Week 1

Foundational theory and how to apply them in your life

Saam Law Structure

Saam Law - is like saying THREE systems. The word comes from the system of nature and also were our magical power and knowledge came from.  It's the foundation of everything!  Once you know the structure, you can start applying it to your life to make sure things are "aligned" with the nature's flow. Magically, your life will start to become more organized and flowing!

Tin - Dei - Yunn (PreHeaven)

This is how the nature creates, from sky, to ground, to human. It's not an actual human, but more like things born out of a "ground', which is all a metaphor.

TIN 天 is the sky, which is a metaphor of a bigger, exposed, or a source of where things comes from. This element is often related to "time" as well, because it is what you have as resources in nature.

DEI 地 is the ground, and it is enclosed, which is where things go into, like a house or office is a ground. You can go in it.  Ground in nature is location, where you can spent the time into.

YUNN 人 is the human, which is what's in the ground being processed and then gave birth to some sort of result or "fruit" at the end.  In nature, the action, or happenings, are human, which is just what you are doing with the time, at a certain location.

An example of TIN DEI YUNN (TDY) structure is:

"Today, at home, I have been reading a book."

If you tell someone that you are "just reading a book" there are still a lot of missing information, which can lead to many misunderstanding or even wrong assumptions. Hey, you never said where, I thought you were doing it at work!

Whenever we want to describe ourselves doing something, or "reporting" on LINE about our status, it's always smart to use the "BO!" and TDY structure to report.

"BO!  Just now, at home in front of altar, I saw a shadow passed by.101!"

This line is clear, and precise, which allows us to fully visualize what's going on and what can be done to help.

The next time you want to talk to someone or even report on LINE, think about it this way, and see if you are missing something.  Or when you are trying to plan things - look at the time first, then if time is good, you will look at the location and see if that place is good, then at the end you will consider the event is good to do or not.

How is this related to magic work?

The sky - which is is the source, the gods, the side that gives you the power. First we have to Cheng Sun, to invoke the gods.

The ground - which is a container that can allows the god's power to go into. Here we have a FU, which is why we have to CHICK FU, to allow those powers to go into the FU.

The human - which is the final fruit, is the power that comes out of the FU, which is why we have to USE the FU in some way to have the final result.  You cannot just have a FU and do nothing about it. That FU is just a carrier for the power, you need to use it for it to "work".


The challenge for you is here - whenever we "want" to do something, we often just think about "what to do" first, then you think about the location and time. That's a normal way of thinking, because you are being controlled by the feeling to do things. It's what happen to normal people. We aren't the normal type, because we want to control over our own life again and not lose that power.

From now on, you will always think of "time" then "location" then "what to do".  For example - tomorrow, at home, I will be cleaning the house.  

Instead of "I want to clean the house".. um... let's do it tomorrow. That is emotionally driven and you have no self control over it.

After one week of this, write a short feedback and post it on LINE to let me know how it goes!


Yin Yang and Munn Mo Theory

Munn 文 and Mo 武

MUNN - is when there is any sorts of INCOME coming in. For example, seeing, hearing, smelling, eating, learning, all give you an income of some sorts. Seeing and hearing gives you the income of information and such..!

MO - is when there is an output of something such as output of speech, power, guidance, help of any sorts, or even action to be taken and such that will burn up the energy and resources inside.

Always Munn Before Mo

No one should drive a car before they learn to drive. No one should be doing work before they have learn to do the job properly. No one should move their body and burn energy before eating something to fuel themselves. It's very simple, but yet many people still don't understand the importance of this order. 

Many people wake up and decided to go empty stomach exercise and think that is healthy - while you have no fuel in you, but you decided to burn.

Many people will decide to go to work without eating breakfast because they are "in a rush" and they don't even realize they are just wearing out daily.

Many people will decide to not study and take a test, well you know what's going to happen.

The theory is simple, yet neglected by many people in all sorts of ways which they don't see it is a BIG problem in the long run.

Munn Mo in Magic

There are many MUNN and MO examples in magic. The basic structure you can see with your altar is that you upload incense and offerings daily which your Jo Si will "intake" your time and energy. That's Munn for the Jo Si.

After all these input from you, then you will use magic and do stuff with your altar like chick FU and such to bring out the power from the Jo Si, which to him is a MO action.

If just doing Munn and no Mo, it's like you only eat and not move, then you get fat, and the fat will make you unhealthy, which is also a problem. Just like people who just make money and not spend, it doesn't do them any good too.  Income must follow with output, Munn and then Mo, then you can Munn again. The cycle of munn and mo will promote growth!


Everyday you should be observing yourself and think about what you are doing at the moment is MUNN or MO to yourself. When you are MUNN-ing, do not MO at the same time. Same to MO-ing and don't MUNN, keep your yin and yang separate.

This is to truly define your energy in and out route, making your life clear, defined and structured again. While you are eating, don't talk. Finish your food and swallow, THEN talk.  Get it?

Now it's time for you to go onto LINE and tell us how you have applied this to your daily life in the week, and if you have any thoughts that you got, any light bulb moments and such!

Week 3 and 4

Video and feedback time!

Video Lesson

Watch the follow video and write a short paragraph or page about what you have learned, post it on LINE (in classroom). Add some of your thoughts and tell us what the lesson have inspired you to think about etc.