Benefit of Having Statues on Taoist Altar

taoist altar and statue

Why do you want statues on your Taoist altar? That’s a good question from a newbie disciple. If we can put up a big “Sun Paai” which can have all the names of the high powers of the lineage, then why do we need statues? Why not just put a name on the paper to save space? If you actually decided to go PRO and get all those statues, how different will your altar and daily cultivation be? Here is a post that you need to read! Enjoy a long post!

The Sun Paai is like a window, you can open the window and see or scream for help from another world. However, people outside are not at your place and cannot come to your place unless you call for help. Therefore, you will need to Cheng Sunto welcome and invite the higher powers to beam their power over to your place when you need power.

Having the statue is different, it is a specific “seat” or container, which allows the special and specific power to be stored at your place, and while it is connected to the pre-heaven powers, it can also be cultivated on location to make a clone of the higher power at your place.

To make it even easier to understand, we will use a metaphoric way to explain it.

You have a phone at home and you can dial the number to reach the police anytime and call for help. The police are not at your place every day, yet you can open your door and welcome the police in by calling the special emergency number to ask them for help.

However, having a statue at home is like you have a special guy hired, and this guy lives in your house, and he got authorized by the police force to work here, for you, and only for you. He will get his weapons and supplies from the police force from time to time, while this special “officer” is also “police” at home who get resources from you all the time. He eats the food you provide, sleeps and lives with the things you provide, and listens to you and makes friends with you every day. Imagine what this policeman will be like, compared to a normal policeman who just came because you called the station and the station dispatched a policeman to your house. One feels like your friend or a family member, one doesn’t even know you and just came to work because the station dispatched him to the location.

Cultivating your statues early is a great idea, because you will build up these special forces at home, on your altar, and they will be your personal “deities”, like that personal policeman from the example above. The longer you live with this policeman, the stronger the bond is, and the more you give to him, the more he will like you and want to work for you, feeling more loyal to you, and so on. As you can see, the theory kind of applies to the statue too, just that the statues are not human beings.

With a Sun Paai installed on your altar, you can at least connect to the lineage and the higher powers of the lineage. However, there are many special powers in the lineage that is not listed in the Sun Paai too. Such as Guan Yin, Jiu Tian Xuan Nu, and such. If you just have the Sun Paai, you have to reach these powers through the lineage network upon request, and they do not even connect to you at all on the normal days.   Now you should know how important it is to have statues on your altar, it’s one of the greatest things to do if you know which statue you need and feels the most.


Benefits of Statues

Why should you have statues on the altar? Besides just a higher power at the altar, there is a lot of benefits! You can see these statues like they are little fireballs or hot sun at your location. On a normal altar, you cannot do this and that just by going to the altar and start doing your work, because there is no power channeled into the location. Therefore, you need to open altar, connect, and Cheng Sun (invite) for the powers to come in, and then you can start doing your work. With statues, you already have these special powers on location, and so you can just go to the altar, open altar and start doing work without Cheng Sun and such. Your powers are already there!

Another good thing about having statues is that these hot sun(s) will radiate their energy outward as they sit on the altar, which packs your altar up with pre-heaven energy inside the system and this will “harden” your altar up. The more energy in a balloon or tire, the harder it is and the harder it is to penetrate. Same with any altar, the more statues, more power, the more powerful it is. Therefore, if you have statues on the altar, they will automatically become your altar’s power supply on location, and also a bunch of power that radiates all over the place to protect your altar and home etc.

Every cultivation you do at the altar (the practices) is about taking energy from somewhere, consuming it into yourself, and upgrading your power. With statues, everything you do is boosted and empowered by these statue’s power. Even you are just drinking a FU HEAD for doing your Yup Sau Gung practice, an altar without statue versus with statue is totally not the same already. The one with statues will have much more power and energy in everything. Just imagine you put a few monster flashlights on the altar shining out lights, everything you do is going to be brighter, hotter, and more energized.


Starting with Statue

Therefore, the earlier you get your statues and consecrated them, the better it is, because our life is short and we have limited time. You want to make use of time and not waste it. The earlier you can get your statues and consecrate them, and put them on the altar, the more days you can spend and invest into the statues, and the more benefit you can get out of it.

Think about it, you are burning incensedaily ANYWAY, and you are cultivating daily ANYWAY, and you are doing your learning and altar work daily ANYWAY. With statues, they get part of all that stuff you upload to the altar and help you with everything you do. Imagine you delayed 100 days before putting up your statue, you have wasted 100 days which you can invest into the statue and be helped by the statue. The amount of work you do at the altar is about the same anyway, why not have the statues up to make use of everything you do?

Besides that, if you want your altar to be strong, so it can withstand the impacts from the other crap in the spiritual world, you will want to have statues! Imagine the case where you see someone break into your home then you dial the phone to reach police for help… or you want to have an in-house policeman who can help you to kick the burglar’s butt right away? Which one makes more sense and will work better?

Some disciples wonder how you can “get help” from these statues? You just invest in them daily by doing your food upload, incense, and such, but how do you get the power to help you? The simple answer is, don’t think too much and too hard. Imagine what happens if your in-house policeman is there and he is being well fed by you daily, like you and enjoy being at your house as your friend? When shit happens, he will automatically help you already without you saying a word. Remember to treat your statues and altar with your heart, just like how you will to a family member or a best friend. You should always seek to learn more about them, put your heart into them, care about them and treat them like as if they are real people – like how your kids will treat the teddy bear like its real too. When your heart energy is invested for real, they will also repay you for real and sense what you need, provide you with what you need, and there goes the help already.   

There are specific ways to withdraw energy out of the statues and get specific help and such done, but that is something more advanced. As for beginners, stick to getting your in-house policeman happy, feed him well, and make sure he loves you and your house. How do you make someone love the house? You give them good food, good treatment, and treat them like a friend. Simple? If you treat your statues like they are “tools” and “just containers”, they will also be a tool for you – and so they will not do anything on their own for you, and are not going to really respond to you since dead objects don’t respond at all. Don’t treat your altar and statues as tools, remember that, they are “like” real beings, treat them with love and care, and let your heart energy flow into them.

Not yet ordained? Feel free to do so today and start learning!