Celestial Master Gold 101

Dear seekers and believers, we are delighted to present an enlightening introduction to Celestial Master Gold 天師金 (CMG), a treasure trove of Taoist magic. CMG, often referred to as “magic money 法金,” is a powerful tool that bridges the physical and spiritual realms.

The CMG allows you to access the higher Celestial Court power in our lineage, which goes beyond the Religious Court that every disciple uses for their magic work. It can help you in many ways and also empower all the magic that a disciple can do with their ordinary magic powers.

The Essence of Magic Money

In many Asian cultures, it is common to witness paper offerings being burnt as tributes to ancestors or deities. These offerings serve as a medium for conveying soul energy and thoughts. When the paper is burnt, the receiving end, be it ancestors or gods, is imbued with the soul energy contained within the paper. This energy acts as a resource in the spiritual dimension, akin to money in the physical world. It can be utilized for various purposes, including sustenance and creation.

Celestial Master Gold: A Preloaded Treasure

While the concept of burning paper offerings is widely known, Celestial Master Gold takes this practice to a professional level. The key difference lies in the source of power. Instead of personal soul energy, CMG is preloaded with cultivated magical powers from the lineage. Imagine CMG as a preloaded gift card, ready to be used for any purpose. Unlike traditional FU talismans, which are akin to specific request tickets with fixed purposes, CMG offers flexibility. The power is preloaded, but the page is blank, allowing you to personalize your requests.

Types of Celestial Master Gold

CMG comes in various forms, each serving a distinct purpose:

channelling token
Channelling Tokens: These are vertical white papers with holes. They serve as a conduit for channelling power from the lineage's Celestial Court. Think of them as burning incense to connect with the gods for assistance. Calling the gods for help! Get tokens here

fu magic token
FU Magic Tokens: Available in gold and silver, these tokens act like blank FU papers. Simply write your request on them, and they become personalized FU talismans. Silver is used for empowerment and blessings, while gold is used for execution of tasks. Get tokens here

five thunder token
Five Thunder Tokens: These tokens harness the power of the five elements thunders and can be used as a set for empowerment or individually if you are more knowledgeable in the five elements theory. Get tokens here.

postage token
Postage Tokens: Brown in color, these tokens are akin to envelopes for shipping. They are used to submit requests or letters to the lineage's Celestial Court. You can get tokens here.

Empowering FU Talismans with CMG

In addition to standalone use, CMG can be employed to empower FU talismans, amplifying their potency. For instance, before setting out on a journey, you might wish to enhance the power of a protection FU for safety.

Accessibility and Ease of Use

CMG is accessible to all. Simply purchase from our website and follow the instructions provided. It is prudent to have CMG at home, much like keeping medicine in a drawer for emergencies.

Begin Your Spiritual Journey

With Celestial Master Gold, you hold the keys to a realm of endless possibilities. Whether for protection, blessings, or connecting with the spiritual world, CMG is your companion on this sacred path.

Explore Celestial Master Gold and unlock the mystical powers of Taoist magic.