Can One Learn Taoist Magic Without Altar?

taoist altar

Yes, you can learn Taoist magic without an altar, its just that you are limited with your abilities. First of all, in our article of “Taoism altar”, we already explained what an altar does and why you should need it. 

In short, an altar is a place that you have setup for you to connect to the higher powers of the lineage that you are in. Regardless of what sect or lineage, they all connect to some sort of higher powers that leads them and give them the teachings. This is what they will call it their “Tao”. Therefore, as explained in “what is Taoism”, every sect and lineage is different and not related to each other. When you choose one, you ordain into that specific lineage and become a Taoist of that specific Tao only.

After you have gotten into the sect or lineage, you become a member of the family, and you will be able to learn how to open your own altar for connecting to this Tao, the higher power of the lineage.


Connecting to the TAO

In our lineage, we connect to our own Tao, which is explained in “Our Origin”. The “Sun Paai” is what connects one to the lineage’s higher powers.  Therefore, your altar must consist of a the Sun Paai, incense pot, a pair of candles, and food offerings, in order to begin the connection between two worlds. Without a proper altar setup, you cannot really connect to the Tao.

However, for disciples who cannot have an altar yet, we will teach them to do a temporary connecting method. This is not hard to do, and all you need is a tablet that sets the place for this “temporary altar”, and a bowl of water that helps you bring in the energy.

After setting up the table and bowl of water, you can will now establish the connection. By using a special handsign (天一神龍訣), stomp in your heart spells, and draw the Saam Law Fu head in the air front of you.  After that, fire your Sun Kuet with heart spells to the direction and do a formal 3-9 bow, and now your mini-connection is built. After that is done, you can do your magic work and such. The session ends when your mind is off this. Give the altar a casual bow and tell say you are finished with your work and will close altar now. (in your mind), and bow 3x. Then it’s all done and concluded. Drink the water in the bowl and that’s it!

This method above is just for reference, you will know the exact method in the internal disciple-only video playlist! If you really cannot have your altar build, then you will be using the temporary method for the time being for all your training and such. You will also be doing your Cheng Sun and things like that with this setup too.


Altar VS No Altar

A Taoist altar not only allows you to connect, but also to build up and farm for your own goodies, which is to be later harvested by “consuming the FUS”. If you don’t have a permanent altar, you do not have this “farm” to store up things, accumulate energy, and cultivate them into the essence to be consumed back into your body. 

Not only that, but a powerful altar will also boost your house’s energy up, give it protection against evil spirits and magic, and it will make you progress in the magic learning path much faster than those without altars.

As described in the article of “altar 101”, you will also want to be having the altar “see’ you daily to empower you and give you a boost in all things.

Still thinking that you have no space at home for this? Don’t worry so much about the altar now. Get started first and you will soon be changing your mind, and the impossible will become possible when you are on the path. Get ordainedtoday and start for real!