Complete Reality or Quan Zhen in Taoism

Complete Reality or Quan Zhen in Taoism

Complete Reality in Taoism

The word Quan Zhen or complete reality in Taoism is often searched but nothing leads people to understand what exactly defines “complete reality” or Quan Zhen 全真 (Chuen Junn in Cantonese). Most of you might bump into sites that tell you that it’s a sects’ name and they blend in Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism into one, but is that really what you are looking for?  What does the word Quan Zhen 全真 itself mean in Taoism? 

What you are looking at could be just a promotion of a sect and not real knowledge that tells you what Quan Zhen 全真 means.  Here we will unleash the wisdom of Taoism in our lineage and show you the real deal. What is the word of Quan Zhen or Chuen Junn 全真 or “Complete Reality” means in Taoism and how it’s related to our cultivations of Taoism.

We are not doing another article to promote the sect in China, nor to step on them and say they are wrong, but we are just laying out facts and showing you the real meaning of this word and how it is used in Taoism, Taoist magic, and even in all the Taoism cultivations. It can be a sect’s name, but it is not really only a name that is put there without a meaning to it. Do you know what the real meaning of Quan Zhen is in Taoism?  Maybe even a bunch of “Taoist” in China cannot tell you the real meaning of this two words because they only know that it’s a sect’s name, and nothing more. Why is that so?  As explained in our article on “Secret of the Dragon Gate”, a lot of people are not learning the Sum-Faat 心法 of Taoism and only getting a chance to touch the surface of the “containers”.

Taoism is taught in a very enclosed culture, and masters do not leak their secrets unless they have found a disciple who they trust, and proven to be trustworthy with years of observations. Before they approve the disciple, this person will be only allowed to touch the “containers” and “surface” of the teachings and not the “inside” or “heart” of things. As an example, you are given a chance to use all the programs and games in our computer system because you have joined the computer club, but you are not given access to the codes, the files, and you cannot install your own games or tweak the programs for more features and such. All the internal workings are strictly kept away from the hands and eyes of the outsiders, just like the true meaning of the words.

Today we will expose the Sum-Faat, the heart of this word “Quan Zhen 全真” or complete reality in Taoism, and show you what it is really about.


What are Tao and Realty?

As explained in our article on “What is Taoism”, the Tao that we talk about in Taoism is the Tao of your life, which is your own personal Tao, and that is your Yuen Sun 元神 (spiritual planetary body)  which is also often spelled as Yuan Shen in mandarin.  This is your own personal spiritual planet and not a planet that is shared with others!   You can read up on the details in our other article on “What is Yuen Sun” and understand more about it. 

This Yuen Sun holds our potentials of life, and it gives us the Pre-Heaven essences (energies) that fuel us and power up everything that we do in this world, for us to have success in things that we are doing. You could be working your butt off by doing some sorts of business, and you did exactly what the other people do too. How come they did it and got successful while you did the same and there is no results or success? Everyone can be doing the same thing, at the same time, but the result is different, because of this Yuen Sun that powers up everything and gives it a potential. Yes, you can be successful because of a wealthy family background or some connections too.  That is one factor that can happen, which can make up a bit for the Yuen Sun too, but even with the same kind of family background and such, two people doing the same thing can have a great difference in their destiny. There are twins born in royal families who can turn out to have a totally opposite future too, why so?  The Yuen Sun plays a big role in the pattern of your life!

So, what is real in Taoism? Real, is when there is something inside a container, and they match to become something, then it’s real. For example, there is a you made by a science lab, and it looks just like you, but the inside is not you. That is not a real you. Real or not depends on the inside of this container, such as the body. As we have mentioned before, in the article of “What is Taoism”, we talk about the Tao of your life, and that is the Yuen Sun. If your Yuen Sun’s energy or essence cannot go to your body, then the real is lost.

