FAN TAI SUI 2018 and Remedy Total Solution

fan tai sui

2018is a dog year, and the Fan Tai Sui list consists of –Dog, Dragon, Ox, Sheep, and Chicken. If your year, month, date, and time of birth have the earthling branches of these 5, then you are considered to be a victim of this Fan Tai Sui matter. The more matches you have (lucky if you got all 4) then the more affected you are regarding this issue. However, it is not the end of the world, read on to understand what is going on.


Fan Tai Sui Concept

In our article of “What is Fan Tai Sui” and “5 major types of Fan Tai Sui”, we have already explained this matter in detail, but here we will repeat it in a more concise way. In short, the concept goes back to how our life and luck works. First of all you have to understand that our life is not all just about the physical reality side of things. We talk about life as a combination between the non-physical side of you and the physical side of you.

The Yuen Sun元神(your spiritual planetary body) provides potentials and pre-heaven energies to you every day and your Soul Body靈魂takes them and digests those energies, converting them into post-heaven energy and pumps them out of your Physical Body肉身and there goes your life in reality. You can see it like the Yuen Sun is the boss, and it gives resources to the soul as the workers inside your body. Once the worker processes the resources inside, they pump out power for your body and then you will see it in reality and be able to see the effect in this world with your own eyes.  So if your boss is not giving you money, or the cheque just bounced and there are hiccups in the delivery process, how can life in reality be liked? What if your boss is sick that whole year and cannot manage to pay you? Or maybe some bastard is stealing your salary by taking a cut from your stack of cash after they processed the cheque? That is the main problem with Fan Tai Sui, which is your Yuen Sun (the boss) having issues delivering the resources to you here, and hence the “bad luck”.

The Yuen Sun holds all your potentials in life, and that is your own personal life potentials. If this boss has trouble giving you money, what do you do? Well, you can find another boss, or another money source, or have savings to survive the year, and that’s basically what the remedy of Fan Tai Sui is about. It’s very logical, isn’t it?

Tai Sui太歳basically means the end of the age cycle. That’s like when the year concludes and everything is being cleared out, it’s a busy concluding time, and a lot of things are being changed, renewed, or dumped out etc. It’s like you are finally over with this cycle, but being the Tai Sui, you are in the position of the transition between this and next cycle, hence it will be hectic.

For the explanation below, we will refer to the yuen sun like the boss and you in reality are like the worker who get the goodies from the boss. That way you will understand our remedy much better, and not have to be confused by the complex terminology.


Fan Tai Sui in 2018

Dog –當太歳金煞

The doggies have this problem of Fan Tai Sui this year because they are on the position of being the Tai Sui themselves, which means that their Yuen Sun (the boss) is concluding off and very busy making the transition. When the boss is busy on their own concluding, they will have no time for accumulating new resources. Therefore, your Yuen Sun might provide whatever is left to you, like the last round of fried rice on the buffet area, but that’s it! You have to stick with the cold rice, leftover shrimps and maybe some jello and cakes that nobody wants.  

Remedy is simple! Since the boss is busy with their own thing and you will be getting all the crappy leftovers, you might find yourself lacking potentials and maybe even encountering many “leftover-grade” potentials. Not good! Well, in this case, we suggest you have an altar setup with us and mainly the Saam ching statue for channeling in what you lack from another source – our lineage!  Now you have a second place that pays you, and not give you leftovers.   If an altar is too much, you can also request a FU from us which can be carried or place at home facing your bed, and that way you can also get connected with our altar and get a bit of reinforcements, which is better than nothing.

Dragon –沖太歳水煞

The dragon is going the opposite way of the Tai Sui energy, which means while things are trying to flow to you, it crashed the other way around. You can imagine your boss want to give you potentials but you just keep getting on his nerves and offending him at the same time, stopping the flow in the middle and even destroying your potential luck. 

To fix this, we can use a FU that will help you realign your energy flow back with the Tai Sui’s energy flow this year and you will be alright again.  This FU will be used to carry around mostly. However, if you do not like the idea of carrying something with you all the time, you can also choose to have a ceremony done for you at our altar, where we will open a “representative” of you and keep the “you” at our altar with the FU attached for a period of time, and that will beam the FU’s energy over to you by distance. However, if you already have an altar setup at home (the altar that is setup by us) then you can also do the same at your home altar. (you need to be our disciple to learn how to do that though, get ordained today if you like!)

