Fuk Luk Sau Explained – Taoist Statues

Fuk Luk Sau Explained

Everyone who is into the Chinese decoration art or even just flipping some Chinese calendar might bump into these three old folks, which is often known as the Fuk Luk Sau 福祿壽 or the 3 lucky stars. However, you might not understand what they are and what these 3 words actually mean.  No worry though, in this article, we will get you all hooked up.

First of all, the statues and pictures might vary a bit depending on the artist, yet the framework and basics don’t change. Here is an example of the fuk luk sau. The middle guy in red is the Fuk, the blue guy with the baby is the Luk, and the bald guy with a white beard is always the Sau. You can always spot the Sau guy because he is often the older guy, and bald. However, to tell who is Fuk and Luk is harder because they are both alike in some way. You can look at what is in their hand to determine who is the Fuk and the other guy must be the Luk. The Fuk guy must come with the Yue Yee tool, which is an object that is supposed to be a back scratcher. You hold the big head and scratch your back with it, which means “it reaches to where your hand cannot reach, and bring your intention there”. Let’s dig into the 3 dues one by one and also learn the theory for them.

Fuk luk Sau simpsons

Fuk– The Fuk guy is the main guy in the combo of three, however, fuk itself is not a person, it’s more like a concept which is represented by using a human figure only. Just like how Taoist statues works, you put a concept into a humanized form, like how we try to tell a story to the kids using animals as a metaphor, remember the tricky Mr. Fox and the such?

Fuk, basically means to transform an essence into energy, to connect to a “mouth” which will put the energy into a ground to be cultivated and absorbed. When you have Fuk, it means you got something useful coming your way that you will need and can put it to use.

For example, you are doing an art project and you are stuck because you don’t have the brushes that you need to make this art look good. However, you got Fuk today! Your friend came by and dropped you a gift with some fancy brushes! You can put these brushes into your project (the ground) and make use of them! As you can see how Fuk is used in this example, it’s not “something’, but it’s to describe how something is to you.

In Taoism, or traditionally, (the proper way), this Fuk Luk Sau is supposed to be talking about your life system, and not the art project or whatever else. So if we go back to the basics of how life works, it all goes back to the 3 things that work together to shape your life to what you are today.

First, you have the Yuen Sun as the “Tao” which is in the pre-heaven. This Yuen Sun contains all the potentials for you, which means that the stuff in the Yuen Sun going to your “soul body” is the Fuk for you. If your Yuen Sun doesn’t have anything for you, then you are lacking Fuk, which means you will have very little potentials, opportunities and your life feels very clueless and cloudy all the time. Having more Fuk is definitely good, because it’s like you are having a lot more stuff from your Yuen Sun, which translates to a lot more direction in life, a lot more potentials, a lot more opportunities and bringing you the real “fortune” which means a better future. It doesn’t mean you will be “rich”, but it means you will have more light in front of you, allowing you to see and encounter things that will be good for you.

Having more Fuk can also mean that you can see through a scammer, or avoid bad friends, because the Fuk is the “light” from your Yuen Sun, which allows you to find a better path, and that translates to getting rid of obstacles and bad people who are blocking your way too.

When the Fuk is absorbed from the Yuen Sun, the Soul Body (Ling Wun) will then Luk it into its system.

Luk祿is the next topic, which is also something like Fuk. It’s not a person! It’s all about another pre-heaven element or concept. The Luk word itself means, putting essence into something and convert that into energy, transforming the element and making it turn into something that will be stored up for future use.

Imagine your boss giving you a pay cheque, that’s Fuk for you! Now you have to put it into your bank and that’s the Luk. The cheque has to convert into money in your bank which you can use later on, what good does it do if the cheque is always a cheque?

When you are getting those brushes from your friend as a Fuk for you, Luk will mean the stage of how you can put these brushes into your work, how it can transform or convert into real help that can be stored into your work. If the brushes are great, you have a lot of Fuk. However, your skills suck or you just don’t have enough care for them, the brushes came but you can’t put them into use much, and you ruined the brushes before they are even applied on the artwork, that means your Luk power is bad.

Luk is like your digestive system too, how much food you got into your body is Fuk for you, but how much can you really absorb into your body? Some people eat the golden burger and shit out golden burger as if their body is like a tube that just slides the burger out from the ass! With good Luk power, the body can process, absorb and hold that energy inside which allows you to use It for something useful later on. With good Luk, you have good development, good potential, and inner power, and everything can be kept, and not like you will eat corn shit corn.

Your soul body is responsible to get your physical body pumped up with energy. If your Luk power is bad, the soul body cannot digest the pre-heaven energy from the Yuen Sun, which means it cannot transform them into post-heaven energy for you to use. As a result, you might be seeing patterns like you have a lot of potential clients, lots of people coming to you asking for this and that, but none of them can really translate into a real solid deal, everyone is just like smoke, come and go, with nothing that you can really grab onto.

