Creation of God with Taoism and Taoist Statue Magic

Creation of God with Taoism and Taoist Statue Magic

How can you make a godor deity to help you in Taoism or using Taoist magic?  Someone sent his god over to punish you or beat you up, and you can use your god to fight back or backfire the attack on them, which can cause them to taste their own medicine.  Wow, it sounds like a Pokémon game match, throwing out monsters and fighting each other, it sounds so absurd!  The freaky thing is, this is not a joke, its real, people do create gods in Taoism using Taoist magic, just like how people have created gods in other religions.

Gods or deities don’t exist, they are fake, but somehow “created” by the human being, or we should say “invented’ by the human being. Then, they went from fake, to real. Why is that so and how does it work?  We will bring you to see the secrets and science behind magic, exposing the long-hidden secret of Taoist magic on how we create gods with our hands.

Hope Created the Gods

The basic theory you got to understand is a simple principle of how nature energy works. Look at how it works with our daily life. See the nine stages of how things happen, it’s a pattern that nature taught us already, but not many people realized it.

  1. First, your heart feels and then intention fired up
  2. Intention got pushed and motivate you to move
  3. Motivation then gave birth to the birth of an idea
  4. The idea went into you and start inspiring you
  5. Now your brain thinks and ponder or even create this in your head
  6. You are done creating it in your head, compare it with external factors to see if it is good to do or possible to be done
  7. If good you will launch this idea to the outside
  8. Idea launched and executed and it is physically done
  9. You will see what happened and hope it will get better.

After something finishes, hope gives you the heart-feeling again and it kicks you to do something new. Therefore, the 10th stage is always the restart point of a cycle.

“The energy of hope to exceed the present is the power to create a new happening in the future.”

Without “hope” or “desire”, our life will never improve, because nothing new will be created or coming our way in the future. Usually, the hope energy is used up right after we did something, and so we don’t really keep the hope energy for long because we always put hope in the present and physical matters mostly.

What if we can gather up these “hope and desire” energy into a little container and store it up, and then we will program it to be used on something that we want to happen in the future?

How Statue Magic Started

This theory of how statue magic started applies to ALL religions and cultures, and the same theory applies to every culture that uses statues for their religion or magic.

People thinks that the General Kwan is a hero, a nice dude, if they can be like him in the future, that will be great. He is famous for his loyalty, righteous and such, so that is his “vibe” that he gives off to people.  It does not have to be true, but at least that is how people “feel” about him from the novels and books.

After the feeling is there, the people then have the “hope and desire” for this “vibe” to be born on them, meaning that, they want to become like this. Therefore, they made a statue of this guy, and every day they will burn incense and pray or hope this statue can bless them.

As time goes on, there are more and more hope-energy stored inside the statue and the statue then has its “soul” created after about 3 months of non-stop “worshiping” from the owner. As time goes on, the soulof this statue gets stronger and bigger, then at the 10th month, it will start to be “completed” and gives off the spirit, or the “light” energy, exposing its spiritual light energy to the surrounding and to the owner of the statue. This is energy that will help to make things happen, the creation energy! Whatever the people pray for, will be empowered or “granted” by their own investment of “hope” energy. In another word, they have created their own god and helped themselves.

Be it a General Kwan, Buddha, whatever it is, the same theory applies in their first stage of creating this statue method of magic work.

Advanced Theory of Statue Magic in Taoism

Most people only blindly pray and hope, and they don’t know the science behind all the magic work they have been doing all along. Yes, it is part of our natural ability to be inspired by ourselves to “create magic”, but we don’t realize it or understand the science behind it.

However, the professionals like us here, who really understands the science behind, can work around to make this statue magic even better, and more powerful, utilizing it to the maximum potential.

Having a container of energy and not really being able to protect it or secure it will lead to a disaster. Just like people know how to grow crops on a farm, but not to protect their farmland, animals will come and eat everything there one day.

Many people who worship and pray have no idea of what is going on, and they got tapped or hijacked one day, with a so-called God coming by, possessing them or talking to them… and the believed that it is “the god” they have been waiting for all along, while it’s just a hacker from the spiritual world. 

You are supposed to be able to help yourself with your own energy “farming device”, the statue. But, you failed because you thought this thing that answered you is “the god” you created. Once people agreed that there is such god then all your hope-energy is gone to the hacker, and your bank account will be emptied.

With our Taoist magic, we can ensure the statue is protected, and programming it to make the statue only gather up the energies of a certain type, ensuring that the things being contained are also programmed, purified and condensed to become a pre-heavenenergy property again that can be 10x more powerful than your ordinary “hope” energy!

With magic tools and spells, we can infuse or withdraw the energies in the statues any time and use it to empower things, send it over to people or even use it to block off attacks from evil sorcery masters too. As you can see, people can really create gods and “fight” each other by sending these “gods” to each other’s place!

When we need to do magic, we pull out our “resources” from these statues and infuse it into our magic work, such as a FU Talisman, and it empowers everything you do to have more potential for a certain type of things depending on what the statue’s property is.

The Magic Battle and God of War

In the world of magic, people war and fight each otherall the time. When people do magic and get the magic work “empowered by the gods”, their statues will do the work and pump juice over. This creation energy will then try its best to make something happen on the other party, and force something to happen on the enemy side.

If you got attacked by a “God” from an evil sorcerer, now it is up to you and your altar to defend your side or let just it happen. If you do not have any power to resist the attack, then this creation energy will unpack on you and make things come to reality. For example, you can be jumping off the roof, suicide, going crazy at work and throw the computer at your boss, or something like that.

If you have an altar too, your god (the statues) will try to resist it, block it, and say “uh-uh, this is not happening, because I am the boss here”.

Now the two statues’ energy will meet up and see who is stronger. The stronger one will win the battle and be the boss. The scary thing Is that these energies are “neutral” and they don’t have any thoughts of their own. Therefore, if one side wins, ALL the energies in the battle will go with the winner’s intention and bomb the loser together!

When these professional magic wizards charge their client for a ceremony to curse someone, they will always charge a huge amount of money, because they know the consequence of losing a battle can cost their life!  You want the other side to die, and if you lose, you can be the one to die!

There is a case where a mother hates her son so much, she keeps much praying to her altar daily, and curse the son to make him die from a car accident. The altar is nothing but a General Kwan and a Guan Yin on there, like some typical Chinese altar. After a few years, the son died from a motorcycle that struck him over, believe it or not?!

You don’t even need to learn any magic to curse people!  It’s so scary! 

The Pros Versus Noobs

The pros, like us, who do Saam Law Sun Gung, can understand the science behind, ensure the statue is safe and not going to be hijacked. We can also control the program, code what we need to happen, control the energies inside the system and cook things up very fast. We can also input much more energies into the statues than a normal person because we cultivate the energy into essences and can work to gain full control over it. Therefore, there is no need to wait for a year or two before the energy is enough to “do work”!

The noobs or the non-pros cannot control what is happening or how the energy is used. You could be hijacked or hacked on any random day just because a spirit came by and liked your little doll. You could be doing harm to your friends without realizing, just because you did something wrong. It’s not safe and it’s not controlled.

Not only that the pros can do more things and get more power into their statues, but in a lineage like ours, if anyone sent their "god" over to you and does things to you, your altar blocks it off, while the whole lineage will support and protect you at the same time. Anyone that is trying to mess with you is messing with a BUNCH of PROs. There is no way to lose a battle!

You should get full control of what you are doing, especially with statue magic. Learn what to do that is safe, and can benefit you and your friends, by digging into the science behind magic, understand how it works and really master the art. Ordain and learn Saam Law Sun Gung today to get yourself PRO!