My Business Got Boosted from Taoist Magic Work

business boost from Taoist Magic Work

As a disciple of the lineage who has cultivated the Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gungfor a while now, I would say that my view and expectation of what magic can do has vastly changed.

In the past, I used to believe that magic was like we see in the movies - that it could control people’s mind and make them do what you say as if we could control them with a remote control. However, it seems that real magic, or good magic, cannot do this!

I often asked sifu, "Why can’t I just make people pay me and buy the stuff that I sell? I wish we could just 'control' the clients and make them 'behave nicely.'" However, Dai Sifu said that we are never going to do evil magic or do magic to “control people” and force things to happen.

Then why do we need to learn magic?  Isn’t that a waste of time doing magic if we still need to spend hours talking with the clients to make them purchase my products?

I started to get grumpy and complain about why magic could not do this and that. It felt like Taoist magic was not so useful compared to many other types of magic out there that promote how you could just do this to “boost’ your luck or “make people pay you” etc. There were (and still are) so many temptations out there with “money luck magic” that made me feel so weird studying this magic in our lineage. However, I stayed, and as I learned more, I completely understand now!

Real magic can do many things, but it cannot “do it for you”. This means that magic requires a real person to “execute” the work so that magic power will pump through and give you the help. We often treat or see magic like it’s just something that you do and then things will come true on its own, like what we see in a magic performance or in the movies. However, real magic does not work like this.

I took my Sifu's advice. I started to use my heart spells along with my 5 special hand-signs given and taught to me after ordaining in the lineage. I then combined and applied them in my daily work. For example, I buy and sell products like in retail but need people to order stuff through me in order to get my money. So I used the heart spells and hand-signs to pump the magic power over to my products, product pages and infused magic to make my customers happier and inclined to refer clients to me.

I did this continuously and consistently. Every time there was a product on the list, I would do the magic. Every time I needed to ship out something, I would apply my magic to it hoping for better sales. Guess what, when I looked at my income after a few months… oh mine!

It was simply incredible!

It was not a huge increase or steep climb but it was growing nicely and steadily and I was also getting new clients from time to time.

Of course, it does not mean that I did not have to work hard or do my best.  With my own efforts and the magic boost, I could see a great difference in my business before and after applying magic in my daily life!  It was also amazing that even the change was subtle, it was consistent and working. This is the magic power of Saam Law Sun Gung!

From this experience, I have learned that magic is not equivalent to a sudden change to things. Nevertheless, as long as you do your magic work consistently and make it part of yourself and your life, it does really transform things in a subtle manner which you won’t even notice until months later. And then you look at the timeline, step back and stop to think for a bit, you notice the change.

Probably hard to accept, but there are no shortcuts in Taoist magic learning and magic work. Good news is it is real and it does work. The magic power of Saam Law Sun Gung continues to work its way into things like what I have hoped for.  But for any person to benefit from it, we must also do our part and make our own efforts. Then you will realize the extent that the magic has changed the way you write, speak and communicate with people, making things better for you and turning your ideas in the direction that you want.

Even though it does not mean you should go unrealistic and expect your clients to suddenly become a zombie and buy many things from you without using their brain, this kind of magic is much better than those that promise instant, drastic effect because this one is real - the clients do like me more for my work which really leads to a lot more potentials in the future.