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Fake Versus Real FU Talismans

Tin Jee FU Talisman

Fake Versus Real FU Talismans
How to tell if a FU Talisman in Taoism or Taoist magic is fake or real? Most people only know that if the FU talisman is like a certain “look” then it must be real or fake, but is that really the case?  Not really.

What sets the standard for a true real or fake FU Talisman? There is nothing to guess or discuss because here we will give you the real knowledge that put things to a solid standard which make total sense to you and everyone in the world. Let’s dig into the true wisdom of Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist magic.

What is "Real" in Taoist Magic or Taoism

A FU Talisman can be real and crappy in power, or it can be fake but strong at the same time. I hope your brain is not fried yet!

Real in Taoism means there is a pre-heaven and a post-heaven combined together to a complete form, then it is real. Pre-Heaven, there is a yin and yang, while post-heaven, there is also a yin and yang, then it is real. Or we should say, when things are in a “complete form” then it is real.  What makes something complete and real? 

Pre-Heaven is something that exists before happening, and post-heaven is after something is born. For a human being, we can say that their pre-heaven is the person’s Yuen Sun, which exists before their soul was even born. The post-Heaven is the spiritual soul, and then the physical body, one yin, and one yang. Then Yuen Sun contains both Yin and Yang together in one. Therefore, this is a complete human being.

This might be too hard to understand for everyone, so we will give another example for a real subject that you can touch. A real computer must contain 3 elements for it to be real. First, comes the pre-heaven yin and yang, which is the programmings done behind the boards that were infused or installed into the chips. Then the post-heaven yin is the internal hardware, and post-heaven yang is the shell, case, and such. 

Even there are no programs installed for you to use, it is still a computer that is real. Without the pre-heaven work, the chip and cables won’t work even they look like the real chip.  You can make the same kind of shape of the chips with another metal substance and combine it together just like a real board, but it won’t work, because nothing has been “programmed” into the electronics with their high-tech stuff in the factory.

As you can see, you can have a computer look-alike built with the same metal, same design as in their look, but it can totally not work when you plug it in, just because there is no real engineering and programming done at the back of those chips. You cannot see those programming work behind the chip anymore after the hardware is born, no matter what software you install on the computer, you cannot access the same kind of coding and engineer working zone anymore. These are “top secrets” done in the factory, and not accessible by the user end, just like the Yuen Sun of human beings.

Real computer works, because it has all 3 elements and a fake one with the same look, won’t work!

Real FU Talismans VS Fake

A real talisman has a lot of background engineering and programming work done on it, and you cannot see it from the user’s end, but it is done to ensure that it will work. Then it will have legit look, structure, and such that you can sense and see.

A fake talisman can be fake because it lacking some ingredients, like a talisman with a fake FU structure, or a cartoon covering the text, or even no stamps, or whatever that made it looking fake. It can also be fake because the outside is legit, but there is no power done behind it.

I can make a real FU that has very little power, and also a fake FU with lots of power packed behind and it will also work. How is that done?

A fake FU can be a container, just like a “statue”. I can just draw anything on a card or even a piece of tissue and that is my “container”. Then, I can infuse a bunch of legit and real Talismans into the container, combine them all into one, and now this “fake FU” contains all the real deal behind.   This kind of method in Taoist magic is what we call the “marshal FU” which means to use one FU to contain many “smaller FU”. The fake container will act as a “marshal” to contain all the soldiers and generals, so it will just hold them together and so you do not have to have 30 FU at once to do 30 task.

Imagine you have a few FUs that you want to wear on your neck for protection. One is for car protection, one is for the spiritual attack, one is for love, and one is for the career, and you will end up with over 30 FUs hanging over your neck. All the FUs will be trying to “do their best” and so they will fight (energy conflict) and at the end of the day, nothing is being done because the FUs are not coming up with a conclusion of what to do.

A “marshal FU” will solve the problem. A fake container, that can hold and group these FU together, and when it is the right time to use such feature or do such thing, the marshal will let go of certain power and there goes the magic power unleashed just for this task and other power can stay inside. As you can see, a fake FU can be very useful sometimes!

A real FU is often what we call a FU that contains everything it needs by itself, and it can work, but I can also make it very weak by just programming and infusing very little power in it, and restricting the FU’s working time period too. As you can see, just because the FU is real, does not mean it is always strong, what matters is who is doing the FU and what they have done on the FU talisman at the back.

You can have a working computer that is totally slow and crappy too. It is real, and you get the computer to turn on, but it is just crappy and slow!

The Fake Fu versus Scam FU

There are many “scam FU talismans” out there in the market, which I call them scam because they are a really useless piece of paper produced to sell at low cost. You see them on eBay, Taobao, and all over the place. These FU are produced in mass production or just a bunch of kids pumping out zillions of those in the house for quick sales. These kinds of scam FU talismans are often cheap or even given free to customers or believers. They will want to give you freebies and so you will go back to buy the cheap FU later, and guess what, it’s a scam. These FUs have no power, no effect, and are pure garbage or junk that you should avoid.

In short, a FU must be done for you when you order and handcrafted by the master. You should have a FU talisman made JUST for you for it to be real. The intention of making this FU talisman must be very clear, or else the FU won’t even work for you at all.

When customers purchase a FU talisman from me and they canceled the order before it was shipped, we just burn the FU and dispose of it. There is no way to reuse a FU made for a specific person.

A fake FU can be a FU that looks very fake, in terms of the FU talisman having no stamps or the FU words are totally off structure and such. But, it can be fake with real work done behind that you cannot see. These cannot be seen by a normal person and can only be seen and sensed by those who have the ability to sense and see the pre-heaven dimension matters.

Low Power FU Talismans

There are many low level or low power FU Talismans that look very legit and are sold online. They have stamps and have FUs copied from books. What’s scarier is, they are really made for you upon your order, and they did go through a ceremony to get the FU power infused and programmed, but the master sucks. Guess what, then it means the FU sucks no matter how much work is done and shown too.

How to Ensure a FU Talisman is Powerful and Strong?
The best way to ensure a FU Talisman is strong is to learn it yourself or purchase only from a master who knows what he is doing. I am not trying to compare anyone here, but if you look at our blog and YouTube, you can see that we do a lot of knowledge-based posting, and this is to educate the buyers about what they are purchasing or getting from us.We want our customers to really know what they are getting and appreciate it too.

If you want to know what is involved behind a real and powerful FU talisman, then you can really learn it yourself. After learning Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist magic, you will realize that the whole process and work involved behind a good and powerful FU Talisman is totally out of your imagination.

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