81 Application of Celestial Master Gold

In this lesson, we will be teaching 81 small applications of the Celestial Master Gold. However, it is meant to be a reference for everyone and open up your wisdom so that you can “get it” and learn to make MORE out of the treasures. It is like a starting guide for cooking, then after that class, you understand the concept and can now throw the book away and cook your dishes that go beyond what is taught. You can always feel free to keep using these basic ones as-is, don’t forget to grow from there and always feel free to ordain to advance beyond this stage!

There is also a 101 guide to this CMG topic!

The format of this lesson will be in the Saam Law trinity principle of “Tin Dei Yunn,” which means we have a problem, a solution, and a result.

  1. Want gods to witness what you are doing? Burn 1x Channelling Token. Gods will be watching.
  2. Saw roadkill, burn 2x Channelling Token and 3x Gold. Gods will help the dead soul to move on.
  3. Saw a bad sign; carry 1x pair of gold and silver tokens with the word “protect” at the back. Avoid bad happenings and misfortune.
  4. Saw a good sign, burn 3x silver and 7x pink tokens to boost and usher good luck your way.
  5. Saw someone you liked to date with, burn postage 1x to tell the gods, and carry one green and one red token. Boost opportunity.
  6. Saw something negative on media and felt unsettled, burn 1x dark purple token. Let god absorb the negatives away.
  7. Had a violent and sexual dream, burn 1x yellow and 1x gold token. Give yourself protection and settle the soul.
  8. Going to a presentation or present, burn 3x silver and 1x white token. Everyone will be more impressed and love you.
  9. It’s another business dinner; carry 1x black token and 1x gold token with the word “wealth.” Increase business opportunities coming your way.
  10. Posting promotion materials such as posters, burn 3x gold and 3x silver with 1x red token over it. Boost the effect to bring in better results.
  11. People gossiping at your back at work, carry 1x gold and 1x black token, and hide 1x white token at your desk. Repel villains and reduce their gossiping.
  12. Hearing illusions at home, such as hearing people call you while they are not there, carrying 1x gold and 1x yellow token, burn 3x gold tokens at the main entrance with the word “exorcise.” Illusions will be gone after.
  13. Want more customers to come to your store? Burn 7x gold and silver tokens with 3x green and 1x yellow tokens at the main entrance of your door. Boost and usher people over.
  14. Scam call has bad energies that can affect your day, quickly burn 1x gold token and make fu water, drink. Dissolve negative in the heart.
  15. Want people to listen to you in a conversation? Carry a yellow token and tap it 3x during the talk. Increase your confidence and helps you overpower the other side.
  16. Voices in the head are bugging you; burn 1x gold token and 1x yellow token into fu water, and drink. Carry 1x silver token with the word “clarity.” Exorcise negatives and clears the voices away.
  17. Have something to tell the gods? Write a letter to the gods. Burn 3x channelling tokens, the letter and 1x postage token. The gods will receive your letter.
  18. Long-term sickness not recovering? Do what’s in #17, and carry 1x gold and 1x yellow token with the word “heal.” Sickness will be gone sooner.
  19. It’s getting windy, or maybe a storm is coming soon; place one set of Five Thunder Tokens around the house with the word “protect.” East-green, south-pink, main door-yellow, west-white, north-purple. After that, burn 5x channelling tokens and 1x postage token to inform the gods above. You will be safe.
  20. Ghosts haunting the house; you witnessed them already. Take 3x gold tokens and write the word “exorcise” at the back, burn at the main door or burn one more where you have seen the ghost. After that, burn 3x channelling tokens. Gods will be there to help you deal with it.
  21. You are starting a ceremony and want the gods to come faster or ensure they will come when you invoke, burn 7x channelling tokens in front of the altar. Gods will come.
  22. You are outside and immediately want to channel in some power to help you do something; take 3x channelling tokens, burn it or rip it in half and slap 3x in the palm to execute the magic. Gods will channel you the power immediately.
  23. You Cannot burn the tokens; rip it and slap it 3x to activate the magic. It works on any method. Ripping releases the power, and slapping it activates the command. You can also burn the papers afterward too.
  24. If you have a newbie altar and are on a budget, you can use the gold and silver token with the word “protect” as altar protection. Tape 3 pairs in front of your table edge, with the gold facing the front and silver, taped at the back of the gold facing the altar. This will give your altar protection and empowerment.
  25. You want to start a ceremony and use incense for the whole ritual, burn three channelling tokens over the incense, then burn the incense and hold the incense to bow 3x, and put it into the pot. This incense now connects to the gods.
  26. Want to use your sleep time to let God know what’s in your mind? Place one postage token under the pillow to sleep for a few days, then burn it to send the “package” to the gods. Gods will understand you better.
  27. Want to have more ideas for your work? Burn 7x green tokens at the area you work. More inspirations are coming soon.
  28. Trying to build a good relationship with someone? Take one green and one red token, fold them together into a square and carry it with you; burn 1x postage token to let the god know what you want to happen. Gods will help you improve the relationship.
