2018 General Luck and Fortune

2018 General Luck and Fortune

This article will be on the general luck of the pre-heaven energy that is flowing to us in 2018, which will give us a pretty good foundation to understand how nature’s resources flow in for us through out the four seasons, and we can make use of the flow by adjusting our own plans and life to get a bit of “assisting power” from nature, just like how we can choose the right time to plant our crops for a better result. As you can see, this is not a “personal” luck pattern, but rather about how nature’s pre-heaven energies flow, like how the four seasons get hotter or warmer in the year, and human will need to utilize what is given accordingly to benefit from nature’s gift.

*If you are looking for the "Fan Tai Sui" related issues, please read the other article on Fan Tai Sui 犯太歳

The main thing with 2018 is that it will be a pretty hypering year with lots of things finishing up, or pushing through a breakthrough stage into a new era-to-come. The 9th-star energy in the center tell us what is the main energy doing in the heart of this year, which is to expose the power and continue to burn up the internal energy to create something new, and this pattern can apply to many things. For example, you can be struggling in the middle of a big project, and this year’s main energy will kick in with some good power to help you finish things up, pushing your limits to the maximum point, and helping you release your potentials further than you could. 

During the spring time, the 3rd-star kicks in first, which gives a lot of potentials to everything you are trying to do.  Then, the second energy that comes in is the 7th star in the east, which is in control of pushing the internal energies out to the surface of things, finishing things within in a system and launching it out to the surface into reality. With the 7th star energy kicking in spring time, combined with the main energy of the 9th star, it should be a good time to get things finished up, or do promotions of things, or concluding a case if you are in the middle of a law suit or some troublesome and stubborn issues in the past. If you have undecided decisions to make, you should make use of the energy in the spring time and push yourself to finalize the decisions. 

Getting into the summer, the 4th star’s energy sparks from the main energy, meaning that this hyper energy of the year will start to make changes to things internally. If you are planning, studying, using your brain to do things, this will be a great period with nature’s helping power kicking in. At the same time, those people who are doing brainstorming, construction, or even planting and such will have some good luck in the summer period too.  Besides the main energy in action, the 8th star is also helping in the summer, which pushes things to grow and get “big” in this world, it’s a wealth star that shines in this summer, pushing things to the max and helping everything get better. Out of the four seasons, the summer period should be the best!

Going into the autumn period of the year, the 2nd-star energy kicks in and there is a big draining power or digesting and absorbing power that is kicking. The main power of the 9th star will be sucked away or weaken, meaning that if you are trying to boost or finish up sales, this period will be gloomy for you, and so you better do all the best you can before the autumn kicks in!   There is also a 6th star clinging around the corner for this blackie star (2nd star), which means, a lot of things can be screwed up because of internal issues, or even bad ideas, the loss of interest, lack of motivation, or even “creativity” to the bad side, creating too many bad ideas and stuff that might screw you up. Avoid being too greedy or too demanding to yourself, that might help to avoid troubles.

Going into the winter, the 5th star is in control, and it is the energy of creation, starting things up, processing things, doing changes to things etc. With the main star of 9 in the center, it will give a boost to the artists and creators crowd, those who like to create new things, perk up new ideas, and break out of the limits to achieve outstanding results-to-come.  If autumn doesn’t do well for you, maybe you will be doing well again during the winter, so don’t give up and just do things slower in the autumn, drag them to the winter to get the better energy flow in again and energize your things up!  On top of that, star number 1 is also helping out, which helps our creation to be born, and unleash a lot of potentials for your happy winter. If you are hopeless and down in the autumn, make use of the early winter to regroup yourself, and you shall find yourself feeling much better in 2019 again.

Sum it up again, in general, 2018 seems to be a good year in general, with the only down time in the autumn period, but everything else seems pretty nice. It’s a good year for hard working people and those who are trying to get success for a long period or finishing off some big things such as lawsuits, project planning, construction, etc. If you find it hard to breathe in the autumn period, stay strong and hold on tight, drag things a bit and slow down on everything, you will see light again in the early winter when the energy transition kicks in.


How to Benefit from 2018’s Energy Flow

To make use of nature’s pre-heaven Energy's flow, you must understand what pre-heaven energy does. It’s not like a post-heaven form of energy that can help you “directly” in reality like how the wind can push your boat forward. Instead, pre-heaven energies are going to give you a lot more, but in the potential form. Instead of pushing your boat forward, the pre-heaven energies will help you choose a better day with a better wind, or a better condition, and even choose a better boat and better route to sail, and all these will happen before you even get on the boat.

How nature’s pre-heaven energies help you is by bringing you potentials and influencing you before things happened, to give you a better future, and unleashing more potentials out of what you have got in you at the moment. Let’s say you are trying to sell houses, and this is a great month for you, the pre-heaven energies can lead you to encounter better clients and reduce the chances of meeting up with a lot of cheap clients who only waste your time and not buy anything. 

To benefit from nature’s pre-heaven energy, you must be aware of the energy that is kicking in and plan your stuff better according to the energy flow. You will have to “catch” the energy by doing something that is corresponding to the energy flow. For example, a wealth star energy is here, it's good for things that are done and growing, developing and blossoming.  To “catch” the energy, you will want to do similar things during that month and while you are doing it, nature’s energy will charge you up automatically due to the fact that it’s a corresponding pattern.

Farming Pre-Heaven Energy

You heard it right, nature will have pre-heaven energy pumping in every day, just like the sun shines on our land every day. Sometimes you need the sun, sometimes you don’t, but the sun will not be hiding away and reserving the resources just because you don’t want it.  What if we want to collect the resources from the sun and spend them later?  We want the energy from the sun, then we invented solar panels, back up batteries charged by the sun, or even other things that can accumulate the elements given off by the sun and so we can use them later on.

To farm the pre-heaven energy, we do it differently, because it’s not energies that are in this physical world but in the non-physical dimension. This pre-heaven energy can be saved up by using an altar (that is to be built by us or yourself as a disciple of our lineage). every day, we save up the energies into the altar, and so when the down time of the year comes, we see our luck getting bumps and nicks, things not flowing well, business going down, then we can pull out these energies from the altar by using the Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung, and now we can give ourselves a boost to perk things back up when we need help.

To get started, you can contact us, or start by getting ordained today and you will be surprised how much you can do with the Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung as you learn and invest your time into this powerful and life-changing subject.