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Basics of FU Talisman Consuming Cultivation (符頭, 弟子符,功力符)

Tin Jee FU Talisman

Basics of FU Talisman Consuming Cultivation

Many people are fascinated by the FU Talisman drinking of Taoists. Why do Taoist burn these magical papers into ashes then drink them?  What is the purpose of doing this FU drinking?

In this article, we will dig into the subject of 2 foundation FU Talisman consuming cultivation and give you a super in-depth explanation of our practice and why we need to do these two sets of FU water drinking cultivations.

As in our detailed article on “FU Talismans” have explained, FU is like a container that stores a bunch of “programs”, and the programs can be used to execute some kind of work to the receiving end on their energy body, or it can help the other end to draw in resources from a power source, such as the Taoist’s magic altar, and get energy for the end-user to execute some work on their body. The same FU talisman did by person A can look identical to the one done by person B. However, the effect will be totally different because of the work is done behind this piece of paper, and the power source that it links to.

Why Burn FU and Drink

We strongly suggest you read up our detailed article about “how to burn a FU properly” because there is already a full lecture on explaining how energy-work is being executed by burning a FU, which also explains to you about why we need to drink FU water too. We will sum it up in short here, but you can read more from the link later on.

Water can contain “air” or “chi” or “energy”, and so it is a medium used to contain energies.

FU is a container that stores our pre-heaven resources and essences. It is like an enclosed jar, with black and white liquids settled inside, and is waiting to be used or shaken to start the work, like a glow stick which you have to snap and shake for it to give off light. Before you snap it, the glow stick will not glow, just like the FU will not fire out any energy before we activate or use it.

When we burn a FU, the container is broken and destroyed, then energy will release, just like a glow stick will start to unleash its power after the snap.

While energy is going into the bowl (with your FU burning on top of it), the “pre-heaven” energies stay there for a while, but if we don’t secure it, the energies will dissolve.

Therefore, we add water as a medium to contain the energies inside and now we can drink the FU water to pour these energies into ourselves, back to our “internal”, which goes back to our energy body, LING SUN 靈身, in the dimension 6, and will cycle back to the pre-heaven body 法身 in dimension 1 later.

Drinking FU water is always something that has to do with your “inner” system, and if we need to “store” something into ourselves, the only way is to drink or eat from the mouth too. Therefore, if we need to consume more pre-heaven energies, the only way is to eat or drink with the mouth.

FU Talisman Water Consuming 1 - FU HEADS

The first essential cultivation in our lineage is the consumption of FU HEADS, which is a small size Talisman. This cultivation gives you the foundation power and allows you to consume the pre-heaven “essence”. Essence is like a seed or a cell, and they are in a condensed and contained form, which won’t give off any power but stay in your body and wait for instructions to snap themselves open.
By practicing and drinking your own FU HEADS in the first stage, you will gain the summoning power of these basic type of pre-heaven energies that you will be using for magic work.

Drinking FU HEADS of the sifu(s) who are higher up will help you make your own essence stronger, develop more essence and increase the essence in your body. That is right, consuming your own does not increase the essence amount or get them stronger. It takes a stronger cell to pump your cells stronger, just like how air pressure works.
When you are at 100 psi and you keep eating 100 psi cells, you will not get higher in pressure. But when a 300 psi cell pumps in, it will push your pressure up a bit for sure. As you can see, consuming the FU HEADS from Jee Sifu and Gum Sifu is very important to upgrade your power, instead of keep drinking your own FU HEAD. Doing your own FU HEADs and drinking them is good to do since they do keep you strong and maintain the power level, but it is not enough to develop the magic muscles.

FU Talisman Water Consuming 2 - Dai Jee FU Cultivation

JEE is the “essence”, Dai Jee 弟子 here is not referring to “disciples” as most would have thought. Dai Jee FU 弟子符, our second set of FU cultivation, is done by not only disciples but also the sifu(s) in the lineage. This set of FU will “process the essences” and so that your essence can convert to energies and get you some power for your magic work. Without consuming Dai Jee FU, you might have lots of essence from the FU HEADs, but your power isn’t developed yet.

You can compare the FU HEADS to having more food and drinks accumulated with you, but you have not eaten them yet. Dai Jee FU is to process the FU, like to digest them and convert them to energies for your system, building up your “inner energies” and strengthening your energy body. 
There is a total of 18 FUs in this set of FU, which can also be separately used with advance knowledge of these FU structures, and they will also be great FU Talismans for exorcism, curing sickness and many other things besides just power building.

How Often Shall a Disciple Drink FU Water

FU HEADs and Dai Jee FU is to be consumed monthly, at least. Usually, our standard is to drink the Dai Jee FU once a month, and FU heads should be consumed often with the Dai Jee FU too. For new disciples, after they have learned the FU Head, there is also a cultivation called Yup Sau Gung 入手功 for them to keep cultivating the FU Heads daily too.

After Dai Jee FU, there is also a Sun Lung Gung Lick FU 神龍功力符 in stage 2 for building power. The Dai Jee FU builds energy, just like you eat and get the energy to work. The power building comes in when you start doing exercise and burn up the fuel. Therefore, in stage two or beyond, we will use one day to drink the FU HEADs and Dai Jee FU, then rest one week, and then drink Gung Lick FU on the week after. That is basically how the bi-weekly cultivation of FU drinking will be like for a typical disciple of our lineage.

Some disciples might choose to do less or learn slower, which is fine too. This is just a basic guideline which we follow by, and the disciple can choose how they want to progress on their own too. Just keep in mind that drinking FU HEADS gives you essence, Dai Jee FU processes the essences into energies, and Gung Lick FU will process energies into power.  Just like eating, digesting and working out, they are all needed to get yourself pumped and strong.

FU Drinking is a way to consume FU for building your magic power, or what we call the Pre-Heaven power, developing a stronger energy body and such. Not only that it gets you stronger, but also detox, cleanse, exorcise and realign your whole energy system too. The more you learn about these FUs and their separated usages, the more you know about their individual purposes and why they are useful for you.

If you want to learn how to make these FU Talismans yourself too, ordain and learn Saam Law Sun Gung today!  You will definitely love it!

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