  29. You love the bagwa mirror and want to use it! Burn 3x channelling tokens, then burn 3x gold and silver tokens with one black token over the bagwa mirror and 1x postage token to let god know your intention. This bagwa mirror can now be used like a “camera lens” for the gods to guard your house.
  30. It’s almost time for the new year or a special date; take 7x red tokens and three gold tokens, and burn them at the main entrance of your house. Usher, good luck your way.
  31. Somehow, many weird thoughts kept bugging you and making you distracted or annoyed; burn a gold token into FU water and drink. Dissolves the evils and clears the mind.
  32. You want to set guards at your home to prevent spiritual or magical attacks (or even physical ones). Set up a wall of defence using gold and silver with the word “protect” at the back, and tape them in a “line” formation around the house to set a perimeter. An army will be there to guard the place.
  33. Is the Baby having a hard time sleeping? Do the same formation at #32 to the bedroom and burn 1x yellow token on top of the baby’s bed. Baby will sleep better.
  34. Camping with your family? Do #32 with a rope that goes around your campsite to surround the area where you have your stuff. Inside the main tent, tape or hang 3x gold tokens and burn 3x channelling tokens to get the connection going. God protects!
  35. People not feeling well after a camping trip? Make sure they take a magic bath. Take one gold and one black token, burn them into fu water and soak them in the tub for about 15mins to dissolve negatives and attachments.
  36. People got REALLY sick after the trip; you might need to burn 5x gold with the word “exorcise” into a bowl, add water and filter the ash to drink. Then do #35 to bathe. This should get rid of the evils that are causing the problem.
  37. Studying for a test? Burn 3x green tokens where you study; it should improve your efficiency.
  38. Want to do better in school? Carry 1x green and 1x silver token with the word “academic” at the back; it will boost your learning skills and academic grades.
  39. Cannot sleep at night because of so many things in the brain? Take the five thunder tokens (any colour), fold cranes, do at least 12, and put them beside the bed. It will be easier to sleep now.
  40. Want to give your friend a blessing? Take one of the file element tokens and fold it into an origami that fits the intention. Gift it to them to bless them with magical powers behind your good wishes.
  41. Got into a fight with someone, and your heart is shaky; burn 9x gold tokens while thinking of the other person. This will help you overpower them.
  42. Feeling your car is about to go weird and act up? Put five gold tokens and one yellow token in the car and then burn 5x channelling tokens facing the car. This will give your car protection.
  43. Going to the grocery or shopping? Carry one green and one silver token with the word “wealth” on the back. This will help you shop better and discover goodies!
  44. This ceremony you are doing now needs immediate attention from the gods because you want to backfire sorcery from someone. Burn 9x channelling tokens before the ceremony begins. The gods will come to help.
  45. Is Someone doing magic at your back? Do 44, burn 9x gold tokens while thinking of the other person, then burn 3x postage tokens. This will send a message to the gods for helping you backfire on this person.
  46. Need armour protection? Burn 1x gold and 5x yellow tokens with the word “protect” over a jacket or coat (or any outfit); it will turn the outfit into protection gear against evils.
  47. It would be hard for babies to carry a FU, but you can do #46 into a plush friend so they can hug it while being protected by God's power.
  48. Hiking or doing any sport will always have potential dangers, do #46 on the special gears that you use for the sport to avoid injuries.
  49. Going out at night? Get a flashlight or light band and do #46 on it to turn it into a protection tool that helps you avoid dangers.
  50. Need a boost of confidence? Burn 5x yellow and 1x white tokens with the word “confidence” on them and make FU water, and drink. You can also carry it too. It will boost your heart and confidence level.
  51. Strengthening a statue’s magic power is easy; take the gold and silver or even the five thunder tokens and burn it over the statue while doing clockwise circles for more magical powers.
  52. A magical tool in your hand got used too often could be weakened. Do 51 over this tool and pump the magical powers back up.
  53. You love the Taoist horsetail whisk? Burn 3x channelling tokens, then burn 3x gold and 1x black tokens over the whisk while doing CW circles. Then finish off by burning one postage token to let god know your intention. This will become your magical tool for cleansing away negatives!
  54. Fungshui is bad for you this year; so many bad luck is coming your way. Find the spot for Star #2 for the year and burn 3x channelling tokens, 9x black tokens with 3 gold tokens, and 1three postage tokens. This will help you absorb away the bad luck coming your way.
  55. Constructions around your house or even IN your house, Fengshui energy is in a mess. Put five sets of Five Thunder tokens around the place. 5x green at east, 5x pink at south, 5x yellow in center, 5x white at west, 5x purple at north. This will help you stabilize the energies. After the construction, burn them off to reset the energy flow.
  56. If your house is facing something with a lot of negative energies, such as a fire station, police station, prison, cemetery or hospital, you can tape one black and 5x gold token on a window that faces the obstruction. Then burn 3x channelling tokens in front of the setup. Change the setup once a quarter or empower it by burning more tokens over it.
