For those Who Have Question about Tin Yat Lineage and Saam Law Sun Gung

Tin Yat Lineage 天一派 is not a lineage/sect related to or rooted from any previous historical sects from anywhere.

Those who criticizes us, it falls into 3 groups of people:

  1. People who want us out of the business (competitors or other religious groups)
  2. People who cannot accept something new or different
  3. People who are not even Taoists and/or stuck with historical-Taoism.

We must clarify this for everyone, because we are not cowards or crooks who cannot show their face in public when blackmailing or badmouthing us. There are even people who used defamatory words such as cults, evil, scams, etc. that kept slandering and destroying our reputation. Anyone who liked to read about the truth, here you go.

Jee Sifu and Gum Sifu are the current lineage holders and founders of Tin Yat Lineage. They have been learning under other sects in the past but have also stopped and detached. Just like you have learned to work with a store of others, now you opened your own shop, your own cuisine. Jee Sifu himself stared his journey since 4 years old, and is now almost 40, there is nothing but Taoism in his life.

Tin Yat Lineage itself has been started since 2008 locally but not been promoting online. Later, it has gone through 3 phases and changes and at the end settled down since 2016 when it has connected and channeled the teachings from Saam Law Tao.

Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功 is the name for the kind of cultivation we do, in general. It’s not a sect or lineage name. It’s like the Saam Law way of cultivating the Sun (God’s power). Like Luk Yam Sun Gung or Mao Shan Sun Gung, just different name/brand but similar kind of sorts.


Historical and Facts

When people try to say is this legit or is that legit – they all go back to who have a longer history, who can say this existed before. Seriously, what is the first generation of those sects who are with a history today? They are all scammers? Zhen Yi Sect, Quan Zhen Sect, or even Luk Yam Sect, Mao Shan Sect, are they all started off with one generation being called a scam because they don’t have “a history book”?

There got to be a first person for a company, a lineage/sect. What proves is the lineage legit, is by seeing what they teach and is that useful or not, not by looking at how long the history is. Look at many big religions today, who doesn’t have a long history, and some bloody ones behind, why are they not a cult now? Because they got money and government support? Government can ensure it’s not a cult because they have money to back it off.

Everyone, we are teaching Taoism and Taoist magic here, it’s something you can learn to help you solve problems in life, get a better life, and understand some spiritual defence and such. Those who have been learning for awhile all understands the stuff we teach, and can apply it, and it works. How is this not enough to show you the path is “legit”?

What is Taoism?

Taoism is a category, there are many sects today – and all of them falls back to the same category with similarities. Tin Yat Lineage is just one of them, and it fits people who like our style of teaching. For those who are stubborn and don’t like it this way, you can choose others, but no one forced you to join here. Why do you have the time and energy to defame us out there and hiding your faces?

To us, Taoism is a religion and a category. As we have defined it ourselves in our blog and videos already. We are not “China Taoism” that is regulated by the China government. We are based in Canada but accepted disciples all over the world. I have been through those China-gov related ones, and I do not like it. There are so many ugly things you don’t know about it unless you are in that circle, and those who are in it should know what I am talking about.

Everything we teach here is NOT from other sects, we don't even use the materials from the other sects like many "copy cat sects" does in Asia. We have our own FU, spells, scriptures, and wisdom passed down from our gods that we learn from. Some of them are also posted on the website or on amazon (ebooks) for everyone to read.

Money and Money the Evil Money

Some people try to label us a “scam” because it cost money here. Seriously, you want to get something from a business that is registered in Canada, you don’t want to pay, are you a scam or we are a scam? Chi in Nature is legitimate business registered in Canada, and we pay taxes, we must pay rent, money is needed to sustain in life. I don’t see we are driving fancy cars and touring around the world eating $800 gold flake burgers yet.  Compared to “celebrities”, we are still living an average life with not much income from this business. If we wanted to “scam”, we should be doing less, getting more, and I don’t even see a hint of that in my life.

HOW did we scam anyone? Please look at the webstore, everything is virus-free, nothing is forcing you to press the button and pay. You believe, you have faith, you can try it. Some are non-refundable because work IS DONE for you already once we have executed the ceremony, and we have video record of that being done too. Paying for things to be done is not a scam, it’s business.

Why did we not take “donations” instead – is because that is very hard to do in terms of the accounting work and how to register for being a charity and such. We don’t have the talent and energy to do that. Therefore, we remain as a business, and we do everything that we need to upkeep the business because this is all we do for our life.

Just like an artist, he draws, or a singer, he sings, I am a Taoist, I do magic and ceremonies and teach people stuff. You cannot call an artist who draws a scammer. Just because you don’t understand their art doesn’t mean they are a scammer. People put their time, energy, and passion into a career, working hard for the money, this is not a scam, it’s a legitimate form of business and career. Those who are scamming us for freebies are the real scammers. I have had scam-clients, who got our service and dispute for money back, and that’s really a scam.

How to Proof?

Talk to me in person, or in the forum, or send me an email and you will get all your answers. No one out there can tell you more about myself than others. There is no one who can proof me right or wrong because they don’t even understand what I teach here.

Ever heard of channelling mediums in the west? Ever heard of those psychics who claim to be having a spiritual guide?  Those are scammers too? They are all over the internet doing their rituals for people as well.  Our Taoist magic and Taoism is from the gods we connect and channel to, and for us, it works 100% when it comes to dealing with problems that we are specialized in dealing with – such as exorcism, spiritual attacks, magic attacks and so on.  I have been doing this for many years, with our local temple business established since 2006, to online since 2009, it’s many years of doing this same business helping the same type of people who have spiritual problems.

I also have my rules – if you want things to work for you here, you need to put your trust and faith in me too. If you don’t, the energy don’t channel well, and things don’t work. Don’t waste your money if you are here to “test” me.

I hope this article served its purpose and lay out the fact for you guys. Want to know more? Feel free to ask me publicly in our forum or email me to talk in private. We have been sick and tired of being defamed because we don’t have that money to buy ourselves a shiny name. However, we are a business opened and registered to operate selling and providing our Taoism service and products. Anyone who are in our lineage can tell you how much we have been giving and outputting all the time. Scammers? They don’t do that.

There are refund policy and so on in our website. If people are buying something and want to refund, read policy. It's not a scam, it's just that you have paid for something and we have shipped out the product and done our work then it's a case closed. You cannot get a refund just because "I don't like it". We are not like the big costco, bestbuy and amazon who can afford to play that refund game.

For the Real Tao-Seekers

I know you have been polluted by all those rumors and blackmailing out there about our lineage. However, if you want you can try to initiate and contact us to learn for FREE. If you are humble, polite, and really here to learn, you will get as good experience. After that, you can judge it again yourself. Experience shows you the truth, not those crappy forums and keyboard warriors paradise.

May the Tao shines the light on you, and let you see with true clarity.