Drawing Taoism FU with Incense Explained

Drawing Taoism FU with Incense Explained

draw fu with incense in taoism

In the previous article, we talked about what incense does and how it really works. Incense is a medium that draws resources from one place and delivers it to another. The person that holds the incense inputs the resources, and gives it to the next party that gets the smoke and scent. Sometimes you will see a Taoist holding incense in the hand and drawing FU (symbols) with the incense flame. This article will explain the reasons and mechanics behind all of this to you in a simple and clear format. Enjoy the read!

The incense flame-head - the end that is burning - is the output end of the incense, and the handle is the input end. Things go out the output and deliver the energy inside to the receiving end. If you take the flame end and draw FU with it on something, you are marking what this energy coming out of the incense has to do with the subject that got the FU drawn on top.

For example, you hold the incense and pump in your heart spells, which channels in the Tao’s power to the incense. Now, you point the incense flame-head toward a person and draw the word with 3x CW circles.  That symbol means “the bond in power” and 3x CW circles means to bond in power and store it into the person.  Then, you stab the incense into the incense pot on the altar.

Since we used “YELLOW” incense, in this case, the altar gets the message, and will also channel in the Tao’s power with its own heart energy, and since the incense is linked to the person who got your symbols, the altar will also hook up the line and connect to the person, bonding the power to him and such.  As you can see, using incense to write symbols can be very useful sometimes, especially linking up the incense with other objects that the incense needs to deliver its energy to.


Empower and Helping Others

In our lineage, you will learn how to do symbols, which is a way to command energies to work. For example, you might be doing protection magic on your friend, writing a protection FU over her with the incense flame. Your incense draws power from you and you channel in powers from the Tao (the higher powers) with your heart spells. Therefore, when the incense is put into the altar, the altar will help you channel in powers from the Tao, while delivering it to the person’s body and executing that protection magic command for you, protecting the person.  As you can see, this method allows us to “tell” the altar to help us draw power from the lineage, and then apply it to this person, then execute the magic work of “protect and secure” for this person.

Compared to you doing this magic by using the sword finger yourself, it’s a huge difference. Do you see that incense has a “stem” that stays on the altar for a long time?  When you do the symbol to your friend with your sword finger and heart spells, you only draw power once and deliver it to him and there goes the protection. It’s like a one-time protection that you put on the person, which is like one layer of gas over the person. Once this layer of gas goes into action, it’s gone, and it’s done. Therefore, the protection does not last long, and cannot have a lot of power.

However, using the incense to do this same symbol and magic is going to change the game. The stem that stays on the altar acts like a “receiver”, like the antenna for your radio. As long as this stem stays there, it will keep grabbing resources and fulfill what the magic command needs, hence it will keep giving resources to power up that protection magic as long as the incense stem is still there and connected to your altar.

If we have another tool, like the “dragon hand pot”, it will be even better. We can draw power directly as the Tao, and then put it into the altar, so the altar will keep drawing power directly from the Tao and dump it into the magic work. As you can see, having tools will really make things better.

However, all of these magic techniques are useless if you are not part of the lineage, and not connected to “the Tao” as what we have said in “What is Taoism”. Therefore, get connected today, get ordained and start doing Taoist magic of Saam Law!