Exorcism and Cleansing Magic for Homes

Exorcism and cleansing come together in Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung, because in our definition of “exorcism”, it is to remove any kinds of spiritual energies or spirits that are blocking the flow of a natural energy circulation. For disciples in our lineage, they will eventually learn to do a ritual called “Chut Saat”出煞which can be compared to doing a big plumbing maintenance work for your home. You unclog the pipelines and make everything flows right again, while also reducing the potential of a flood or bursting pipes on a bad day. For those who are In need of immediate help, you can also contact us right away and we will get you a distance ceremony done for you. If you are just feeling that you are kind of stuck with everything and need a flush or cleansing session for your home, you can also have us do the distance house cleansing ceremony for you. 

In this article, we will talk about the essential practice we do in our lineage, Chut Saat, and what it really does to your home when you do it all the time, plus the potentials that can be extending from this magic ritual.

In Taoism, we practice Taoist magic to work with the Pre-Heaven energies, and that leads us to be very aware of the energy flow of our house, which is technically called Fung Shui. Most people might have heard of Fung Shui, but the majority can only relate this to the luck boosting or family harmonizing kind of work by changing colors and rearranging furniture. Just like we have said in the article about “Taoist Magic Versus Sun Gung Magic”, a lot of these knowledges are not exposed to the outsiders, because that is how the Chinese culture works. Outsiders have their group of things, and the insiders have another group of things that is not to be shown. Taoism is always taught secretively for its magic and spiritual work, and so is Fung Shui. The advanced level of Fung Shui involves a lot of work to be done to really work with Pre-Heaven energies, sensing, seeing and changing the Pre-Heaven energy flow and not just to do some formulated work then changing or rearranging the furniture.  There are stories of famous Fung Shui master just by putting at a plant or even a rock in a certain spot of the place, and suddenly everything falls into place and the whole situation changes. Why is that so magical and why is Fung Shui so effective? If is as simple as just doing some calculations with formulas, then it does not take years to master the skills and learn from a real sifu. 

Fung Shui is about seeing, sensing, and working with the Pre and Post-Heaven energies in this world, fixing the pipelines and channels between the nine dimensions and it’s like being a technician who fixes the energy-pipes of nature. In order to do so, the master must cultivate something that deals with these Pre-Heaven energies. As you can see, Fung Shui is all about the Yin Yang, Bagwa, five elements and such – which are all Taoism theories and knowledge.  Exorcism, cleansing and working with energy flow of your home is indeed a huge part of a Taoist’s cultivation. We live in a house, and so we cannot just cultivate things for ourselves, but also for the house that contains us. Let’s get into this topic and you will understand what is involved in our exorcism and cleansing magic rituals for our monthly routine.

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Fixing your Home’s Energy with Taoist Magic

Just like our house, we use it and it gets messy after a while when you don’t tidy up. While you use your kitchen, the floor and everywhere gets greasy and disgusting. We live in a house and our emotions, feelings, and even anger will vent off like smoke to fill up the air too. As a Taoist, we acknowledge that human gives off energy waste and these things can affect our future greatly from the subtle side to a great impact on feelings, emotions and even your physical actions that might come with an enormous cost, such as a divorce, or a breakup of a couple, or even worse is a suicide.

We sense, then feel, then feelings accumulate to stir up thinking in the brain. As you might have realized, a lot of the time, we act because of how we feel more than putting any logic sense to it, or your logic sense is all based on your feelings at the moment because of the lack of knowledge too. Why do you buy this house and not that house? It’s not because you know more about this house, but it’s most like because it feels better in this house, then you will press the button and there goes a decision made. It could be good, but it can also turn out sour, who knows. 

A lot of people talk about trusting their gut feelings and what is this gut-feeling? The gut-feeling is from your Pre-Heaven spiritual body, which we call it Faat-Sun法身in the technical term in our lineage. It’s basically where your “heart” is, and it’s not the organ, but the energy heart that feels and senses things. When you place your palm in the center of your chest and say “I feel it’, then that’s where the heart is located. We all know and sensed it, but we cannot see it because it’s not a physical thing. This spiritual heart gives off “feelings” to us and is what makes us thinks. Your heart might be doing you good, but it could also be doing you harm because it is not healthy, polluted, or the connects between you and this heart is being disturbed or distracted by other things in the pathways.

