Astral Travel or Soul Travel Taoist Magic

Astral Travel or Soul Travel Taoist Magic

Astral Travel or Soul Travel Taoist Magic

As many have asked, “Is astral travel real? And can anyone do that with Taoist meditation?” What is astral travel in your definition? Are you talking about soul travel? Maybe there got to be a solid and precise definition for this in order to explain all these things about soul-travel in Taoist magic. Let us dig into this subject in this article and explain the difference between a sleeping “astral travel” as most are referring to versus the Taoist magic type of soul traveling.

In our article of “what is Taoism” we already talked about the most basic concept of Taoism, which most people already failed to realize all the time. It’s so easy, so simple, but too simple that you might have overlooked. Most people get it as the theory of yin and yang, or what the western people call it as the theory of opposite. Anything in nature must have to have two extremes in order to exist. Dark versus light, high versus low, hot versus cold, there is always two extremes and that is why things in the middle can exist. Only a male or female won’t give birth to a new being, there got to be a male and a female, yin and yang, very simple, but what’s the ”secret” that people don’t understand yet?

Starting from Yin and Yang

In a physical world of solid matter that absorbs light, we are a living being, living with a bunch of other beings, and we all are contained inside a planet together. Our space is black and the main source of power is the sun which gives off light.

Then the opposite end of the universe is:

In a spiritual world of light matter that outputs light, we are a planet, living with a bunch of other planets, and we all contains the living beings inside ourselves. The space is white, and the main source of power there is a swirl which sucks in things with wind.

How do we know about this and believe this is true? Those who achieved to connect back to the “pre-heaven dimension” can witness it and see it themselves, and that is why some people come back to tell you about their experience. On the other side, it’s very logical, isn’t it?  The theory of opposition means, everything is opposite, including the space, the form, the color, and everything. If someone tells you their astral projection brought them to a place that is totally black like space, they are probably still dreaming in the middle of the path, which is not yet to where we call it the Pre-Heaven dimension yet.

With this theory of opposite and knowing how there is another side of the universe with another form of ourselves existing in this dimension is not enough because most people are still stuck to the concept of “distance and time”. We think that it takes a long time to travel to the other side of the universe, just like traveling with rockets and spacecraft, because you are not yet looking into the theory clearly enough to understand nature. You have to look beyond this realm, beyond physics.

Here in this world, distance increases as you move forward from a point. In short, the more you move, the further things are apart.

In the other world, distance decrease as you stay still from a point. In short, the more still you are, the more things pull together.

In order for us to touch the Pre-Heaven dimensions, you need to get into a very “still” and non-moving state in your unconsciousness level and you will start to be pulled and synchronized with the other side of you instantly or simultaneously.  Check up on the sub-atomic matter theory of quantum physics when they start to analyze light particles and how they diagnosis what light does, that is about the same theory with our Pre-Heaven body. However, just saying that you can connect back to your pre-heaven body is not enough, because there is not only one of them there.

Astral Travel Versus Soul Travel

First of all, in our article on “what are souls and spirits” we have explained the concept of a soul and what is a soul in an exact definition. If you want to know more about it, please read up the article. In short, the soul is in the form of energies or “chi” in what we call the dimension 6 in our “secret” article.

When we sleep, we get into a “still” condition and our souls will start to move. When physical stops, spiritual moves. When spiritual start to move, the physical will start to slow down and be still. Therefore, the soul then starts to move and beam energies around to the different parts of yourself in what we call the dimension 6. In this dimension, it’s all energy beaming around that creates the visuals which “represents” things, and you cannot really understand your dream, because they are all a reflection of “patterns” that is being depicted from things you used to know or see in this physical world, like a metaphoric language. That is why dreams cannot be decoded directly, because things you see there are all just energy patterns being depicted into visuals, and it makes no sense when you try to see them as your physical world’s matter directly.

For example, you can be seeing yourself having a baby with someone you know, and that does not mean you should be or you will be having a baby soon. A baby in nature is a pattern, that means something new is born, there is a potential of “life” there between you and “someone”. The potential can be anything, it is not a baby like a human being baby, but a baby of anything. For example, you can have a baby business, a baby relationship (boyfriend and girlfriend), it can be anything, because things in dimension 6 are all just a bunch of patterns shaping up the energies. When you wake up, these energies push you to do things differently and you will utilize the patterns subconsciously to do things in life and the “baby” will come out as something you don’t even realize or notice.