What shapes your life in reality? The Yuen Sun gives you the potential, your soul powers you to process and do the work, then your body physically execute the final action to create one happening in reality, leading you to the future happens. In a way, you can say that if your physical body is alive, but your soul or your Yuen Sun is not there, then you are pretty much nothing but a zombie, a walking dead.  You might be physically alive, but your spiritual side is gone. Not that we have extreme cases all the time, but at least it gives you the idea of what “complete reality” means now.


Secret of Complete Reality in Taoism, Quan Zhen 全真

We are not talking about a “sect’s name” here, but just the two words alone – Quan Zhen or Chuen Junn in Cantonese 全真, and what it really means in Taoism. Basically, it means to be able to have your Yuen Sun and your soul, or even all your other spiritual parts of you be able to connect to this physical body of yours here, then you are in the stage of a “complete” person in reality.

A lot of people lives an incomplete life because their Yuen Sun cannot deliver the essence and potentials to them properly, or they might be under some evil magic attack, such as luck stealing magic and such. You might be doing your best and behaving well or being a really good person with good moral, but sadly, it won’t stop the bad guys from doing things to bully you or pick on you by surprise. There are many people in this world who are trying to do their best in what they are doing, behaving and being a great person with a super positive mindset, yet they got bullied by thugs or even got raped because of some psychopaths getting hungry at night. You can be dressed in enough clothing to cover your flesh, but the rapist doesn’t care, and they see you just as their prey. As you can see, doing good on your own is not enough, because we live in a world with potentials of good, and also bad.

In Taoism cultivation, we focus on repairing, securing and cultivating our Yuen Sun, the spiritual planetary body of ours, because we know how important it is to be “complete” and that is the essence of why we cultivate Taoist magic. At the advanced stages of cultivation, some might also be able to witness their own Yuen Sun and see it themselves while they are alive. It’s not impossible, and some of our disciples in the lineage can do that too. Soul traveling to the Yuen Sun is a very critical game-changer for a Taoist because it proved to yourself that what you are doing is really working and this thing is real!   If not because of this Yuen Sun witnessing experience, Gum and Jee Sifu would not be so proud of Saam Law Sun Gung today. It’s real as steel, and as real as it can get!

What about Tai Chi and Chi Kung?

Some people will be confused, what do these Yuen Sun and spiritual things have to do with the Tai Chi and Chi Kung that most Taoist do? This is a good question, and the answer can vary depending on what kind of Tai Chi you are talking about.

For example, in Saam Law Sun Gung, we also have the practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, but they are not martial arts and not even related to fighting or application in combats. Our Tai Chi and Chi Kung or even Nei Gong are all cultivations that are dedicated to helping you build up different powers and resources to work with your local body’s circulation between the 9 dimensions and your 3 local bodies. The primary goal of all these practices is to strengthen yourself for pushing essence that you have cultivated in the magic training to your Yuen Sun and so your Yuen Sun can blossom and gives off more resources toward you in the future. It’s all related to the complete reality’s path, or what we call Chuen Junn, yet it has nothing to do with the sect in China with this name.

Why do others do Tai Chi and Chi Kung?  That we don’t know, because everyone is different and they can be doing shooting with a gun because they want to have better marksmanship for fun, or they might be preparing to fight in a war, or they could be getting ready for hunting, or by chance, a massacre. Who knows why?  By observing what the person promotes all the time might tell you more about why they are doing it. For example, if they emphasize a lot about combat, “practical application” of the moves, using it in fighting, doing competitions, and such like that, then you can pretty much understand what their focus and intention is for doing all that practice, and that’s the way you will be heading if you learn under their guidance.

As you can see, gearing toward combat and fighting related applications really have nothing to do with the Yuen Sun or your life at all. Maybe it’s a side dish to get better health because you did some exercise with your physical body and such, but it doesn’t even touch the real core of Taoism at all, which is the Yuen Sun, your spiritual planetary body, that leads you to discover the realms and things beyond the physical world and really understand what is life, and what is beyond this life.

If you are looking for a path that leads you to Taoism, discovering about all these things that are beyond a normal person’s limitation to reach, then you might want to ordain into a lineage that is dedicated toward this kind path, such as Saam Law Tin Si Tao 三羅天師道.