10 Ways to Witness Taoist Magic of Saam Law Sun Gung

10 Ways to Witness Taoist Magic of Saam Law Sun Gung

These are 10 easy methods to witness the Taoist magic power of Saam Law Sun Gung, and they can be done even for a new disciple who just ordained into the lineage.

Better Ideas and Power of Creation

You want to start something like a project, a plan, or just before you start doing anything. Close your eye, breathe in and hold air at your chest while reciting your “heart spells” and hold the air a bit until you cannot hold it anymore, stomp your left foot and let go of the air with your mouth and open your eyes wide open. The magic power is already there to help you think and bring in new ideas or inspire you to do the right thing.

Make Better Decisions

You want to make choices such as pick a new name for your email address, choose a profile pic, new phone number, etc. Close your eyes and recite the “heart spells” and hold the air a bit until you cannot hold it anymore, stomp your left foot and let go of the air with your mouth and open your eyes wide open. What you pick or come up with instantly is empowered by the magic power to give it a better future.

Pump Up Energies

You are in a match of a game or anything that requires physical abilities, such as a sports game or competition. You can use recite the “heart spells” in your mind with your eyes closed, and then open your eyes and slap your chest 3x with your left palm. You will feel more confident, energetic and powerful as you do your best in the game. You can also keep reciting the “heart spell” in your mind to pump energies in the process too.

Boost Confidence and Influential Power

You are about to do a presentation and you need people to like you or listen to you more, or maybe to even buy your ideas. Before you start, close your eyes and recite the “heart spells” in your mind 5x and then stomp your right foot 3x. Open your eyes and do your best, you will be charged up to say the right thing and it will help you gain more success.

Improve Social Network Energy

You just entered a school or a new workplace, and you are not sure who might be a good person to be friends with. You don’t want to bump into people who might be bad to you later. Before you enter the place, use your eyes to draw the Saam Law Fu head over the door entrance and then recite your “heart spell” and stomp the left foot 6x before you go in.  After you pass through the doorway, you will be led to a better direction for making friends or interacting with people.

Promote a Deal to Happen

If you are meeting up with a client and want to get a business deal successful. You can secretly draw the Saam Law Fu Headon your left palm with your eyes or use the right-hand sword finger, and then close your eyes and do the “heart spells” quickly in the time of one short blink. Open your eyes and shake hand with the other person and your magic power is transmitted over to promote a bigger chance for a deal to happen.

Protection for Yourself

If you feel something not right or sensing something is not good in the air, or you are about to go out but you can see signs showing you that something not so good can be happening. Quickly use the right-hand sword finger to draw the Saam Law Fu Head on your left palm, hold a fist and recite the "heart spells” 3x in your mind (close your eyes), then slap your chest 3x. This will instantly reduce the potential threats or danger you might be facing or maybe lead you to do something that can just make you miss the danger-zone. For example, 2 minutes late on a trip can make you avoid a car accident just because of the little difference. Sometimes just being dragged to take a different route can also avoid yourself being in a robbery scene too!

Help with Health

Someone you loved went into the hospital for whatever reason, or they are always having bad health and you want to give them some help. You can think of something that they will consume, such as fruits, beverages. Remember it is best if the food or beverages are really good for them with health benefits, like ginseng and such. Before you give it to them, you can draw the Saam Law Fu Headover the food and smudge the energy over with your palm, and then do a Wah -Gwong hand sign blast on it. The food consumed will help them to increase the potential to heal up.

Tests and Exams

You have to do a test or exam and you want your brain to function properly, with the things you studied really popping back out to you while you try to retrieve them from memory. On the day you study, try to put the textbook you studied on the table and draw a Saam Law Fu Head over it with your sword finger, and then go to sleep with the book on your chest, close your eyes and recite the “heart spells” until you fall asleep. Before you do the test, close your eyes and visualize the textbook and say “heart spells” in the mind, slap your chest 3x and do your best in the test, you will do better than usual.

Removing Disturbing Thoughts and Energies

You might be having a hard time today because there is a bunch of unwanted thoughts or feelings in your head disturbing you and not giving you a peaceful inner feeling. Close your eyes and focus on your chest, put both hands on your lap facing down, and sit down on a chair or your bed.  Recite the “heart spells” while thinking of the chest and visualize yourself in the mind, try to recreate the picture of “yourself” in your mind as you recite the “heart spells”. After a while, you will realize the thoughts are cleared and your mind is bright again.


Real Taoist Magic Power Versus Fake

The Taoist magic power of Saam Law Sun Gung is not a magic trick, it cannot create “physical illusions” or make you “wow” because of a stunt. However, it can help you in many ways that can make life and future better, or remove obstacles that can be bringing you to the wrong direction.  It can also help you to avoid the bad potentials and harmful routes, reducing the chances of danger and hiccups.

Real magic power cannot be seen, yet it can influence things to happen or happen in your favor. FAKE or SCAM magic will try to convince you by using a physical medium such as showing you they are invincible and cannot be cut by blades, or they can make a coin do something, or they can make something balance that seems impossible. Whatever it is, anything like that is a SCAM.

Any magic that tells you they can show you the magic power with a physical method, it is for sure a scam. Magic power is non-physical and it cannot be proven or witnessed by a physical medium, just like you can never witness true love by using a physical method.

Taoist Magic Senses

Remember, all human beings act because of 3 main things.

First, comes a feeling, then inspirations, and then they will act.

Why do you buy these foods today at the supermarket?  Well, because you feel good or you feel you need these.  

Why do choose this as your girlfriend and not that one?  Because you feel better doing so. 

Why do you wear green and not red?  Because you feel like it. As you see, we act because of feeling mostly and feelings inspired us to think. 

As you see, we act because of feeling mostly and feelings inspired us to think. 

We often skip the thinking process and just act too.
What if you got some energies in the mid-air or something is sending off their negative energies to you, which affects your “feeling’ pattern? 

You can be suddenly feeling not good, feeling sad, feeling hopeless, and be doing a lot of crazy things. People jump off the roof one day just because they “feel’ life is over. No matter what physical matter you show them, can’t get it, they only feel and then they will act.


How to Get Stronger

Cultivating more, building your altarand strengthen your trust and faith in the lineage, the magic and yourself will make your magic power stronger. Remember that you are like a person who just learned some martial art skills and now you can kick some butt, but it is not enough. You can get better by doing more training, using it more and understanding about it more. You can use the magic right away, but it gets stronger and better as you cultivate!

Magic power in Saam Law Sun Gung can protect yourselves and be yourself, or do better than yourself. Don’t let yourself be controlled or driven by all these unseen energies, and get your life under control. You can always do better if you can empower yourself and clean up the pollutions around you!