Food Offerings Combo on Taoist Altar Explained

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In our earlier articles, we have explained the “purpose of food offerings’ and some “food offering basics”. However, there are always some special combos that you can do to get a “all around full replenish”. This article will be about the more traditional “set menu” combo and why they could be useful. Knowing the theory doesn’t mean you must do it like this because you know the benefit of the different types now, you can change things around and do things the way that fit what you need!

First of all, we will be introducing the 3 basic meat types that will be used as what we call the三牲酒禮which is the “3 animals banquet” (weird translation, excuse me).

First of all, you will need chicken, pork, and fish. The best way is to have a full chicken with the head and ass still on the body. However, I find it very hard to find in the western supermarket or meat store. If you must find one, a Chinese supermarket might have them by chance. A full fish, which of course cannot be too small. The best size in ratio should be something that matches the size of your chicken or a bit bigger. Then pork will usually be the small piggy that is BBQ roasted at the Chinese shops, but that is super pricey for a casual food offering too. Therefore, many people will choose to opt for a big piece of pork that is about the size of your chicken instead. 

Besides the meat, you will also want to have liquor, and this will depend on your need for the magic purpose. If you want a strong boost for energy/luck, then use higher voltage liquor. The color of the liquor should be clear if you are wanting potentials to be sprinkled on you from the altar. If you want to push for good luck for a special occasion, like if you want to do it for a business opening event or some sort of special event which you want things to “happen” with a blast right away, then choose the yellow or brown colored liquor. Again, the higher the voltage, the more powerful or aggressive the boost is.

You will also need some cups for the liquor too, and this can be brass cups (buy from Dai Sifu in the lineage) for the best result. If you don’t have those, just use any cups like a shot-cup size, but avoid glass/transparent materials. Do not use plastic. You don’t want the light to leak from the cup, or else it won’t build up energy inside.

The meat can be cooked the simplest way, such as steam fish, boiled chicken (or simply just boil up a big pot of water, and then put the chicken inside the water for 1 hour approx. and take it out, it will be good and nicely done.). The pork can also be boiled. You can add a bit of salt if you like, but you can also leave the flavor part for your future re-cook session.

Now that we have the stuff ready, let’s take a look at why we have to use this combination and what they actually do for you.


Theory of Food Offering

In our theory of the Saam Law, we have explained that everything has 3 stages of happenings in general. Tin, Dei, Daai. Tin is the sky stage, with all the resources, potentials and such in the pool. Then you have Dei, which is the ground, and it absorbs all the resources in and processes them. The last stage is Daai, where something is born out the ground and pops back up, giving you the final result.

Just like a seed, it goes into the ground, the ground process the seed and pops out a flower as the final product. Or you can say like a bunch of money dumped into a project, project processed the money and turns it into a final product and there goes your new product.

In nature, animals all do the same thing, which is to live a life of waking up, walking around, eating, walking around some more, pooping, walking around again, sleeping, and repeat. They basically process elements in nature, move elements around as they process, and then dump the goods (the poop) elsewhere to fertilize nature’s ground again.  

As you can see, animals are like processors and the beings who “move things around” in a system. It just depends on their property, which changes where and what kind of element they move and process. For example, the ones that have wings will deal with elements in the sky, those with legs walk on the ground, and those in water go underground and work in the water below the ground (inside ground). As you can see now, the chicken, pork, and fish are pretty much corresponding to these 3 types.

These meats that you give to the altar are cooked, and hot, which means they are “outputting” their energies to the altar (yang property), and the altar absorbs (yin). This is a form of “Te” (giving back to the altar/tao) as explained in the concluding article. 

Just like we have explained before because you give back things to the Tao, the Tao will then have more things from you and get “heavy”, hence it will “rain” down its resources to you. The Tao that your altar connects to absorbs your stuff (Yin) and hence it will release things back to you later (yang). What you have given will equal to the equivalent energies that you will be getting.

Therefore, the chicken will turn into energies that help you gather and process more potentials (TIN/sky category), making your future come true or making your potentials come to you and let you see the opportunities better.

The fish will be giving you energies that help you process things already in action, and it will help you finish things that are in progress at the moment, and help you do things better.

The pork will be for giving you good future, good results, and help you make the “future” possible. It’s not a potential, but the success of things, and making things become real and solid for you. That is also why the BBQ pork is always there on the Chinese business opening.

Make sure you know that it is NOT the “animals” that gave you the pre-heaven energies though. It’s the animals going to the Tao that the altar connects to, and then the Tao got your “gift” and release things that are equivalent back to you.

Why Meat?

Many people wonder why you need to give meat and not just veggies and seeds and all that? The fact is, only animals have the creation energy, and that is why they are alive and not like a vegetable that just sits there. As you can see, these fish, pig, chicken and even other animals are animals, because they move around, they have feelings of their own, which proved to you that they also have a “heart” as in the “energy heart”. 

In order to have this “creation energy”, it is all inside the “energy heart”. You can say that it does take life to extend and prolong life. For humans, we need to eat meat to get what we need. For the altar, giving meat, with this heart-energy, results in the altar connecting to the Tao, and the Tao will provide us back with this “d5 energy” which is the heart energy of it, and this is the energy that can “create” things and make the future.  

If you want things to happen, to change, or for future to really be born, you need to give meat as your food offerings for these corresponding energies to come to you. Veggies and such do not do the same thing, and they have a different role to play in nature.

At last, not forget the liquor, which is a form of food offering for the altar and tells it to “output its energy” for the outside, and not just get energy into the altar. If you want the altar to expose its energies outside, you need to put liquor. 

Place the food as pork in the middle, chicken on the left (you looking at the altar), and fish on the right, with the 3 cups of liquor in front of it in the center. If you have other food offerings to give, place them all on the table too, and there goes a full-on meal that works on all 3 kinds of energies and gives you a complete boost of everything. Don’t forget these offerings can be consumed after the ceremony is done too.

Now, what if you just want to do one or two meat offering? Which one to choose? Think about what you want help with, and refer back to the 3 meat lesson above. Let’s say you got a business deal started and it is going on but it’s kind of stuck at the moment. You might want to push fish to help it process through, or you might want to put pork to rush it to success and finalize.

Let’s say if you are doing a wish for some kind of opportunity to come to you, you might just put chicken or some kind of flying animal, even a bird, for the potentials factor. 

As you can see, once you know about the theory, you know how to choose and work around this food offering combo. It does not have to be a chicken, just pick anything that flies. It does not have to be a fish, it can be a squid or something that swims inside the sea. It doesn’t always have to be pork, maybe lamb, beef, or even horse meat etc. Anything that walks on the ground is fine.

Remember that you are putting offerings as a form of giving to the Tao, and so the Tao will give back with the equivalent energies (pre-heaven energies) which can be very helpful for you depending on what your need is. However, you must be at least ordainedand connected to the Tao of our lineage, in order for this kind of ceremony to work.