Ox –刑太歳木煞

The ox and cowbies are having problems digesting the things given by the boss (the yuen sun), and this is like someone who got digestive problems, so food will get stuck in the stomach or things just came in like chicken and poop out like chicken, while your body really cannot absorb much out of the transaction. It is like the “stomach” got hiccups and malfunctions for you, and if you translate that to energy side of things, it means you might have many potentials that cannot translate to reality, or maybe tons of false hope and bummers.

Do deal with that, you need a processor fix, which is a remedy that will fix your soul body and enhance your soul’s digestion and processing power, since it is the “organ” that “digests” your Yuen Sun’s pre-heaven energy for you. To do this, you can get ordained and cultivate our magic, and this will be fixed by cultivating some magic daily at your own altar. It’s a very easy fix, but you just need to move your butt. Don’t like moving your butt and do work? No worry, you can also get a FU from us that can be carried on you and it will strengthen your soul power which allows your soul to work better and transform those potentials into real opportunities.

Sheep –破太歳火煞

The sheep is in big trouble, because the problem with them is like they got the cheque from the boss and it is cashed in, but you the cash was dropped into the river by accident, or maybe some wind blew your cash all over the highway, not fun! A better comparison is like you have got a cake delivery from your best friend, and the delivery guy came right to your doorstep already, but he just slipped in front of you and the cake is splashed right on your slippers. How bad is that? The sheep will be facing a lot of hiccups, hurdles, spoilers, and even things that might ruin your success and such.

To deal with it, you need protection, and something to assist your way, and also to help you make everything safely deliver to you from your Yuen Sun, and not be stolen away, or with the package broken right before you can take it in your hand.  You may choose to get a protection FU from us for carrying, which will help you reduce these kinds of issues while you are wearing the FU. Another way out which is even better is to become a disciple of our lineage and get going on your cultivation and altar setup. The reason is very simple, because your energy is already in the best careless mode this year, you will need a source of higher power to assist you and guide you the right way.  In our lineage, you connect to our higher powers, and with daily cultivation, with some magic that you can do daily, you will be able to reduce this kind of hiccup. Remember that you will or might encounter these things many times in a year. Knowing how to do the magic yourself will save you a lot of money asking for help from us repeatedly.

Chicken –害太歳土煞

The chickens are in headless mode this year. Why so? Well, this kind of Fan Tai Sui is mainly like your mom is cooking you a great lovely dinner 7 night a week, but she just didn’t realize she put some sauce into the meal that was expired 2 years ago. You kept eating it and think that it is kind of tasty, but after one week you got sick very badly and don’t even know where it came from. The Fan Tai Sui energy is like that for the chicken people this year. It will have a big chance of delivering some wrong things or even bad things to you. In reality, the pattern might show up with many things that come to you at the wrong time, or even bumping into things you never expect or even wanted. You might be “helped” by many people who actually screw you up instead.

The problem is on the Yuen Sun, which is giving you the “wrong things” and messing your life up. To fix this up, you will need a FU on the body for luck stabilizing, which reduce the problem with the Yuen Sun sending you the wrong energy.  Since you might also have a lot of villains and bad people or things that will be jamming your pathway, the best thing to do besides “be careful” is to learn Taoist magic from us and so you can do magic to dissolve the hiccups whenever you sense them, or to repel the villains and negative people before they can do any damage to you. Another fix is to open an altar (with us) at home and connect the altar to a small Saam Ching statue set that connects to your own Yuen Sun, then daily do your altar work and upload incense and such to your own Yuen Sun, helping it to rewire the energy inside the Yuen Sun. however, being a disciple of our lineage is better, because you can do more to help your Yuen Sun than a normal person who doesn’t know or do magic.


Solutions for You

If you are curious about your situation and you want to know how bad is your Fan Tai Sui problem this year, send us an e-mail and provide your name and date of birth (with time) and we can check it up for you.  

For people who have ordainedalready and are learning the Taoist magic of our lineage now, just contact me (Si Gung) on LINE about your Fan Tai Sui issue and you know what to do specifically for your case.

Remember that Fan Tai Sui is not just about looking at the “year” of when you are born, it’s the full DOB that counts, which includes year, month, date, and time!  The Fan Tai Sui remedies can also be customized for you, contact us to inquire!