The statue for Luk is often a guy with a baby in the hand or something like that, which means holding onto a potential growth. Simple enough?

When people steal your luck, steal your money and success, it's often a bad leak with the Luk energy!

Sauis the old guy with white beard, and he often carries a badass cane with a badass fruit. This guy is often smiling with a big open mouth too because it is supposed to symbolize the last part of the cycle, which is to output the energy out of a system as power. Therefore, the energy body of you needs to “open the mouth” in order to output the power out of the system.

The word Sau is basically translating to the using of resources inside a system, connecting it to something that allows you to push these energies into, and outputting the stuff to bring things to a fruitful ending. Now you know why the fruit!

For example, your friend giving you the brush, and you can also put it to use, but somehow the outcome is bad because the Sau is bad. Just like you did store the brushes well and cared for them too, but when you really use it, the painting just doesn’t work out somehow, why the final result is bad? Sau is not working out here.

If you look at the human life cycle, Sau is when your body output the stuff from your soul body and into the reality. Therefore, it means when you put your energy into the physical action and that leads to the “fruit” stage of things. The “doing” part of things!

Why the bald head? Simply because now the head is not connecting to the “above” anymore like when you are awake, your body is not connected to the Yuen Sun anymore, and that is why you can output the power. When you are absorbing, you cannot output! 

If your Sau power sucks, you will have issues putting your energy into action or maybe the thing you are doing and spending ALL your effort into just don’t turn out well. Have you tried to make something like a cake for 8 hours and it just doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to be? The Sau’s issue!

Sometimes, people think wishing someone very長壽means long life, which should be a good thing? Hell no! That just means a long output of the power from inside and out, meaning that your soul will have a long session of pushing your energy out to the reality, bringing what’s inside to the outside fully, like how you can wish people to be able to do their work with their best effort – which usually translates to success or a bit more success in most cases. Yes, longer the Sau, the more energy is being pushed out from your soul, and so that’s pretty good because you can work harder now and you can see your fruits coming. However, too much of this will mean a super depletion of your internal energy, leading you to a quicker death!  In magic, there is a FU called八仙賀壽which is like saying using the 8 immortal power to boost your Sau, and that is basically a way to push out your internal energy, like emptying your balloon, so you can die. 

celebration phrase

When it’s birthday time, we often hear people wishing the older generation福如東海,壽比南山meaning Fuk as the eastern ocean, and Sau as the southern mountain. Why do we need to say this in a paired phrase and not just the Sau? Well, if you just wish someone to output as much as a mountain, it means you just want them to delete everything out as quick as possible, which is actually a curse alone!!!!  But if you first wish them Fuk as much as the eastern ocean, that means you want them to collect and accumulate a ton of goodies first, then push out as much of that as they need, it’s actually a good thing, just like saying I wish you can earn tons of money, and push all your money into good use so you can get all the goodies you want.  If you just wish people to buy all the stuff they want, it just like tells them to spend all the money with nothing coming in first, isn’t that just a way to wish them poor?

A lot of people really don’t know the true meaning behind these things, and if you just take it as the long-Sau as “longer life”, it will turn your good wishes to a badass curse! Learning these things precisely is very important, just like we cannot use words in English just any way we wanted, or else you can be making troubles everywhere. Yup, learning in our lineage, you will get a bigger head because we will pump you up every day with these cool knowledge that even most Chinese fail to decode today, because most of the Chinese are already super white-washed, even those in China!


Statues of the Fuk Luk Sau

Knowing what Fuk Luk Sau is now, let’s talk about why you would want a set of these statues, and have them consecrated by us (or by yourself using your altar with our lineage). Remember how we used the example of then Yuen Sun, Soul and physical body to explain the cycle? The Fuk is the potentials that come down from then Yuen Sun into your Soul, which means the Yuen Sun of yourself is like your own “resource pool”.  What happens if your own bank is running low on resources? You find another one!

Having these statues “consecrated” by me or with the lineage higher powers means that you are connecting them to another “Yuen Sun” which basically means another resource pool, and that is the resource pool of our lineage, like a farm that we already cultivated here for our disciples to use (and to contribute to). Now, these Fuk Luk Sau will channel in the energy from the lineage and into your house or altar giving you more of these Fuk, Luk and Sau powers, which patch up what you lack or boost what you already have right now, empowering your fuk, luk, and sau in your life.

Which means you are getting a boost and extra power from our lineage’s source for more potentials, and more energy that stores up the potentials into something you can keep, and also helping you to make these potentials turn into real results for a fruitful reality. It’s a kind of all-around booster for your house, your family and yourself. 

Having a set of these statues but NOT consecrated?  They do nothing for you, becaues they are just an empty container, or maybe a decoration if you want to say it the better way. Having these statues alone doesn't do you any good, but using them as a real magical tool will bring you a lot of benefits!

If you want to get one of these set started, or even get ordained to learn, feel free to get started today because life is short and we cannot afford to waste more time!