Basics of FU Talisman Consuming Cultivation (符頭, 弟子符,功力符)

Basics of FU Talisman Consuming Cultivation (符頭, 弟子符,功力符)

powerful FU talisman

Why does Taoist consume FU Talismans?   Many people will know that we burn the FU and add water to drink it, but why do we need to burn them, and why not just draw them with our fingers or something? This is the secret that most people do not understand. In this article, you will find out about why we drink FU water.

FU Talismans, as explained in “what is a FU”, is like a ticket, it goes into your altar like a cheque, with the proper signature and stamps on it, you can request resources to be withdrawn from the higher powers that your altar connects to.

Now, imagine you are working for a company, there is this big bank account from the company with lots of money.  This is like the lineage’s big account.  When you are ordained and entered the lineage, you get a small account opened under your Taoist name.  Every month, you get paid by the big account and so some resources are transferred to your own personal account in the lineage.  Every time you need to do magic, you take from your own account.

no moneyWhen you chick a FU (consecrate), it is like submitting the ticket to the business machine, and now it will help you take the resources from “your account” which is what the lineage/company have given you.  If you never cultivated anything, you don’t have anything to take no matter your cheque is withdrawing $10 or $10000.  As you can see, the cultivation of your altar and such is very important, because it allows you to farm for the resources, and so you can withdraw from it later when you need.

Magic power or you can call it pre-heaven energies, is a formless kind of energy, and you cannot see it or touch it, just like love.  However, it goes into a physical object to be contained. The FU gets chick’d (consecrated) and it will contain those energies that you requested.  The FU paper is like a container, and while it is still a piece of paper, it will hold on to the energy as one, like air in a balloon.

air in balloon

When the paper is burnt, the “form” of the paper is destroyed, like the balloon is popped. Therefore, the energy within the FU will release itself and it will stay in an area for a while. If you do not do anything, the air will evaporate and go away. However, if you pour water into the location, water contains the “air” which also corresponds to “energy” too.  The magic power, the resources, then go into the water and stay in your bowl.

When you drink water, the water gets absorbed into you and becomes part of you, and so you also consumed the energy of the FU and let the FU do its job on you.  Imagine how cough syrup or other medicine work, it's really alike.   This method of consuming energy is called Fuk Hei 服氣 in Taoism, meaning to consume the energy.


Different sets of FU to Consume

In our lineage, we have 3 different sets of FU to consume on regular basis for the beginners. Every month, or bi-weekly, disciples should consume these FU to build up their powers.



The FU HEADS are the basic and foundational FU to consume. What it does is basically to plant the seeds in you and allows you to connect to the higher powers better.  There are 2 basic methods to draw these FU HEADS. 

1.      Yellow paper, and black text, stamped with Saam Law Pre-Heaven Bagwa Stamp in the center (or Saam Law Stamp)

This set of FU is to help you pull in the essence of the higher powers that the FU heads corresponds to and so you will have more essence from them. It increases your potentials and helps you improve the connections to the higher powers.

2.      Yellow paper, and red text, stamped with Saam Law Stamp in the center

This set of FU is to help you burn up the essence you have consumed and transform them into energy, which helps you “utilize” the powers better.  It helps to build up more power for your magic work later on.

fu heads

Bonus – You can also burn a set of FU heads (#1) for your house!  You can go to the main door, put a bowl on the ground and take a set of FU head, facing outside the house, clamp the fu head in your palm and bow 3x to the invite the Saam Law energy to come in. After that, turn around and face the house to bow 3x (close your eyes) and tell the house to consume these energies. Then burn a set of #1 into the bowl on the ground. After all finished, you can throw the ashes away or add water and pour them into the yard.  This will strengthen your house’s energy body and help it increase potentials.

For those who like to get the house a luck boost for life in reality, you can also do the same but use red fu paper, black text, and stamp with Saam Law stamp. This will help with things, in reality, to increase their potentials and rush them to success with the help of our higher powers.