This heart senses the energy around you, including the energies of your house, and the energies of where you work. Therefore, if you live in a house with all these vented energy-waste, your heart is going to be acting weird, and it will be soaking in all these energy-waste to give you all kinds of negative feelings, emotions, and even affecting your thinking pattern, or the way you talk, act and presents yourself. You might not mean it, but somehow your daughter thinks you are so mean to her that night, and you don’t even realize or understand why you acted like so.

In order to not be affected by these issues, we teach our disciples to be aware of these energy-wastes issues and they should start to learn how to “clean up” for their home more than just doing the physical chores. Before things start snowballing up to a huge disaster, it’s also important to start clearing up obstacles before they get big and stuck onto things.

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Daily Cleansing and Detoxing

Every day, our disciples will utilize their magic altar to do some work such as the daily cleansing incense magic. By doing so, they are using spells and magic tools to dump their energy-wise to the altar, and the altar then gets it like your farm getting your poop, it becomes the fertilizer of this ground and will turn into something that can be processed and brings you something good in return.

Something you don’t need anymore, such as your poop, can be useful for another party, such as poop as fertilizer for the soil. Your energy waste is just not good for you and your house, but it can be processed nicely by your magic altar and turn into something useful. By using the spells in our lineage, you will be able to purify and neutralize these energy=waste and clears it from the body to dump it either to the altar or to your house’s ground energy system, which takes it and absorbs it as a neutralized element, and won’t harm anyone in the process, because you have dumped it to the right place to have it cycle in nature properly.

Doing daily JING incense淨香in our lineage is a form of cultivating Teof Taoism because you are also giving back to where you live or do work, such as your altar and your home. You give back to your home for a better future, and you give back to your altar for more magic power to be cultivated. This is a very important practice in the lineage for our disciples, and it will already reduce a lot of emotional and mental hiccups or disasters.

For those who does not have an altar yet, they will be doing the spells with hand signs and pushing the energy waste to the ground energy pool of your house, leading it to be grounded and neutralized, just like grounding the lightning energy to not let it burn you or your car.


Other Forms of Cleansing and Exorcism

In our lineage, we also have magic that deals with more intense and serious matters, especially for exorcism. There can be FU Talismans for this or even a full-on ritual that will lead to a magic battle to crush the evil spirits down to save someone’s life. 

Cleansing and purifying is good to do for maintenance and upkeeping, while once a while you will need to do some exorcism just like unclogging the pipes when something is stuck in the system. The full ceremony of Chut-Saat will involve a lot of FU Talismans work and a lot of magic tools to be used in conjunction with the FUs. These things will combine together to a powerful ceremony that digs up the ground and reset the whole energy flow of your house, and not just to clears off some minor pollution. Even if there is a spirit trying to get into your house, or to haunt your house for fun, they will be crushed when you execute this powerful ceremony.

When the energy flow of the house is reset and cleared of obstacles, energy will cycle nicely again and you will be able to live without all the obstacles that are caused by these energy blockages or pollutions. It might not solve all your existing problems, but at least it has reduced all the problems caused by the energy flow of your house. When energy flows well, you can think better, do better, and live better.


How to Start Learning or Get Help

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To start learning the magic to clean up yourself and your home, you can get ordained into our lineage and start learning Saam Law Sun Gung. There are no restrictions or requirements for being a stage one disciple, and you can already start to learn a lot of the cleansing magic for yourself and your home. After you get into stage two, the serious FU work will kick in and the Chut-Saat ceremony will be taught once you got your altar setup and when you mastered the basics of FU writing.

If you are currently facing problems or spiritual issues, you can contact us to tell us your problem and we will be able to suggest you the best option for your case. In case you want some immediate help, you can always try our distance cleansing for home ceremony, or the distance exorcism service. In order to perform the distance magic ceremony for you, we will need your address and a photo of your house to start doing the magic work for you. 

Nothing is better than preventing a big disaster by doing daily and routinely maintenance, and everyone should have the rights to claim their power to learn how to clean up their living space energy. We strongly suggest that you should consider learning the Taoist magic yourself to get your spiritual side of life under control. You can avoid a lot of problems by dissolving it before it builds up and shapes into a physical matter in this dimension. Just like we say, it is best to have someone to get rid of the thoughts before they put it to physical action. Your house’s energy creates the physical happenings for you, and it shapes your future every day. Taoists are wise and is aware of this side of life that needs to be taken care of, and not just the physical side. Claim your power and start making life better right away. Clean up your home, and it’s energy!