18 Simple FUs for Celestial Master Gold

In the mystical realm of Taoist magic, FU 符 and CMG FU Magic Tokens are powerful tools that facilitate communication with the gods. In this article, we delve into the essence of these magical treasures and explore how you can harness their powers for protection, blessings, and spiritual connection.

What is FU?

FU, often referred to as a ticket of request, is a medium for communicating with the gods using coded words that are recognized within the sect’s system. Unlike writing a note or letter in your own words, FU employs preset codes that are agreed upon with the gods and recorded in the system. This enhances efficiency and effectiveness. Imagine having to explain to a chef what you want to eat versus pressing a preset button for a pre-cooked meal. FU is like that preset button; it's efficient and ensures consistent results. The gods have prepared these codes in advance, making them readily available for your use. This is why our 18 FUs are more efficient and effective than writing a note on the CMGs.

Introducing CMG FU Magic Tokens

CMG FU Magic Tokens can be purchased from our online store. Once you receive them, you can write the FU of your choice on the gold or silver page, and they are ready to use. There are various ways to use FU, such as carrying it for protection, burning it, or creating FU water for cleansing baths. We have detailed examples on another page for you to learn from.

Synergy of FU and CMG FU Magic Tokens

Combining FU with CMG FU Magic Tokens ensures more effective communication with the gods. While you can write a note for the gods on the FU Magic Tokens, using FU is more efficient as it provides clear instructions to the gods, eliminating any guesswork. This synergy ensures that the magical powers are directed precisely for the intended purpose.

List of 18 FUs for FU MAGIC TOKENS

Shed Lights FU 神光符

fu 1

This FU brings light into your life, allowing for a clearer vision and understanding of the paths ahead. It helps you see things more clearly and avoid taking a wrong turn in life.

Absorb Negatives FU 收煞符

fu 2

This FU acts like a vacuum for bad energies, drawing them in and returning them to nature. It's especially useful when your home is filled with negative energies. Sweep around with this FU and burn it outside. You can also tape one in an area where bad energies accumulate to continuously absorb them.

Bring Ideas FU 文昌符


Need a creativity boost? This FU helps you think, opening up potentials and creativity. It's also beneficial for academic pursuits.

Boost Wisdom FU 智慧符


Boost your intelligence and brain power with this FU. It helps you in problem-solving and finding solutions more efficiently.

Protection FU 護身符


For protection against evils and threats, simply carry this FU with you.

Secure and Guard FU 鎮煞符


Tape this FU in places where evil might invade. It repels them and prevents bad things from happening. After performing an exorcism, tape one on the front door to keep evils from returning.

Exorcise Evils FU 驅邪符


Use this FU to forcefully sweep out evils. Burn it where needed or sweep around the house. You can also drink it if needed.

Wealth and Blossom FU 發財符


This FU helps you with wealth and brings your aspirations into reality.

Backfires Negative FU 轟邪符


If you believe you have been cursed, use this FU to backfire curses and evil magic to their origin. Burn, drink, or carry one. Use at least 5 pairs of gold and silver if you are sure you have been cursed.

Fortune FU 百福符


Carry this FU to receive more fortune from the Tao and increase your luck.

As You Wish FU 如意符


This FU helps smoothen things out and make everything work in your favor.

Sickness Dissolving 化病符


If you are sick, tape this FU around your bed, carry it on your body, or drink it. You can also burn one over the mask you wear.

Villain Dissolving FU 化小人符


Use this FU if you have people backstabbing or gossiping about you. Carry one, and they will start to tone down or even back off.

House Protection FU 鎮宅符


Tape this FU inside your house to secure your territory and prevent evils from entering.

Harmonizing FU 和合符


Use this FU to create harmony between people, loved ones, or coworkers. Tape one in an area where people stay or have couples drink a cup of FU water together.

Cleansing FU 清淨符


Burn this FU into FU water and soak yourself in the tub for 15 minutes to cleanse bad energies. You can also sprinkle or spray FU water around the house.

Heart Stabilizing FU 定心符


This FU helps reduce anxiety and nervousness. It's also useful for babies who need a better sleep at night. Carry one or inject it into objects like plush toys

Travel Safety FU 出入平安符


Carry this FU for safety and protection, especially if you are driving a lot or going on a trip. It keeps you safe and helps you avoid dangers.

How to Use These FUs with CMG FU Magic Tokens

To use these FUs, you need to pair them with CMG FU Magic Tokens. These tokens are preloaded with magical powers and can be used as a medium for these FUs. Write the FU on the CMG FU Magic Token and then use it as directed. For example, you can carry it with you for protection, burn it to release its power, or create FU water for cleansing purposes.

Remember, your faith is a crucial element in the effectiveness of these FUs. Have strong trust, faith, and determination in your magic and toward the Tao. For more detailed instructions and examples of how to use these FUs with CMG FU Magic Tokens, please check out the CMG page.

Real-Life Application

Imagine experiencing a spiritual attack at night, where you see spirits and feel harassed by them. In such an emergency, you can grab a FU Magic Token, write a FU or a note on it, and burn the FU to exert power against the evil spirit, providing immediate relief. It’s akin to having an emergency tool at home that can be a lifesaver. Waiting for help could mean enduring hours of distress, but with FU Magic Tokens, you have the power to protect yourself instantly.

Spreading the Tao

You can also use FU Magic Tokens to create protection FUs and gift them to friends and loved ones. Not only are you protecting yourself, but you are also spreading the Tao and helping others. Remember, spreading the Tao pleases the gods, and in return, they bestow more help and blessings upon you.

Additional Resources

For more detailed information and examples of how to use FU and CMG FU Magic Tokens, please refer to the 101 guide and the 81 applications examples page.


FU and CMG FU Magic Tokens are powerful tools in Taoist magic that enable you to communicate with the gods efficiently and harness magical powers for protection, blessings, and spiritual connection. Whether you are seeking protection from spiritual attacks or looking to spread the Tao by helping others, these magical treasures are invaluable assets in your spiritual journey.