FAN TAI SUI - Big Deal or Not

Fan Tai Sui can be a big deal if you don’t know what it is and blindly believed what’s spreading out there. There are many “versions” of explaining what it is, but most of them are copying off here or there, and they don’t really know exactly what it means. The fact is, the word Tai Sui is often being misunderstood. Some people thinks that it is the Jupiter’s energy (see if science agrees?) and some say that it’s just a made-up planet to calculate your life charts, some even say it is a god, so which one is it? Here we will explain it all to you. Knowledge is everything, you won’t be panicking anymore if you know what it is all about.


The Real Meaning of Tai Sui

Taai Sui 太歲 means the “great age”, it means a cycle of “age” for you. In another word, it means a cycle of life for you, just like a complete cycle for a year.

The small cycle is one day, middle is a month, and a big cycle is a year, which you can see the pattern then repeats (four seasons) for this world we live in. What about the cycle for you, and how does your four seasons look like? Taoist believe that human follow the way of nature, and we also have our pattern, our cycle, our seasons as well.

To understand the whole concept, you need to understand a formula, like an equation in math. To get the unknown, you must look at the reverse. Just like saying now I see the cup is half full, I can also say it is half empty, that is 2 ways to look at the matter, and that is why this matter exist.

Taoists theory says that we are now “one living being living on a big planet”, then the other side must be “we are a big planet with many living beings inside us”. Just like a role switch, from being the employee to being the boss. If you can see things from the other perspective, you will understand how to improve life.

Tai Sui, is all about this “planet” that we are talking about which you cannot see “yet”, but you can imagine how it works by the equation. It can be said to be an imaginary planet for most people, since you cannot see it yourself. But to Taoist masters, who can soul travel and all that, we can actually go to this planet of our own, or visit the planet of others, and we call this planet “Yuen Sun 元神” which is your spiritual planetary body.  A cycle of a day in this planet is a small cycle for us which sets our luck for the next day here. A big cycle is when this planet cycles a year, and we will get our annual pattern or luck-flow here. 


Threats and Danger?

Many people FEAR Tai Sui because of a phrase “太歳當頭坐,無災恐有禍 Tai Sui sits in front of you, even no disaster, fears that that might be troubles.”

This is totally wrongly interpreted. When the Tai Sui is in front of you directly, it’s actually not a bad thing but a GOOD thing if you are actually doing well here. Think about it this way, “When the boss sits in front of you, you might be in trouble” – yes, only if you were doing bad things behind the boss. The boss should be good to you, why do you fear him? Our Yuen Sun is the resource headquarter for us, it’s like our wealth god, how can it be so bad?

Well, the problem is this – when your Yuen Sun sits in front of you, it is your “pay day” for clearing up anything you own, anything crappy that were stuck and piled up, you will get it this year, because the boss is right in front of you, and you have no where to hide now.

If you are doing the right things in life, you have no fear for Tai Sui, you should LOVE your Tai Sui, your Yuen Sun, because it’s supposed to be there to HELP you and not HARM you.


Interaction with Tai Sui

Your Tai Sui is actually communicating with you daily, and you don’t even realize it. Everyday, your body records and save a lot of things, memories, things you see and hear, eat and smell, taste and feel, etc. All these memories become energies and some are even like suppressions and stress too. They all gets accumulated into your “heart” (not the organ, the energy heart), and when you sleep you enter the deep sleep state and the heart dumps its energy to the Yuen Sun or your Tai Sui. When it does so, you wake up and feel “refreshed” or “cleared” and even the stress you had before felt like it is gone. It’s not really gone; it just went to another place. Then Yuen Sun is supposed to take the load for you and digest it in the preheaven. However, if you give too much bad stuff to the Yuen Sun to swallow, it will not be able to digest it all, and later it might poop it back on you in the future too.


The Fan Tai Sui

Fan Tai Sui is when Tai Sui and you have issues connecting to each other, which causes you NOT be able to receive your life’s potentials and resources from this “boss” above. As a result, you get “bad luck” or “stuck luck”.

To handle this situation, the best solution is to have a second source of income that gives you the preheaven energies you need. It’s like this job doesn’t pays you now, get another job to make up for it. The way we use in Taoism is to use our Tao, our altar, as a way to channel in more resources, it makes up for what the Tai Sui lacks, and problem is solved. Sometimes the Tai Sui is giving off too much bad energy and you cannot handle that; you can also purify it wit your Taoist magic too.


Fan Tai Sui FU is one remedy that is good to use if you fall into the list, better to be safe than sorry. All the FU does is to hook you up with a second source of “income” which gives you the preheaven energy you lack that year, and it dissolves the FTS problem. Another good suggestion is to ordainand become a Taoist, build your altar and there goes a non-stop stream of preheaven energy coming to you, then no fear the Tai Sui issue anymore. One day, you might even be able to soul travel and witness your own Yuen Sun too.