Taoist vs COVID-19

Taoist Magic Can ADD-ON More Help for You!

Taoist magic cannot replace the medicine, vaccine, masks and so on - but it can help you pack on another layer of protection that is irreplaceable. In short, Taoist magic CAN HELP you prevent being hit by the COVID or other contaminating viruses. You have come to the right place, we will get you going right away!

Three Options for YOU!

Low Budget

100% FREE - Initiate to get the power connected to you, then learn from the FREE E-books, create your Protection FU and do the magic in the book to get help immediately. Yes, ALL FREE FOR YOU.

Protect and Prevent

Get the FUs for protection and prevention of the COVID. To ensure the best power, these FUs are done by Jee Sifu and his best disciples who are masters today. Risk-free, get some FUs today.

Urgent Help Needed

Consult us for help to see what fits you best. We mostly suggest people doing the other 2 plus a distance ceremony on top of everything. For disciples, they can also learn our Chi Kung for detoxing!

How to Prevent the COVID or other viruses

Follow the steps above and get going. The worst thing you can do is DRAG and then think too much but not taking a single step forward. Move and take action because it's already 100% FREE, what can you lose anyway!
Keeping yourself positive minded DOES NOT help you prevent being hit by the Covid. However, being aware, on guard, and using all sorts of preventive measures is the way to go. We Taoist also wear a mask, but an empowered one with a FU injected into it, double the protection power, better than an ordinary one!
Taoist magic has no conflict with any other ways of prevention, you just pack more protection on top of protection you already had.

How to Help Yourself Heal and Recover Faster

If you are unlucky enough to be hit, then we suggest you get started with the above suggestion immediately. Beside that, you would need to learn from our Zoom lessons to detox and cleanse your energies inside-out. You will heal up and recover faster when your soul body is being cleansed.


Everything has spiritual energies, and so is the virus itself. Before the virus actually gets you, the spiritual energy of it already hit your soul body. If you can cleanse that energy off quickly, then the actual virus also have to detach from you too.


Never listen to people who just say drink more water and sleep, that will never work and is just like waiting to die while drinking and sleeping.