5 Major Types of Fan Tai Sui Explained

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There are five major types of Fan Tai Sui 犯太歲that can happen to you, and not all are going to kill you or give you troubles. Most people don't realize that the issue with Fan Tai Sui is caused by the hiccups in the 5 elements cycle in the process! Instead of just panicking, let's dig into the theories to know what they are and what it really means, then you can at least understand whats is going on, and what you should really do to avoid or fix the problems.  

In our previous article, we talked about what is Tai Sui and Fan Tai Sui already. Basically, it's about the circulation of essence being pushed down from our Yuan Shen (Yuen Sun)spiritual planet to our soul and into our body in this world. If the circulation is jammed or interrupted, we call the situation "Fan Tai Sui". To read more about it, check out our previous article.

5 Types of Fan Tai Sui

Jick Tai Sui 值太歳 is when you are with the flow of Tai Sui, which correspond to the element of "gold", which has to do with intaking, accumulating and packing in essences. If you are in this category of Fan Tai Sui, it means  that your Yuen Sun planet is pushing out stuff to you, while your soul is also in the mood of grabbing and intaking. This isn't an issue, it's just that you are kind of like in a hungry mood while you are also eating with your mouth. Careful when you eat, and don't choke yourself, and you should be fine. You might feel that this year is your best year ever and you want to do things in a rushy way, like how you eat while you are hungry. Slow down, and eat carefully, and you shall be fine.  While you might be having a lot of potentials, but due to your soul being too rushed, you might overlook, or have potentials fly away from your sight, like a dollar bill flying across your eyes while you are on a train, and you just missed the golden moment! To make sure you can get your potentials, you will want to have a Fan Tai Sui FU at home, that will help you make sure that the energy coming your way is going to be stored in the system and not just passed by without coming into your processor (the soul). This Fan TAi Sui FU (Talisman) is best to be taped in your bedroom or your living room, and if you do have an altar setup by us, you can tape the FU on your altar or on a piece of wood and place it on your altar. This way, you can have your altar to work as the processor, and reserve all that goodies for you, like a bank account, and later, your altar can distribute the goodies back to you accordingly, making sure that you get all the potentials that you can get and not miss out anything.

Ying Tai Sui刑太歲is when you are in the processing stage, while the Yuen Sun is feeding in things. This issue falls into the category of "wood", the processing stage. To compare this to our eating cycle, it's like when you are putting food into your mouth and trying to swallow it down, but your digestive system is doing work and processing, such as your stomach is in rage mode, tumbling up the stuff inside, making you feel that you are hungrier than you are at the moment, or you could be feeling tired and not in the mood to eat more. The situation can vary, but the main problem is that your processor is busy and stuff is coming in from the feeder, you can imagine how it feels when you run a restaurant and your tables are all full and servants are all busy handling customers while customers are coming in non-stop. The same pattern is happening to your life if you fall into this category. With this issue, you will want to slow down the intake and let yourself process everything that you have got in hand first, and then take in more later on. When you are given opportunities and such, make sure you slow down, and don't be too greedy, think about if you are ready for it or not at the moment before you make any decisions. Don't get hyped and excited about things so easily, slow down, digest before you intake to avoid troubles. Most people being affected by this issue will feel they are always suffocated, frustrated, or feel overwhelmed by things around them, with tons of things happening and making them super "busy" for no reason. Life is so packed up, everything needs their attention, and they have NO TIME for things. All they want might be a few minutes to breathe, or maybe a big pause button that sticks on top of their head. To fix this issue, you should use our Talisman (FU) for carrying, which gives some help to your soul and help the soul to digest better. When your soul can digest faster, then the potentials coming in can actually benefit you a lot. Imagine all that clients lining up in front of your store can all come in and pay you for a big meal!

Chung Tai Sui沖太歲 is a Tai Sui interruption during transmission or transportation stage, and is corresponding to the hiccups in the "water" element stage. What happen if you are in this category of Chung Tai Sui, is that your Yuen Sunplanet is pushing elements down to your soul, while your soul is having things coming back up due to issues with your physical body. Your physical body is transferring things back to up to your soul and Yuen Sun, but your Yuen Sun is trying to push things down. Imagine a road with two lanes trying to go against each others. This is the worst situation ever, because everyone is either going to bang into a big crash, or everything is halted and not moving due to the conflict. Everything is chaotic, just like someone driving in the wrong lane on a highway, going head to head with the line of cars, ouch! If you do fall in this category of Chung Tai Sui, you are for sure going to have the potential of a lot of hiccups, obstacles jamming your way, conflicts, arguments, and many issues while you are trying to execute your plans or even put your plans together into a process. Everything feels stuck, and you need a big realignment of the system. You cannot force the Yuen Sun to go the other way, just like you cannot tell your boss to change, so the only way is to have the physical body energy flow change. The physical body is trying to push things back up to the soul, and this is causing the jam. We suggest you to use the Tai Sui FU altar or tape the FU at home in your living room, and by doing this, you will have yourself push your elements to the altar or FU instead of going back up to the soul, reducing the pressure going back up, and saving them up for the altar, which acts like your bank, saving up the stuff for digesting them at a better time.  Now that the pressure is reduced, the Yuen Sun planet then can flow down its elements of the soul and the cycle can then be realigned and flowing well again.  If you are not using our FUs and magic, then you should at least try to be more passive when doing things, and avoid arguments, fights, and conflicts with people. Try to step back, play dumb, and act more passive when doing things.

