Consecrating Taoist Statues 101

consecration of taoist statues

Consecrating Taoist statues seems to be very complex and definitely hard to do or even understand by a newbie disciple in our lineage. My disciples asked, can we learn to consecrate our own statues? How long does it really take to learn to consecrate statues? What is required? This post is to make it clear to you when you can do it, and what is the difference between my different level of service for statues consecration.

First of all, why and what are we doing when we say we are consecrating a statue? The statue itself is nothing but a piece of decoration if it is not consecrated. However, if you have done the work to consecrate it, then this statue is not a decoration anymore. It becomes a magical tool, because now it has a source hooked up, and the statue is programmed with features. Your statues can now pull in pre-heaven energy from somewhere, and output the power to your altar and home.  As you can see, a normal decorative item cannot do that for you at all. Read up the article on “the 5 directions and statue”, you will know a bit more about the programming part too.

The statue consecration progress will have a few basic things that need to be done in order to say this statue is “consecrated”. First, the statue must have a “heart” like how a computer has a CPU installed. This heart can be anything, but it is what sets the processing power inside the statue, like how a CPU can affect a computer’s performance.

2.     After the heart Is installed, the statue will then need to connect to a source of power in pre-heaven, so it is like where you get your electricity from for this computer.

3.     Thirdly, you will need to program the statue to install features, which is like your computer now getting its software and buttons programmed. With these, the statue can at least “work”.

4.     After everything is done, there is the Hoi Gwong process, which is to activate it and expose the power. That’s just like turning on your computer to unleash the potentials inside.

5.     At last, you will have to empower it and give it the final touch, just like a baby is born, you must give it some clothing and toys to make him happy and healthy.

After all this work your statue is at least consecrated and ready to use. However, these 5 steps can be as simple as a 10 minute job, or as complex as a ceremony that can run over 3 hours. It all depends on your skill, power and what you want to do with the statue. Let’s not forget that in our “robe lesson”, we also explained how important it is to dress up properly. By putting on different robes, your statue consecration will be having a totally different result too.  

Newbie Consecration of Statue

For disciples of our lineage, this method below can at least get you to consecrate the statue you got right away and start it off. However, you will need to at least have some basics down, such as knowing how to chick FU, draw FU Heads, and doing some spells etc. I will try to be as simple as possible here, but you will still need some foundation!

1.     Open altar and Cheng Sun, have your statues ready nearby.

2.     Burn 1 incense and tell Jo Si you are here to do this ceremony to consecrate the statue.

3.     Take the statue and fire all your heart spells into it (giving it the heart)

4.     Burn 1 set of FU heads over the head of the statue (yellow paper, black text) and drop the ash into a bowl for trashing later on.) – remember to fold outward, burn the top, circle 3x CW on top of the statue’s head.

5.     Hoi Tin Moon on the statue

6.     Using left sword finger, like the chick-fu, fire in the chick spells.

7.     Draw 3 law FU head over the statue’s front and stamp the location (invisible stamp) with saam law stamp by distance.

8.     Hoi Gwong

9.     Burn incense 3x for the statue and stab it into the pot’s green dragon side.

10.  Do 3/9 bow and start doing your morning rites or do Jing spell to empower.

11.  Close altar after incense is all done burning

12.  Place statue on the spot it needs to go and that’s it.

If your statue is hollow inside, put a coin from your wallet into it and seal the base with a piece of red paper. That will be good enough for now.

This is the most basic version to get all 5 things done and your statue is now started off, at least, which you can say the statue is consecrated. However, this is not the same as my fancy 2-3 hours long ceremony.


Difference in Consecration

First of all, you as a disciple doing the consecration yourself versus having me do it for you is not the same because of a few important reasons.

When I consecrate a statue, it is me who gets to put in the heart. I have a powerful CPU here, while your CPU is newbie grade. That will already set the potential and limitation of your whole device.

Secondly, programming power I can put into your statue is what I have cultivated here, which is definitely over your power.

Thirdly, your statue will be linked to me, my altar, and the higher power that I can reach, because it is consecrated by me. If there is anything that your statue is lacking or in need of help, my altar will pump resources over to help. If you consecrate the statue yourself, you have no backup, no support, and you are on your own.

As you can see, having the statue consecrated by me is a much better option. I do offer the newbie method above for people to at least get started even they are on a tight budget, but if you can afford it, you should get it consecrated by me asap.

To further favor the disciples and help them out, I also offer two kinds of consecration. One I call small consecration, and one is the “big” consecration. Small consecration takes about 1hour of ceremony time and some prep work for the 2 days before that. Big consecration takes about 3-4 hours of ceremony time and 7 days of prep work, with 3 days of empowerment to follow after the statue is done.

Yes, that is a lot of work! But the question is, what’s the difference?

With the small consecration, your statue is ready to use, and it will provide you the ability to cultivate this statue, invest into it safely, and it is going to offer you general empowering and protection but it won’t have the fancy features. It’s ready to use, it’s going to help you right away.

The fancy version, the big consecration, will include more power given, the features are programmed to be more powerful with the potential for you to withdraw their power out if needed, or to even send their power to action and such. These statues have many more abilities and can do much more for you. Even when you are making a wish, they can help you much more too.

The small consecration is like a normal person who is assigned to be at your house as a security guard. The big consecration will be a highly trained special cop there with fancy weapons. You can benefit a lot more with the special cop there, because he has more power, more backup, more equipment, and is more properly trained. The basic guy will help too, just that he won’t be your Robocop. You can always upgrade them later though!

Key point is, remember to get your statues as soon as you feel the need to do so. Then consecrate them yourself ASAP, get an approval by me and put them on the altar, at least it is started! After that, get it consecrated by me whenever you are ready. If you can afford it, do the big consecration. If you are on a budget, do the small version, at least it is done and hooked up here! Remember that time is limited in our life, and money cannot buy your time back. If you can afford it, do it asap before you waste too much time just because you cannot make up your mind. The earlier you get started, the earlier you can start to receive the benefit from these statues!

Get ordainedtoday and start learning the Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung, or you can get an altar set up by useven you choose to be just a believer too!