18 Simple FUs for Celestial Master Gold

These are the 18 free FUs you can learn and use along with our celestial master gold series of goodies. Read the 101 guide to understand more about the usages and how to deploy them. These FUs below can be draw with a penbrush/brush/anything as long as it is black ink. No need to stamp or sanctify, because you are using them with the CMGs which are all preloaded with magic power done for you. This FU will just set the magic power off to do what it is supposed to do.

You can also combine these with the "81 Applications" to enhance the power!

Remember that your FAITH determines the outcome and power - always have strong trust, faith and determination in your magic and toward the Tao. Want more power? Get ordained!

Shed Lights FU 神光符

fu 1
Brings you light, so you can have better vision, clearer view of the paths ahead, helps you see things better and avoid going into a bad direction in life.

Absorb Negatives FU 收煞符

fu 2
Vac up the bad energies and suck them back to nature. Good to use when the house is full of negative energies. Sweep around and burn outside.You can also tape one where all the bad energies are to constantly suck up the evils.

Bring Ideas FU 文昌符

Make you smarter and help you think, open up potentials and creativity. Help you get better with your academics too.

Boost Wisdom FU 智慧符

This one helps you by boosting your intelligence, utilizing your brain power better and be able to sort out problems and troubleshoot for solutions.

Protection FU 護身符

Protection against evils and threats, simply carry on you.

Secure and Guard FU 鎮煞符

Tape one where evils might invade, it repels them away and prevents bad things from happening. After the exorcism, tape one on the front door to avoid evils coming back for revenge.

Exorcise Evils FU 驅邪符

Forcefully sweep out the evils, burn where it is needed or sweep around the house to exorcise evils. Drink if needed.

Wealth and Blossom FU 發財符

Help you with wealth and make things blossoms into reality.

Backfires Negative FU 轟邪符

Got curses on you? Burn, drink, carry one. Backfire curses and evil magic to where they were from. Remember to use at least 5 pairs of gold and silver if you are sure there is a case on you.

Fortune FU 百福符

Carry one to receive more fortune from the Tao, get lucky!

As You Wish FU 如意符

Help you smoothen things out and make everything work out in your favour.

Sickness Dissolving 化病符

Tape one around the bed, carry on the body and drink one if you are sick. Burn one over the mask you wear!

Villain Dissolving FU 化小人符

Got people backstabbing or gossiping behind you? Carry one and they will start to tone down or even back off.

House Protection FU 鎮宅符

Tape one inside the house to secure your territory, prevent evils from getting in!

Harmonizing FU 和合符

Harmonize between people, loved ones, or even workers. Tape one around the area people stay or have couples drink one cup of fu water together.

Cleansing FU 清淨符

Burn into fu water and soak yourself in the tub for 15mins. Cleanse the bad energies. You can also burn it into fu water and sprinkle or spray it around the house with a spray bottle or sprayer gun.

Heart Stabilizing FU 定心符

Help you reduce anxiety and nervousness. Babies might need one for a better sleep at night too. Carry one or inject it into objects like your plush friends.

Travel Safety FU 出入平安符

Carry one for safety and protection if you are driving around a lot or maybe you are going on a trip. Keep you safe and can avoid dangers.
To use these FUs, check out the CMG page.