5 Major Types of Fan Tai Sui Explained

Fan Tai Sui is a very common issue for every year, and we have already explained about it in our other post on “What is Fan Tai Sui”. This post we are going into details of the 5 types of Fan Tai Sui and how they impact us. The 5 types of Fan Tai Sui correspond to the 5 elements conflicts, causing the 5 types of “saat” which is a form of obstructive energy flow. If you are confused about what we are talking about below, please read the introduction article linked above first.


Gold Conflict 值太歳

When your Tai Sui is the same as the current year like you are a sheep and this year is also a sheep year, you are in this category. The issue here is that your Tai Sui is very busy this year since it is “the star of the year”, so it will be having less time focusing on you or sensing you.  Because of this, you will feel less focused, motivated and somehow feel like you are losing interest or direction in what you are doing.

Water Conflict 沖太歳

This is the opposite of the previous, which is the Tai Sui is at the opposite of the force of this year’s energy flow. The Tai Sui is being pushed away, and will have issue delivering its power to you. You will feel the lack of support from the Tai Sui, leading to many things in life going wrong, like suddenly having a power outage for everything.

Wood Conflict 刑太歳

Your Tai Sui is having issue picking up the power, as if it is being restrained and suppressed. You will feel the year is very “rough” and “hard”. Everything is in a struggling stage and you feel like you have to work very hard to get something done. Your Tai Sui is being suppressed, and so is your luck here!

Fire Conflict 破太歳

Whenever you try to do something for real and get going, your effort get busted and ruined. This is the effect of the fire element conflict going on with the Tai Sui. Your Tai Sui has no problem reaching you and helping, but just that whenever it’s about to succeed, there is always something that breaks and end up with nothing but a failure. It’s sort of like buying a cake, and the cake arrived, but it just dropped to the floor right in front of your door.

Earth Conflict 害太歳

Just like we said in the previous example with the cake, but this time the cake didn’t drop, you ate it, and got food poison!  This type of Fan Tai Sui is very sad, because you have no problem in the whole process, it’s just that the end result always ends up harming you and not helping you. Your Tai Sui is “helping you” clean with a pair of dirty hands. The more the Tai Sui is helping the more it is harming you instead!  How sad!

If you want to deal with the 5 types of Fan Tai Sui issue, you need to use Taoist magic and the FU Talismans. It allows you to dissolve their bad energies or hook you up with a secondary source of preheaven energy to make up for the Tai Sui that is lacking power for the year. Ordain today to get started!