think about how you felt this morning after you woke up, and maybe you have a split moment of thought, and you thought to yourself that you should be doing this, this, this and this today. You have this “want” and “desire” inside you that tells you what you should be doing today and what you feel good to do today.

This magical energy is the energy that makes us feel, want, and start doing things. If you are being cursed or something, this energy can screw up and you could be feeling like crap after you wake up, and the whole day can turn from happy to hell just because of this change of “feeling”, which is why it is called the creation energy. If you feel good, you will create well, If you feel bad, you won’t be able to create anything, meaning that you can’t even cook a meal properly just because your mood is gone or not there.

Can we put this feeling energy on a science equipment and measure it? You cannot!  The work science can do is just to find more and more symptoms and build up excuses for this happening, but it can never find out the truth about what the feeling is like that.

Fung Shui energy in the house pushes people and things around in a very subtle way. Then because the house is more filled with such and such kind of energy, the people there can get lazy, not want to work or even act like a potato. With the work of Fung Shui, you can improve this energy, and even the place stays the same, people there can feel different and leading them to do things differently, creating a totally different future.

The Fung Shui energy is not scientific at all because it is not something in this dimension and is not something you can measure with any form of physical equipment.  However, you can work with it just like how we work with our “heart” feelings in our everyday life.

Think about the time when you have this urge or feeling inside you that tells you to buy something, and you try to “teach” it to not want it again. What do you do to control the situation and force your mind to stop wanting something?  You have to focus and concentrate, then reason it or say things to yourself to destroy or break up the intention or desire feelings. As you can see, we communicate with the pre-heaven energy by focus, concentration, and thoughts, plus the willpower to override what is given from our pre-heaven side.

Fung Shui energy is not moved by any physical methods, unlike changing the wall and adding a fan to get the wind blowing in this or that direction. Post-heaven energies and elements are moved physically, by physical methods. Pre-heaven elements are the opposite, they are moved by only spiritual methods, and by using the power of concentration, intention and thoughts etc.

Debunk the Fung Shui Masters

While so many so-called Fung Shui “masters” are selling their Fung Shui products big time, and at the same time claiming that Fung Shui is very “scientific”, do you think that it is kind of weird? Why don’t they just start selling science equipment, air purifiers, and such?

Instead of selling anything “scientific”, people start selling you symbolic things such as the coins, the dragons, and tigers, or even the gourd and tiny things you can just put at your house and call that a Fung Shui cure. Is that scientific at all?  Some try to say that the Bagwa mirror is just a mirror, and the Bagwa is for decoration or artistic purpose- really?!   Shame on them and their masters who gave birth to such disciple. What an insult to Fung Shui knowledge!

To be honest, these things are not scientific, but they do work- if you know how to use them properly and have them really programmed, activated and empowered properly. Just like our FU Talismans, they are not anywhere near scientific, but they work and they do solve problems that science cannot solve. Please read this article again, especially the part on your pre-heaven energy factor that triggers your “feeling” every day. These energies we talk about are not like the wind, water, sunlight and such. The feeling energy is one of the creation energy that shapes our life and creates the future of this world, yet it is unseen, non-detectable by physical materials and only felt by the heart of living beings. 

Fung Shui and Well Beings

Fung Shui is not scientific, but it is something that can improve your life and well beings because it is something that works with the pre-heaven energies. Fung Shui can change the way we feel, and the way we plan to do things, or even can make us do things that we don’t expect to do.  Have you ever tried to cook or type something on the computer and your mind just have no mood to execute the action?  You might have the time, the best computer, the best tools, but the mind or heart is just not there, can you explain this by any science method? 

Do not get it wrong, we do not look down on science and say that the science or physical side of things are not important. In fact, science and physical matters a lot, but it is just that they are not even part of what Fung Shui talks about.

We do need to improve the water, air, and lighting quality, and also to reduce the radiation from electronics, or even pay attention to the humidity and such of your home. All these are important too, but they are not related to Fung Shui.

Fung Shui energy has a greater impact on us than anything else because pre-heaven energy comes in first, then it will stick onto things in this world to cause effects. Therefore, if the pre-heaven energy is bad, everything is going to have a bad outcome even the physical side of things are great. Just like when we have the best kitchen, but your mood is not there, you can still fail to cook a nice meal. 

Sometimes we look too heavy on the “science” side of things and we forgot that the non-science side of life is actually very important too. Just like love, it is felt and not measurable. Science disagrees with love because they cannot put it to a lab test and “proof” it.

Science can as well disagree with Fung Shui too because they will never be able to proof it. Just because they cannot proof it, does it mean it is not “real”?  Think about how they cannot proof love and do you think love does not exist too?  The more you try to proof a pre-heaven matter, the further you are distanced away from it, or even destroying it - just like love.