When you see poop in the dream, it’s actually a good sign. Why so?  Poop in nature means the processed things that went through a system and out. When the soul in dimension 6 pooped out, then your dimension 8 physical body can “get” your soul’s shit, 6 pushes out 7 and goes to 8. Soul poops then the physical body gets it. As you can see, it can be decoded as some “wealth” is coming your way, something good there, which can be anything. You can be having money, or success, or even knowledge, because wealth can be anything depending on what kinds of wealth you are working on or looking for.

When you get into a super deep sleep, things can get very “real”, and it will get so real that you feel like you are total in the dream world, exactly like a real one here, but the things just get very wild and crazy, like you have no gravity in the dream, everything is like a movie, but you can feel, sense, and it just feels like you are really living inside there. This is when you are really in a “deep” state of dreaming, and its because you are “very still” and so you went into this state touching over the dimension 6 and went back to dimension 1 during the dream and saw it happening at the same time.

Keep in mind that your soul fragments will bring things to this place every day when you sleep too, but you just cannot see it all the time. When you can witness it happening in a dream, it means you have a lot of soul fragments doing it at the same time, and so you are sensing more of what is happening.

What you are seeing in this deep dream world, is your dimension 1, the pre-heaven dimension, or what we call the spiritual planetary body, the Yuen Sun (Yuan Shen). This planetary body of yours is very far away from our physical body, but the soul connects it to you instantly when you sleep, because you are in a very quiet and still state, which flipped the switch and instantly snapped you back to your planet. Due to the fact that your soul is not fully grouped or trained, you can only partially go into this planet and so everything you see is not really the truth yet, but you will at least know how it feels like in the super real dream that feels like reality with super powers.

Astral travel or soul travel itself can mean something like the dream in the two different dimensions, but it is definitely NOT what Taoist magic talks about. We do not go into a dream state or go to sleep and then call that magic, not at all.

A lot of people thinks that you can just get yourself into a deep sleep state or meditate to a state where you forgot about everything, then you will see this condition starts to snap in and there goes your “enlightenment” stage, and you got your soul travel or astral travel power. While you are partially at that stage, it is definitely not what qualifies to be a “complete” soul travel in the Taoist magic dictionary. This kind of soul travel is only a partial soul travel and you are not even in control of what is happening and you are not flipping over the controller’s power yet.

As you can see, what most astral or soul travel seekers do are to get as “still” as possible, and let things happen on its own, just like how we sleep and just let the dream go on and play like a movie on its own. This kind of astral or soul travel is basically rendered useless in magic because you are going to be completely taken over by other junks in space if you aren’t even able to control or protect yourself.

This is exactly why many people who got into mental illness, or seeing weird illusions after this kind of “cultivations” such as the meditating or hypnosis style of “letting go of yourself”, and the unfortunate ones even got possessed by other spirits and their life is basically “game over”. You won’t die instantly from a spiritual possession, but at least your life is going to be on a big snowballing action of craziness. It will bring you into tons of problems, troubles, and there will be endless numbers of hectic things to come. One of our sifu in the lineage came from a family with a sister and some relative in this problem, being possessed, and it definitely shattered the whole family into pieces with tons of crazy problems.

Real Taoist Magic Soul Travel and Astral Travel

In Taoist magic, we do not get into a soul travel or astral travel that will turn you into a movie-watching state. In another word, you must have full control over things while you can soul travel or astral travel to the dimension 6 or dimension 1 depending on where you are going and seeing.

The reason for why we are going “backward” to touch the soul and pre-heaven bodies (the Yuen Sun) is because we are staying “still” and relaxing our mind. Just like as if you and the other side is bonded by a spring. When you relax, the two sides will pull toward each other. That is why you can see the soul or the planet world when you start to sleep or meditate or relax to a certain state. However, you also lost control power and you are on the danger-zone because you are not alone in this world and that is exactly why many people went crazy doing those practices.

