Difference Between Stage 1 and Stage 2 Disciples of Saam Law Taoism

Difference Between Stage 1 and Stage 2 Disciples of Saam Law Taoism

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Many people who have ordained into our lineage don’t realize the importance of going to stage 2 a.s.a.p, and here is an article that tells you why and lays out the plain truth for you. Going to stage 2 can benefit you greatly, and that doesn’t mean you have to keep rushing to stage 3 and 4 of the system.  We are JUST talking about going to stage 2 here.

In our lineage, we open up for anyone to join and learn, and hence there is the need for opening up our system and being more generous in accepting people from all sources.  There are often people with different backgrounds, and some might be already on another path and such. Therefore, our stage 1 disciples are mostly those who are just joining to try and to get started on the basics, which is why they are still okay at the multi-path stage.  However, if they want to get to stage 2, they have to make the decision and “choose their Tao”.

As explained in the “what is Taoism” article, all the sects and lineages of Taoism are not connected to the same higher power as their Tao, and once you have chosen one Tao, you cannot connect to another Tao.  That’s why the first step for a real Taoist is to find their Tao and then be going “into” the Tao.  When you are in one room, you cannot be in another room at the same time, simple as that.

Stage 2 disciples are those who have made the decision and decided to really commit to one path only, which is this path. With their commitment and their heart, they will be rewarded by the permissions and powers granted to them, which opens them up to more things that they can do with the magic they learn.  As you can see, it’s just like a cadet summer camp being a “law enforcement to-be”, versus a real cop who gets a gun and some gear on their hip for the serious matters. With greater power, you need to be serious, isn’t that the same with everything in life?


Stage 1 vs Stage 2

taoist powerThe best way to describe the difference of power between stage 1 and stage 2 disciples in our lineage is to categorize them into “Three Mountain” and “Five Thunder”. That’s the traditional term for Taoist magic power/authority difference.

Stage 1 disciples are like the three mountain stage, which means their max ability is to execute magic that can do the 3 things – to gather in energies from the Tao, give a command and put them into somewhere. It’s sort of like a linear power delivery with duty assigned to it.  Another way of saying it is that you can always request power from the Tao, give it a job and dump it to somewhere. If you encounter obstacles that jam your way or stop your work from happening, you can’t do much about it. You can only take energy, slap a label on it, and give it to something outside of you etc.  If you encounter things that are fighting you and restricting you or something that is stubborn, you have no power to overcome that at all. 

Think about watching the carpet. This stage 1 is like you can only take the vacuum and put it on the floor and use it. If you get stuck, encounter stubborn stains, or you have things blocking your way, clogging the machine, you are stuck there.

Well, you can still open altar, do your “Cheng Sun”, cultivation, apply magic to help you with things in life that need empowering, boosting, helping, or even to do some cleansing and purifying work to your house. For a normal person, it’s enough and better than not having magic for sure.

Stage 2 disciples are in the 5 thunder category, and 5 here means the heart energy (d5) and thunder that are explained in the “thunder magic” article, which is to pull down resources from the Tao into something and create something. For example, the work of consecrating a statue is a five thunder kind of job, because you have to have to put the energy of the Tao into something outside of you and create something new. 

Thunder is also about dealing with things that cannot flow through the process, you thunder it up and make it possible. For example, you are trying to remove some dirty things on the floor, a three mountain guy will take some water, wipe it and that’s it.  The fiver thunder guy will have all kinds of scrubs and detergent to use for getting rid of the stubborn stains.  As you can see, one is linear and straightforward working manner, and the other one is like a smarter and more powerful worker who can deal with obstacles, hurdles and things that are jamming the way like those stubborn stains.

Exorcism and busting stronger negative energies is a five thunder kind of thing because the three mountain can’t really deal with things blocking their way or resisting their powers.  Therefore, if you want to deal with kicking the evil crap’s butt, you must at least go into the stage 2 to get the power that you need for this tough job.

Consecrating tools and such is also a stage 2 thing, but we also let the stage 1 do some work such as consecrating the smaller items and basic essentials to get them started. it's like you are not ready yet, but you are given the teachings to bring you there. In the meantime, your work is being assisted by the lineage (for stage 1).


Stage 1 Better Than Stage 2 Example

Just going into stage 2 doesn’t make you that powerful, because what happens is that you just got into stage 2 and so the potentials are opened up to you and ready for you to cultivate, to earn the power you want. Nothing is free or quickly achieved without effort, just like all things in life.  Going to stage 2 doesn’t make you powerful, it only gives you the chance and opportunity to train, learn and become powerful.  Therefore, if you are a stage 2 who is super lazy and not proactive in learning, even if you are stage 2 or even stage 3, you still suck.  At the same time, a stage 1 who learns well might be able to kick your butt – like a hard-working white belt versus a sucky black belt who bought his belt and didn't fight to get there.

It is about how much you are willing to commit to this path, which results in how much we are opening up the path for you so you will have the potential of getting to a higher development later on.  It is better to be a stage 2 than a stage 1 for sure if you can make the decision.  However, remember that you will also need to train and build your power for you to really become powerful. 

After stage 2, you will pretty much learn for a long time there and wait. Maybe you will be a stage 2 forever, or maybe you will be chosen for stage 3, it depends on you and how we feel about you.  Stage 3 is unlike stage 2, it’s not for you to say “oh I want to level up” and you just have to pay a fee… nope!  Stage 3 is the other way around. It is for us to evaluate you and pick the disciples who we see the potentials in them, and then they will be given the choices. If they want to get to stage3, they can accept the offer and get upgraded. If we don’t like you or don’t think you are good for stage 3, you will not be invited or offered no matter what.

Being a good disciple, build your image and show yourself, don’t just stay and hide in the cold corner. That’s not healthy and won’t get you anywhere. Remember to do your concluding monthly!  If you are a stage 1 and want to go to stage 2 now, you can just simply tell us on LINE or by e-mail, and then purchase the stage 1 ordain again and we will get you going.