Celestial Master Gold 101

This is a treasure and a gift from our celestial court – the Celestial Master Gold series of magical treasures! The purpose of this series is to allow everyone to easily access the magical power of the Tao and be able to use them at will. We have also noticed that many faithful ones out there wanted to get a FU or ceremony from us, but their budget not allows them to do so. This series is very affordable and can open up many avenues for these faithful ones. For example, if you want to get a statue consecrated but it costs way more than you can afford, then you can start with a small amount with this series first. You heard it right; you can start a statue with this magical series for under CAD 20! 

If you are impatience, you can visit our “Celestial Master Gold Specials” section to take a look at the products. However, we will get into examples of how to use them in this article, so you can use this as a starter guide to learn about them and have some solid examples of how to use them.

By the way, check out the 18 FUs you can learn to use with the CMGs and the 81 Applications!


A FU Talisman is usually made upon request, and the professional ones must do it, then taken to the altar to go through a sanctification ceremony called Chick FU 勅符. This process is like writing a cheque and then going to the bank and cashing out the cheque. When you receive the FU, it’s like you have the FU with the “cash” withdrawn. Cash is the magical power that can bring you help. However, CMG (Celestial Master Gold) is not like that. It’s like a blank FU, with the values preloaded into them. That means you can set what you want to do with the preloaded powers on your own, and there is no need for any sanctification or ceremonies to be done. It is easier and more convenient for everyone!

A FU can have a huge value bonded to it with just ONE FU because you have ONE cheque written for $5000. However, CMG is preloaded with smaller amounts. So, if you want to do something with more power, you need to use a few more CMG to add up the power. Instead of having a cheque with $5000 written on it, you will have a lot of $50 bills which you can use individually on anything you want or combine up into $5000 and use on something big.

CMG is here to make ways for more people to enjoy the benefit of using the magical powers of the Tao. All the CMGs have invisible FUs written, stamped, and consecrated at the headquarters altar by Jee Sifu with the highest power possible. It is more affordable but not weaker!


I am trying to give you the “simplest” way to do the magic in these examples. There is also a better way that we suggest for more power.

Personal Protection

Use one pair of “FU MAGIC TOKEN” and write “protection” and your name at the back. Then slap the FU with your palm 3x to activate it immediately. Fold and carry them in a safe place, such as your wallet.

Home Protection

Use a pair of “FU MAGIC TOKEN” and write “protection” and your house’s address at the back. Take the gold one and tape it at the entrance area (higher is better), then burn the silver one in front of your door. Collect the ashes into a bowl and trash it afterward.

Cleansing Bad Energies

Use a “FU MAGIC TOKEN” (Gold) and write “Cleanse” at the back. Burn it into a bowl, add water, then mix it into a tub to soak yourself for 15 minutes. Drain out the water, shower as you usually do, then put on clean clothing and the old ones in the laundry. If you have a set of five Thunder tokens, you can add the purple one into the project for the extra power to absorb away the negatives.

Exorcism for Space

Take a “Five Thunder Tokens” set and write “exorcism” on the back. Take a pair of “FU MAGIC Tokens” and do the same. Place the Five Thunder Tokens at the corresponding location of the house (you can put it on the floor with a coin over it to prevent it from flying away). Yellow at the center, while at the west, purple at the north, green at the east, and pink at the south. Stand at the main entrance area, burn 3x Channelling Tokens to connect the powers in, then take the pair of “FU MAGIC Tokens” and sweep around the house to exorcise, walk from the left and follow the wall to walk around the house once, back out to the main entrance, then burn the tokens into a bowl. Gather up the five other tokens and burn them into the bowl. Space is exorcised.

Exorcism for People

You can do the same method as the one mentioned for space, but sweep the person while the person stands in the middle of the five tokens like a formation setup.

Another easy method is to make the “FU MAGIC Tokens” with the word “exorcism” and then burn them into a bowl, add water, and drink. This will allow the power to go into your body to exorcise the evils out of your body. You can add more “YELLOW” tokens from the Five Thunders set to strengthen it.

Wall of Protection

Like in the exorcism for space, you can use the “Five Thunders Token” set and place it around the house for a formation to protect the area. However, you can also do a “wall” of protection to guard the area’s perimeter. To do this, you can use the “FU MAGIC Tokens” and write “protect” at the back, then tape these around the house to form a “line of defence.” Place them higher up as if they are powerlines. If you are in a campsite, you can also set up a rope and then tape these on the rope to form an FU-line. If you fear the rain or wind, you can make fabric flags or other flags that can withstand harsh weather conditions, then burn the tokens into the flags (burn over them, circle 3x CW). Then the power is transferred to the new flags, which can be more durable.

