3 Ways to Get a Good Sleep with Taoist Magic

3 Ways to Get a Good Sleep Using Taoist Magic
How to get a good sleep with magic? After you have learned Saam Law Sun Gung, you can do these following things to try to get a better sleep, or combine them all together to get yourself a better sleep. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do it all the time, sometimes you can do it once and it works for a few days too.

We have done the article on “10 ways to witness magic power”, and you will all know that magic is not like how it is in the movies, and it won’t be something that can instantly make something physical happen.

However, getting you a good sleep should not be a problem. At least that is something I personally used without one fail so far, very effective!

Remember, these are magic that any new disciples can do wtihout much trainings! Feel free to use it and even help your family with it too!

Method One – Heart Spells

Get a chain of beads with 15 beads from your Dai Sifu in the lineage, remember to tell her to pick one for you that is good for this purpose. Usually, it should be in green color. This chain of beads need to be activated by yourself first (ask for instruction) and then you can start using it for this magic.

Every day before you sleep, hold the bead in your right hand with the thumb and middle finger clamping the beads and counting it, your index finger is not touching or counting the beads but extended. Put your hand on top of your body, around the chest area and keep reciting your first heart spell with eyes closed. At the end of each heart spells, add in a message “sleep sleep sleep and sleep”, you can use any language but the intention of sleeping should be there. One spell, you count one bead, and do 3 rounds, which is 15x3 = 45 spells. After all done, put the beads on your rest and relax, sleep.

If you dozed off and slept without the beads on your wrist, it’s fine, just enjoy!

This magic must be done for a few days in a row to get it stabilized and then the beads on your wrist will have a nice energy pattern infused to work even better. If you go on a trip, you can wear this chain of beads, and even without the spells, you might fall asleep fast.

Method Two – Seven Star Method

Before you start to close your eyes and go to sleep, use right sword finger (with heart spells for power) draw the saam law fu head on your left palm and then slap your chest 5x and close your eyes, tell your “heart” that you need to go to sleep as soon as possible, fully, deeply.

Go down and sleep. With your arms relaxed and away from your two sides or body, sleep with the face facing upward, legs apart, and make yourself spread out evenly. Do not open your mouth, eyes, etc.

Now go through your seven-star points in order, and every one of them you stay and recite your heart spell 5x and imagine that place as you do it.

After your spell, draw the saam law fu head inside your mind “at that location” as if you can see it. When done, move on to the next spot. Cycle through the 7 points 3x and if you doze off in the middle, let it be!  

The seven star points are:

  1. Between your eyebrow
  2. Between your 2 nipples, heart spot
  3. Between waistline and belly button
  4. Center of left palm
  5. Center of right palm
  6. Bottom and center of right foot
  7. Bottom and center of left foot

After you are done 3 cycle and still not yet slept, focus your intention on your point #3 and keep doing the breathing pattern of 5-1-5, breathe in 5 seconds, hold at chest 1 second, and breathe out 5 seconds. Continue a few times and let go, relax and let yourself sleep.

Method Three – Beat Yourself Up

Take a bucket and mix in some yellow and green beans, draw the saam law fu head over it 3x and then get a sock or something, put a bunch of yellow beans and green beans in there, then put it into the microwave and zap it for 1 minute. Remember to tie up the pouch or sock. After that, use this “baton” to slap yourself all over from top to bottom, center, left and right. Do the legs too.  

This should be done in the morning after you wake up, and also a few hours before you sleep. Combine this with the first or second method, and it should help to make everything better.

Everyday after you wake up, fold or shift the beddings to one end and expose your bed's sleeping surface, then use this bean pouch to tap everywhere a few times and let the bed be shine by sunlight and have some fresh air flowing in the room.

The beans do not need to be zapped again next time you use it again, it’s just the first time that needs the zapping. Before you use it, put the pouch between your palms and stomp the heart spell #2 into it instead, it activates the Fu head power and start off the engine for you.


Remedy for Non-Disciple?

Maybe you are not ordained yet or not ready to do so. It's fine, you can still try out our FU Talismans and put this FU below your pillow. It will also be helping you to get a better sleep too. We suggest the Dei Law FU for this purpose.

If you want a better solution, get a customized FU Talismanfrom us for this. Contact usand ask for a quote, it should be around the same price or about as the FUs for general purposes.

Getting a good sleep with magic is not hard, but sometimes you might have other issues that is giving you the problem and requires special attention.

Maybe it’s the house’s Fung Shui issue, maybe it’s your house needing a cleansing ceremony, or you might need a diagnosis to check up on your Yuen Sun and see if it is having any issues at the backend.

Hope you can get a good sleep with our Saam Law Sun Gung magic. Not ordained yet?  You can do so today and start learning right away!