Poh Tai Sui破太歳 is the time when things are having issue in the "happening" stage, and the word Poh explained it well, it's broken, busted, kaboomed. This stage corresponds to the "fire" element in the 5 element cycle, the creation stage, the happening stage. This issue of Poh Tai Sui is not fun too, it's like when your stomach got a hole or virus there, making everything that got into the stomach goes to trash, because there is a leak that stops it from getting the final result done. Imagine a situation like when you are having 10 shipments of cakes coming in today, and all those shipments arrived at your door but the delivery guy all somehow slipped on the floor and your cakes all broke into puddles right in front of you, how ridiculous! If you are in this category of Fan Tai Sui, you are surely going to encounter some situation that is similar to the above, having things done and then be spoiled before they finalize or complete, or you can see that your plans are all hard to finalize or complete. Everything feels like you are having a last minute screw-up spell glued to your back, it's just frustrating, annoying and mad! To solve this problem, which is mostly due to the soul and physical body not doing their work together well, we need to secure the soul and make sure it is not breaking that package when delivering to you. This is not hard to deal with, if you are using our Fan Tai Sui FU for carrying. The Fan Tai Sui FU will help you connects to your soul better and give your soul a good security power and ensuring that it won't slip on the floor while coming to you, in another word, it's a reinforcement and protection FU that you will need, for the soul, and your body, making sure that your potentials are not spoiled on delivery.  If you are not using our magic, the best advice I can give you is to be careful when you are doing things, avoid the last moment screw-up, watch out for anything that might turn your nice project to trash at the last moment, being extremely careful with things.

Hoi Tai Sui害太歲is like taking the given resources to harm the giver back, it's a scary situation! The word Hoi here means to harm the Tai Sui. This category of Fan Tai Sui means you have no problem with your Yuen Sun planet's output, and the soul is doing the right job to push it out to you, but you are the final executor, doing the work for real, and the problem is now all about how you take these given elements and put them in the wrong place to finalize the cycle. It's like you are given a bunch of money from your boss, and the money went through the transaction, but took the money and bought the wrong thing, ending up with time wasted, money wasted, and even worst case is that you can be bringing harm to your boss's company. Imagine, that your boss told you to buy food to stock up the kitchen of the restaurant, and you bought some poisonous food, what happen when customer eats them later? You harm the boss back, stabbing them on their back! Another example is like when your friends gave you money to help them buy something and you bought them something defective or a scam product that lead them to danger, that's not good, right? The same pattern can happen in your life throughout the whole year, leading you to doing stupid things, putting your effort and invest in something bad, and you just seem to have problems making the right decision or picking the right place to place your stuff into. This is a headache year for you and you might feel that you will get nothing done right, and it feels that you are getting hopeless and drowned by disappoints. You need light, the light of wisdom that shines beyond your vision, and making sure that you can pick the right place to put your investments into, plus putting your effort into things that is actually going to work. For this type of issues, we suggest you to use the Fan Tai Sui FU for carrying, which will give you the light that ensures your action is done right, and making the right decision for the final stage of things, getting the right things done, and not putting all that effort into a blackhole. At the same time, you can also choose to have an altar built with our magic, and connect the altar to your own Yuen Sun planet, which allows you to put your energy to the altar daily, and so that you will be filtering all the energy output from your body to your Yuen Sun with this altar first, making sure that what's being shoved back to your spiritual planet is not toxic, or bad for the planet.

These are the basics to what the 5 major types of Fan Tai Sui mean and why they will cause such and such problems. It's very easy to understand once you understand how the cycle of life works with your spiritual side to your physical side. The pattern of this circulation will happen again and again in your normal daily life, reflecting on the cycle of the three realms. Every year, the Tai Sui cycle pattern is different and in a different state, causing different people to react to the energy flow differently. In order to really understand who is affected and the specific character of the problem, then we must dig into the problem by analyzing deeper into the other micro-factors. To understand this, we will need to know about the Heavenly Stems and the Earthling Branches. We will get into those later, and also talk abou tthe specific annual Fan Tai Sui effects in the other articles.

If you want to check and see if you are in the Fan Tai Sui list for this year, or you want to get a remedy for yourself, e-mail us anytime and inquire, it's free!  We will be able to give you a check up on this issue and tell you want you would need to do to get yourself covered!