  57. Bleeding and hard to stop? Do your usual thing with tissue and such but burn 3x yellow tokens on top of it; this will speed things up.
  58. Getting itchy, and the normal cream is not working well? Burn 3x green tokens with one gold token into a bowl, add water, and drain the water into a bowl with the cream to empower it. This might give you a faster recovery. If you happen to have moxa sticks, use that over the spot!
  59. At a hotel staying overnight? Tape 1x or 5x gold tokens at the door (behind) to guard your room!
  60. Before you sleep in the hotel room, you want to clean up the place first (spiritual stuff). Take a gold token and 9x channelling tokens in hand, slap it 3x, walk around while sweeping the place, and then burn them somewhere. This will clean the room up!
  61. When you leave the hotel on the last day, you don’t want your energy stolen by the next visitor. Take a black token and a gold token, burn them in the room and let all your energies be gone.
  62. Going on a flight to avoid getting sick or picking up bad energies on the way. Carry one gold token and one yellow token with you with the word “safe.” This will keep you safe.
  63. Just ate or met with someone and suddenly felt very negative? Take three gold tokens, sweep yourself like dusting yourself, and burn them off. This will clear off the pollution.
  64. Have new items you just bought going into the house today? Put them in the entrance area first, do #63 over them and then they are clean and ready to enter.
  65. Someone giving you gifts? It’s always a good idea to do #63 to them before you keep the gift. Avoid bad energies and intentions!
  66. Got a new PC or something like that, which is very BIG and important; you want the best potential out of it. Burn 3x channelling tokens in front of it, then burn 3x silver tokens to give it empowerment. Burn one postage token to add your message for the gods to know how to help you.
  67. You want to send someone a gift and want to avoid them doing things to the gift to steal your luck later? Take one gold and five yellow tokens and burn them over the gift. This will help you avoid that from happening.
  68. Want gods to do something for you immediately? Burn one token or three if it is more urgent. Write a word in the air with the burning token which can express your intention.
  69. You want to “document” your house or property to the gods so they can “see” everywhere? Take one postage token around the place and slap it 1x while standing in one room, then move to the next place and slap again after taking all your “snaps,” then burn the token to send the “pictures” to the gods.
  70. Someone suspicious is at your door; burn 1x postage token right away to have the gods document what is going on here, just like filing a case with the police before things go bad.
  71. No incense? No problem, burn channelling tokens as incense. Instead of talking to the gods at your local altar, this will allow you to talk to the gods in the celestial court.
  72. Submitting a prayer with a wish? Burn three channelling tokens first, hold the postage token and do your prayers and wishes, then burn it off to send the message to the gods.
  73. You want to tell HOW BAD the coworker is so that the gods can understand your problem better? Take a postage token and a gold token and burn it over an object you will give the person as a gift. Then gift them the object. This object acts like a spy device for the gods to see everything now.
  74. Want to take revenge and vent on your enemy? Take a block of wood, burn 9x gold tokens and 2x black tokens with 5x yellow tokens over the wood. Then smack the person’s picture or use a piece of paper with their name. After smacking, burn it off with 2x postage token, which will send the package to the court for processing the enemy.
  75. Bad luck haunts you this year; put 2x gold tokens and 5x yellow and black tokens in the washroom near your toilet. After 0 days, burn it off. This will help you refresh the luck channels.
  76. Want to cultivate a treasure with magical power for your friend as a blessing? Try copying our scriptures on the Five Thunders Tokens, then fold a set into one piece, put it into an envelope and gift it to your friend.
  77. Someone is having trouble giving birth; it is an emergency! Take 7x channelling tokens and burn them, then burn three gold and silver tokens along with 1 set of Five Thunders tokens while thinking of the person. This will send them immediate help.
  78. Glasses are important; how to make them better? Take one silver and one green token, write the word “vision” behind it, and burn over the classes to boost it. You will have a better vision in life.
  79. Phones and tables must be cleaned often, but how about an energy cleansing? Burn a gold token over them to clean off the unwanted energies.
  80. Happy family is what we all want; tape 7x silver tokens in the living room. It improves harmony while they stay there to absorb the blessings.
  81. Cultivate your virtues and impress the gods, use the magic often and then burn 1x postage token from time to time to report to the gods about what you have done and give feedback. Hold the token while speaking inside, then burn it to send the message to the gods.

There can be many more ways to use the tokens. These are meant to give you a start, and you can be creative on your own too. Remember that the gods and magical powers read your mind and intention; if you know WHY you are doing this and that, it will ONLY work the way you intended. It won’t just do weird things that you never thought of. Be confident, put your faith in the gods, and your magic will always work because the gods know what you want.

There are also 18 FUs that you can learn and combine into your applications too. If you want to learn more magic, get ordained today, and you won’t regret the best move you can make.