Business Card Empowerment

You are just setting up your new business and getting ready to hand out your cards at a business gathering? Take your business card and burn a few “white” and “red” tokens from the “Five Thunder Token” set over it to give it some boost!  On the white ones, write what you want to have at the back, for example, “good customers come my way.” On the red ones, write what you want to happen when people get your card, for example, “call me for business.”

You can do the same to promotional products like posters, merchandise, or even gifts you might give to your customers.

The green token is good for giving them inspiration or ideas, like “believe my product is the best.”

The purple token is good for attracting or taking something away from them, such as “come back to me all the time.” Just imagine a black hole, the power to suck in everything.

The yellow token is good for overpowering, changing, and controlling. For example, “Always believe I am the best,” so if they have someone else in mind, it will soon change to be you in that position because of your magical work.

To enhance the effect, you should also burn 3x Channelling tokens and hold a piece of the Postage Token in your hand; think about the wish and what you want to happen, then burn the token off to send this message to the celestial court. Now your magic will be backed by the gods with more powers.

Sickness Recovery or Prevention

For prevention, follow the exorcism instruction and carry the “FU MAGIC Token” with you.  Write the word “healthy” at the back.

If you are already sick, you must drink and bathe with the token, like in the exorcism method. After the sickness energy is cleansed off, you can carry the token to protect yourself and heal faster.

Make Wish and Bring Success

Do you have a wish that you want to be coming true so badly? It’s time to learn how to make a wish to the celestial court!

Prepare a table space for a temporary altar; best if you can see the “sky” from where you stand. Put a cup of uncooked rice as an incense pot. Place 3 cups of rice wine and 3 cups of tea on the table in front of the “pot.” It should be in 2 rows, with liquor inside and tea near your side. Take three incense and burn 3 Channelling tokens over the incense (circle 3x and then put it into a bowl to continue burning). Light the incense, hold it at your heart, bow 3x to the celestial court, and put it into the “pot.” Have some food offerings ready, and place them on the table for the gods. Prepare a letter that expresses your heart and wish. Read it aloud once, then burn that letter with 1x Postage Token.

Toast the 3 cups of liquor and tea by pouring them over a container while drawing a horizontal line from left to right. Bow 3x to the ground. Take a pair of “FU MAGIC Tokens” and circle over incense 3x CW and 3x CCW. Then fold it up and carry that with you.  After the incense is burnt out, you can bow to say thank you and disassemble the altar.  Take down offerings and consume them over some days.  Remember to carry the FU so the power can stick to you.

To enhance this magic, you can learn to do the prayers from our e-books and do them while you wait for the incense to finish.

Activating a Statue for Worship

Finally, the most wanted magic- how to open a statue for worship with under a $20 budget. Especially for students who make zero dollars but want to get a good start with their altar…!

The easiest way is to take three pairs of “FU MAGIC Tokens” and write the god’s name on the back. For example, “Saam Law Jo Si.” Burn all three sets over the statue to inject the power. Then, take 1x Channelling token and burn over the statue to allow the celestial court to witness this and register it into the system. At last, burn 1x Postage Token to relay the intention for this statue. Now your statue can be set up on an altar for worship. This cannot replace an official statue activation ceremony, but it is the best you can do with this budget. The statue will have a real god inside; therefore, you can start building a relationship with it and not just wait without doing anything.

Daily burn incense 2x (day and night) to greet the god, talk to the god often and build a good relationship with faith.

To protect your altar, you can use the “wall” method to tape some of that token around the altar table edge. That way, your altar will be protected from evils.

Be Creative

The main point is to be CREATIVE with your magic, don’t just do what is listed here because you can create your own ways too. The gods will understand you while you use these tokens as long as your intention is there. There will be some simple FUs released for the public to use on these tokens; however, you can just write what you want the gods to do on the back. The main point is to fill in the blank, so the gods know what you want. The FUs are very versatile, and you can create new ways to use them. Explore, experiment, and discover new potentials!

If you want to learn magic from us, don’t hesitate to get ordained and become a disciple. You can earn MUCH more!