Fuk Luk Sau 福祿壽 Gods

Fuk Luk Sau 福祿壽 – they are often in one “set”, and are three gods that represents fortune, wealth and longevity. They are just like how the General Guan Yu and Eight Immortals, which is a metaphor, profiled with a “human being” as a metaphor. They are gods that you can worship and ask them for the help related to the Fuk, Luk and Sau. Here we will explain clearly, about what exactly is Fuk, Luk and Sau so that you will not be confused. 

Fuk 福

It’s about fortune, which is the preheaven energies that flows down from your Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body) to your soul. It’s what gives you vision, direction of life, and feeling that makes you feel you have value in life and know what to do.

Luk 祿

It’s “wealth” which isn’t the money. This is when the preheaven energies got contained inside your soul body, and converting them from the “dragon essence” into soul energy, creating your three souls and powering up the seven spirits. It empowers your soul, giving you mental health, the power to think, digest, and be smart.

Sau 壽

It’s not about living a long life, but more about keep on being able to output power without running out of juice. When you see a battery that never dies – it’s because the source keeps charging it. Having this god’s empowerments ensures your physical body can push back the postheaven energies you absorbed in this world (memories and such) back to the Yuen Sun, and so that you will be able to replenish this “source” and be able to have Fuk again.

Practical Usage

Fuk Luk Sau are often coming in a set, but you can have one of them or two of them and use them separately too. When you are using their statues and getting them consecrated, you are not dealing with your own Yuen Sun anymore. In fact, the Yuen Sun position is now being replaced by the Tao.

The Fuk god can help to give you more potentials from the Tao, and flow down the magic power to you (preheaven powers).

The Luk god can help you contain the magic power and empower your soul body giving you the power that you can contain and use later.

The Sau god can help you connect and give back to the Tao, so that you can have better connectivity when praying and also be able to reach the gods when you scream for help.

These gods are there even you do not use their statues, as long as you are a Saam Law Taoist, you are always blessed by these powers when you use the FUs and spells. They are just part of the system and are always around.

Ordain today to learn more, or you can also request us to consecrate a set of these statue for you to worship and get their powers into your life too!