In order to reach your dimension 1, you do not have to go backward from 8 to 6 to 1. What we do in Sun Gung magic, is to use our dimension 9 energies to go back to 1.

In Chineese, this is said as 練精化氣,練氣化神,練神還虛 - meaning we cultivate our essence to form energy, and cultivate energy to focus into power, and the power then projects back to the pre-heaven zones, which is exaclty what we are doing in Taoist magic mentioned above. If you go the reverse order, the relax and let go route, then you are having no "energy build up" and hence there is no power, then whar you get is just a depeleting force that draws you backward.

Dimension 9 is the reverse of what you do in sleep. In sleep you let go of your focus, in dimension 9, we concentrate our focus and beam the energies through this dimension and there goes back to dimension 1 again. There are 9 dimensions in nature, and its all a cycle from 1 to 9 and 9 will flip back to 1 and restart. 

In Taoist magic, or what we call Sun Gung magic, we utilize the dimension 9 energy and building up more of it by using our magic altar, then there goes our mega-powerhouse that allows us to have more of this dimension 9 energy than what a normal person can hold. Just like we said in the article of “what is Taoism”, you can’t hold much water with your hands, and that is why we have buckets and a storage area.

The altar is our storage for this type of dimension 9 energy, and we accumulate it, condense it, cultivate it, then use it to control our dimension 1 elements backward. We control the pre-heaven instead of being controlled by pre-heaven, and that is what magic is about.

Taking a step further, soul-travel in Taoist magic is pushing through the dimension 1 and go from the dimension 1 to your dimension 6 and beam upward to witness other things high above, such as the “Yuen Sun”, the “celestial realm” or even other higher dimensions. Advanced cultivation in Taoist magic can allow the disciples to reach these dimensions high above and witness the other places themselves, but it is not easy to do and the foundation must be solid, or else everything you see can be just a bunch of illusions.

However, you will never get into a dream or sleeping state, then see something, and call that a soul travel magic. That is not magic, that is dreaming, and it’s nothing magical. This uncontrolled state of astral travel or soul travel is pretty dangerous too. You let yourself go and be served with whatever is out there, what if you got some space-punks waiting to punch you in the face?  You just let it happen and enjoy the beatings?  You don’t even know you got punched, because you cannot understand what is happening, then how to protect yourself from all the dangerous pollutions and threats out there?

Our magic version of soul travel is not dangerous and is definitely 100% in a controlled state.

What makes it magic?  The magic is when you can reverse the controlling authority in nature, meaning that you can be the player instead of the viewer. In a dream or “meditation” where most people get their “visuals”, they are only a viewer and cannot control anything. In magic, we are doing about the same, but we are the player, and we have full control, full consciousness, and can interact by using the physical body as a remote and interact with things in the pre-heaven world too. It might feel crazy awesome and wild to you at the moment, but at least we have explained the difference between soul travel magic and what most people are looking at.

Benefit of Soul Travel Magic

Soul travel magic in Taoist magic is an advanced form of magic which allows the disciple to work on their Yuen Sun (Yuan Shen) remotely from this physical world. In our Yuen Sun article, you can see that it is where that shapes up the patterns for our life and gives us the potentials of life. If you can fix up your Yuen Sun and make it better, then life can be better too. Another thing is, after we die, just like we said in the “Taoism and death” article, we go back to this planet of ours for the “immortal” life. Fixing up the planet is just preparing our future living space, why not get a preview and renovate it before we move in?

Jee Sifu, Gum Sifu and even others who had made it in the lineage already got their experience in soul travel, and the advanced ones even witnessed things in the celestial realm that are higher than where their Yuen Sun is located. Jee Sifu and Gum Sifu even made it pass the celestial realm and traveled out to “Dai Law Tin” with their “spiritual embryo”.  Everything just keeps on opening them up to more and more pre-heaven wisdom and that is why it is so fun to cultivate the Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung.

If you want to learn Taoist magic and touch some real soul travel magic in the future, feel free to ordain and start learning today. It takes the time to cultivate and learn, and life is short, we need to start when we have the energy before the clock start ticking!