Chill Garn – The Taoist Memopad

Chill Garn – The Taoist Memopad

chill garn

This is a special article for our disciples, if you have not ordained into our lineage, feel free to do so!  This article talks about the special Taoist magic tool called Chill Garn 朝簡, which is often also called the “reporting tablet” or something like that.

This tool is very much like a memo pad or your SMS today. It records your thoughts, intentions, and a bunch of messages into the tool and then sends them directly through the altar and to the higher powers (the Tao).  Some disciples get confused about “incense” and this because, with incense, you can also deliver your thoughts and intention, but then why use this tool? A very simple answer is that you can look at incense, it has smoke and all that air that is moving, as it burns the smoke and stuff gets soaked into the altar.  The Chill Garn does not have the smoke and it doesn’t burn. Therefore, the Chill Garn “keeps” the energy you put in, and does not release it out like incense does.  

What is the difference between writing people a letter compared to talking to them with your mouth?  Both can deliver the message, but the thing that the other side receives is not the same.  When you talk, they receive the energy, the “wind”, the “sound” from you, which they can hear, and it “influences” them to change or to think. When you write, they get the “light” from you, which they see and input to their mind, so they can “keep” this memory. 

In short, if you want to send in a message to “keep”, you will use the Chill Garn.


Different Types of Chill Garn

Chill Garn comes in all different colors and such, but we will have 3 as our main choices for the basics. White, black and wood (dark brown) color. When choosing which one to use, here is the basic outline to look at:

White – White does not absorb, only outputs its light. Therefore, holding this Chill Garn gives things to the Tao to keep.  This is like the “Te” route, giving back to the source, to the Tao. You will use this often for things like uploading your “forms” to the Tao and things that you want the Tao to memorize/remember for you.

Black – Black absorbs and pull in white (light)/resources, which is used for the times when we are trying to request things from the Tao. This is like the “Tao” route, where you get things from the source. You will be using this in things such as Cheng Sun, summoning and inviting energy from the Tao to come, requesting for resources (not to have work done).

Wood – Brown color like this is referring to the d5 element, which corresponds to “work in progress”. And the heart connection. You can use this one for communication, and working with magic commands that need to be taken. For example, when we are doing a bunch of magic spells to empower things, this will be a useful tool to record all the spells and then deliver it to something at once.

Just like when you are doing your div cups (moon cups), Yin, Yang, St combination. The white one is for things to go back to the Tao, black get resources from the Tao, and brown is communicate and request the Tao to do work for you.

For the beginning, use the brown one for most things, even “talking” or communicating with the Tao.  When you are doing Cheng Sun, form submission, doing Jing spells, use the black one.  When you are doing the 3 ordains, 12 wishes, use the white one.

For regular times, after you have to burn your “ching incense” with “heart spells”, you can also take the white chill garn and hold it in your hand, relay your message, and upload the chill garn. That will be like sending a message/letter to your altar to keep. If you have things you want the Tao to remember or know, like sharing your daily thoughts and things like that, you can make the Tao know more about you, building a better relationship!

For how-to-use, refer to our video lesson or ask on the LINE chatroom!  Again, if you are reading this you are not ordained yet, do so today and start learning for real!