This set simply translates to “disciple FU”, which is done in yellow paper, red text, and stamped with either the big or small month stamping method as explained in the “magical stamp” article. Look at the lunar calendar to see which stamping method to use. Every set have 18 FUs, this is a sample below with 4 FUs..!

da jee fu sample

The purpose of drinking this set of FU is to get energized by the higher powers and increase your connection ability with them, being able to take what you have cultivated in your altar (remember the personal account?) back out to become your body’s power.  Another name for this set of FU is called the Gold and Jade FU 金玉符, which means gold as in the light and essence gathered inside a ground (the altar is the ground/processor), and the jade is the energy collected and crystalized in the ground (jade is formed by liquid and minerals), and hence it’s basically taking the goodies from the altar’s internal energy and putting it back into your body, so that you can take what you have cultivated on your normal days and now put it onto yourself. If you just cultivate the altar and not drink this set of FU, it’s like you only farm and never put the fruits into your mouth.  Goods are there, but not being eaten, that’s not very good, isn’t it?

How do you build up the gold and jade on your regular days?  Very simple, it’s build up by the investment of light, and energy. Light is a category, which is anything that you can see (or whatever the altar can “see”).  Energy is anything that is not visible and physical but felt and sensed.

food upload

For example, a food upload (as explained in the food offering article). The colors and shape of the fruit is light. As long as your fruits stay on the altar, the altar absorbs the light that is given off from the fruits and it stores it into its memory / preheaven side.  The scent and small or even other things given off that is non-visible is the energy. Smell your apples and oranges, you can smell the scent from them?  That’s right, these are the energy being given off daily and your altar absorbs that too.

There are many ways that light and energy is being absorbed. For example, you being at the altar is a form of light investment. The altar sees you, and it will absorb the light from you and your movements.  The words, intention, thoughts, are the energy.  When you burn incense, you have incense as the light, and the smoke as energy too. There is countless number of things to list, but it all adds up together. Just follow the teachings and keep doing what you are doing with the altar and it will be good.

gasolineWhen you feel drained, power all used up, or you have been doing too much magic this month and feel so tried etc. Then it is time to drink one set of Dai Jee FU to get yourself a refill of power. Basically, your altar is like a fuel cultivation machine, you put stuff in daily and it makes gasoline, the fuel.  Then you drink it to get your body topped up, so you can burn your fuel again.  If you did too much magic, your fuel is for sure very low, you will feel tired, or not motivated to move, or not want to do anything but slack off. Then, it’s time to drink this Dai Jee FU (drink one more set even you have done so for the month) Usually we drink this once a month, on the first day of the lunar month, but it might not be enough for you if you are a heavy user.



This set of FU is a power boosting or pumper FU, it is also very important to consume. This set of FU is done in yellow paper, red text, and stamped with the Munn-Coke command method using four stamps 文曲令 which is done by (Pre-Heaven Bagwa, Saam Law, Pre-Heaven Bagwa, Saam Law).  Usually, the stage 2 disciples will start, doing this cultivation, and it is done once a month, usually on the 15th of the lunar month.

powerThe main purpose of this set of FU is to burn up your system and have the energy converts to power. It boosts your system and also helps your system to get pumped, like how you exercise and your blood gets pumped, with power coming out from you. Instantly you can speak louder, act faster, punch harder, and such. 

Sometimes if you know you have a big ceremony to do, or you are in need of power boosting because you are facing some big attacks and you need to fight back with more power. Then, you can drink one set of this FU to get yourself pumped up.  When you are in the defending mode, repelling against evil magic or spirits, you can also drink one set to increase your defense power too. Imagine what happens when a virus is trying to go into you and your body pumps up the system?  The virus will have a much harder time coming in.  The idea is very simple and easy to understand, isn’t it?  But instead of yourself doing exercise, it is taking energy from the altar to do the work on you instead, like the steroid, it instantly pumps you up without you doing 1000x pushups.


Power Versus Reality

happy taoist

Remember that drinking FU cannot replace food and sleep. They are important, but you also need to do your job to eat and sleep properly. Drinking FU deals with the magic power and pre-heaven elements, which is important to get your spiritual side protected and energized, however, the way how you live a life, how, you cook and eat your own food, and how you choose to sleep and such will greatly affect your performance too. If your lifestyle is crappy, no matter how many FU you drink, you will still feel like a piece of shit.

Oh, you are not yet a disciple but this article looks so cool to you?  No worry, get ordained today and start learning this for real!  It’s very fun indeed!