First Time Learning to Make FU Talisman!

First time Talisman FU

FU Talisman is very hard to learn, but here you will see the first time FU Talisman did by a cute girl disciple of our lineage in New York!  She isn't any artist or calligraphy expert, but this is her first time doing these FU talismans using brush and ink style, pretty impressive huh?

Anyone can learn FU Talisman in our lineage, but as we said before, repeatedly, that the FU Talisman is just a tool, like a flashlight, but what powers it at the back is your magic power. Knowing how to write and create FU Talisman is cool, but you must never forget to cultivate for the power that fuels it up. Just like a beautiful car body must have nice fuel and engine that powers it up, or else it is just a decoration!


Some people worry that they are not Chinese and so they must not be able to do these Chinese FU Talismans. Well, what about these FU Talismans above?  The girl who did it isn't very Chinese either.  Just learn to copy the words, like as if they are pictures, then it's good to go!  Everything just takes time and practice. Even the nice FUs by me (Jee Sifu) isn't achieved on my day one of writing, it's years and years of work that brings me there!  I would say that a set of FUs like the above is very impressive already for a beginner. You can see the straight lines are straight, and the loops are controlled and even, the words are very much kept in a center line, organized and aligned, and she managed to keep all the words within the writing area, what else do you want?

A little tip here for calligraphy, use a good brush and try to draw by using the very TIP of your brush more, like doing fine line writing, then you will do much better and feel the joy of writing. Using a bad brush or even a wrong brush size will lead to nothing but frustration. For those who are learning Saam Law Sun Gung under us, remember to check up with your Sifu(s) in the lineage about what brush to get for learning Fu Talisman!

Before you get to learn FU Talisman, there is also a lot of things to learn for power building, such as the FU Head, and those are not easy too. Maybe you should take a look at my video on this FU Head subject! 

The FU Head cultivation is very important, as it powers up all your FUs. It is like the basic chemistry ingredients that form the later things in the more complex FUs that you will be doing.  Without the FU Head cultivations, all your FUs are powerless, because you don't have any blood and cells to put into your FU, then how can the FU turn alive?

The cultivation of FU Heads requires you to do your own, and also have some done from me at the HQ here, then you will be consuming them or burning some into your altar for a power upgrade training. There will be cultivations taught to you by your Sifu in the lineage! 

learn taoist magic online

That's right, you must ordain into a lineage in order to learn magic because there is this very important element beside learning, which is to inherit the magic power, the magic "seed" from the lineage when you ordain. There are a lot of things to learn which you cannot learn just by reading and watching our materials online. We have put up a lot of materials, but that is just a very surface and basic introduction!  In order to really learn magic, you must ordain and learn under one of our Sifu(s) to really inherit the art!  

Magic is very deep and complex, and it's not just like you can copy some scribbles from the book then it will work. Being able to imitate is easy, and it might just take you one day to learn to imitate and become a "good looking" wizard, but that doesn't make you a legit one!  There are a lot of knowledge and theories to learn, in order for your magic to be legit and working. If you don't know what you are doing, how can your energy knows what they are supposed to do?  Magic power is driven by your intention as the director, if you don't know what you are doing inside your mind, then your energy will be also like a bunch of blind flies in the air. That is why we always emphasize on SUM FAAT, the deep stuff!

FU Talisman is not just a piece of writing, but what's behind it, is a lot of SUM FAAT that is jam packed in your brain, and as you write, all these knowledge and mindsets in your subconscious level are working to bring energies into action, making your FU talisman not just a piece of imitation, but a piece of real energy work.

After learning how to draw a FU Talisman, then there are a lot of things to do to "chick" the FU too. Chick FU, is to activate and empower the FU to make it go live. There is a nice video that I have done in the past to show you how chick FU is like when done in full version in our lineage. Check this cool video out!

No need to be scared, because that is not how a beginner chick their FU!  If you are a newbie in the lineage, you will be taught an easier method to Chick FU, and it won't be as complex! Here is one more from Wun Sifu.

The more you learn, the more your Chick FU ceremony gets upgraded and you just make it better and better. Again, even if you can imitate everything in one day, that doesn't make your magic more powerful either. It's the mindset, knowledge and theories behind that makes it work, not just the moves and physical elements.  If you can do all those moves, but you don't know what you are exactly doing, then it's already a waste of time.  Not forget that even a sword finger handsign requires cultivation for your sword finger to be able to move energies that we use in the lineage! 

Enough said, if you want to learn FU Talisman, feel free to ordain today and get started, but do not expect any quick-shortcuts and we do not just hand you books and tell you to copy the scribbles and call that teaching!  That's not teaching, but selling!  We don't sell our teachings, because we teach with heart!  You can ordain, and learn, but please be prepared to learn like how a real disciple should, and respect Sifu in the lineage, and yourself!  Good luck to your future FU Talisman learning and hope you will do as good as the little girl's work above on your first run later on! Want to ordain?