Feng Shui guide to Chinese New Year banners & blessings

The red banners you see during Chinese New Year are a cultural tradition originated from the Taoist FU Talisman:  people saw how Taoists would tape Fus on the wall, then got creative and made their own DIY version later on by taping up these red banners with good luck phrases. 

The tradition remains, and the intention is always good, but these banners or blessings alone are not going to do the job! 

You won't get good luck and good business just because you “wrote it on the wall”. 

If that were the case, maybe we should be writing many other things on the wall, too: the dogs to keep quiet; the kids will behave; or whatever things you want to "manifest".

Sorry to crush your bubble: it's not the wall who's going to help you do that, or lead to anything close to that. 

Writing a message out doesn’t make any difference to your situation, and those banners are not for you to just put it out there as “display”. 

These banners are used as a Feng Shui setup:  a piece of paper with an intention written in, that communicates with the pre-heaven side of the house, and tells the energy of the house how you want this new year’s energy flow to be distributed.

In Feng Shui, this is called“Distributing the Gold” 分金, and it’s actually something we do all the time! 

Like putting up signs to tell the energy“Allocate 20% here, 30% there; boost this, boost that; this one #1 priority” etc. 

This will set up your preferences so that the energy knows what to do.

And avoid surprises like seeing your business sink and your flowers blossom more, because your house decided to direct all the new energy to your garden this year.

Follow our complete New Year guide and learn how to do it right - with or without Taoist Magic!

Step 0 - Lunar Dec. 24 ~28 - Year End Cleansing

You don't put new fish into a tank before you clean it properly.

The same logic applies to the fresh energy flow coming with the New Year: 

Make sure you follow our Year End Cleansing guide to get your house readyby the Lunar December 28th = January 30th 2022.

Step 1 - Lunar Dec. 28th - Making the banners

You can do it the Chinese way, if you like that fashion. 

If buy them pre-made in advance, put them in a bag and don’t open it until your house is cleansed!

Or write them yourself(Google can help you find all sorts of phrases to write).

English or any other language works, too. It can also be cartooned, or just a picture which can represent your intention. 

Don’t worry too much about looking authentic or not: Nature's not Chinese, it’s all about your intention and how it's being expressed. 

Step 2 - Lunar Dec. 29th - Setup and formation

On the Lunar Dec. 29th = January 31st 2022, you can decide how to place the banners, tape them up and do your “setup”.

Important things to keep in mind: 

  • the order of taping these banners: you start from the main door and work your way inward.  Just like Wealth comes from outside to the inside; 
  • These banners are like “light panels”, so place them where you want them to shine their blessings. For example, don't place your banner that says“Wealth come over here” in your kitchen, place it over your desk or other business-related area(unless you're a chef or caterer, of course);
  • Never put the banners behind things to “hide” them!  
  • Never tape them low, because light works best when high up;
  • Bonus trick: if you want people to have some safety protection when they go out the door – tape one that says“Travel Safe” or“Anti-COVID” and put that high up near the main entrance.

Step 3 - Lunar January 1st - Final Activation

Once the banners are all taped up, then your final activation would be on theLunar 1st, New Year's day = February 1st 2022.

When you wake up on that day, do not open the door until you are all prepped first.

Only then go open the door and ACTIVATE the energy, welcome the New Year energy in, let it swim through the house, and know of all your banners:

Go to the main door, open the door, and step aside, with the intention of saying “Welcome in!” to the new year energy. 

Make sure you put on a good smile!  A positive look welcomes positive energy!  

Then, keep the door open and start to walk and tour the house by following the wall to your left, and then circle around the house and go back to the door and exit out the right. 

While you are touring, make some noise with instruments such as a cymbal or even hitting the pots and pans. 

When you are at the banner, then hit the instrument and recite the blessing phase on the banner.  

Keep going through every banner until you go back out the door. Now you can close the door and the energy will know how to “swim” to where you pointed.

To add Taoist Magic to this ritual: you can get initiated for FREE and follow our Celestial Taoist Magic Book. 

Instead of just taping up the banners, you will make a  Wealth God FU and then fold it in half vertically (fold outward) and burn the “top” first, let the flame circle around the pile of banners 3x clockwise, then let it burn into a bowl or pot to finish off the burning. 

This is going to infuse the FU into the banners, making them not just a sign for the house’s energy to know what to do, but you are also asking for the Wealth God to beam over his powers. 

While walking around the house to activate the banners, you can also recite the  Income Wealth God Spell too.


You can get Fus custom-made to your needs HERE.

Or go by the default ones such as Luck Boost, Harmonizing, Wealth FU etc. 

They'll be stronger than a DIY banner, for sure!

If you are interested in learning more advanced magic for wealth boosting, then you should get initiated or even ordained to start learning the magic right away.