Heart Scripture Learning!

TDY of Scripture

As you have learned in the MUNN class, TDY is a structure of nature. Scripture magic is always like that too, it has a T D Y stage in the whole ceremony.  First is to connect to the source of power, then you do scripture to cook up that energy, then you send it off to someone or somewhere to deploy the energy you have cooked up.

How Scripture Magic Works

Scriptures are like spells - you don't need to know what it means to get it working. It's not a textbook for you to "read" and understand either. It's for you to use, to chant, and the power will be there. What matters is the OTHER SIDE that knows you are chanting, then while you chant, the OTHER SIDE will be beaming down powers to you for what you need. As I have said, just like the spells, it's the OTHER SIDE that listens and help you not yourself helping yourself.

Scriptures are passed down to us by the gods above, and basically it is not a "textbook" to study, but a form of magic. You can see it like a longer version of a spell. A spell usually execute ONE task, a scripture is like a full course menu with all the small dishes and main dish, then the desserts and drinks etc. 

For example, if there is a scripture that talks about a story, the storyline is about someone got bullied, then they got helped, then the bully got killed, then the world go back to peace again.   

This is a pattern, and the pattern means - something happened, chaos kicked in, found the bad guy, killed him, and then it is good again.  Imagine you want to talk about the covid issue.  So covid came and harm us, then our world flipped upside down, then we found the problem, solve it, and then we are back to normal again.  That's how the pattern can fit into the things we want.  When we do scripture, this PATTERN ENERGY is what you are cooking up.  After this is done, you will deploy the whole PATTERN ENERGY into someone or something, then the PATTERN is like a graph, it goes into the subject and affect them to change.

Heart Scripture 101

Heart scripture is one of the most important scripture magic, it helps to build your faat-sum, the magic heart, which is what you use to connect to the Tao. With this scripture, it helps one to build a stronger heart, fight back heart devils, and also keep you focused and aligned in life.

Begin Learning

You will be learning the scripture on LINE, we will have the doc posted, which you can get a start this week by trying to chant along. We will drop more teachings in later. This week is "try and show your progress" time. Don't worry so much about you are right or wrong. Attempt and effort is the key.


Chanting Explained

Chanting is not Reading

Chanting is a form of MAGIC WORK and is not just "reading" a book. By chanting, you are connecting to the gods, and the things you chanted, is like a code, which beams down the power for that purpose you wanted. For example, your scripture is for helping you exorcise the evils inside you. Then the time you are doing this, the gods will be beaming down anything that you need for exorcising evil crap.  Do you need to know the language?  Nope. Just like spells, you don't even need to understand because they are all just a bunch of CODES used by the gods. 


Talking about CODES, the words being chanted are also going to be in what we called "Saamlawnese" which is a special version of Chinese, or you can say it's just our own language in the lineage which we have specially learned from the gods. Just like a secret language, it is used to store different meanings and information inside. It's Chinese "words" but with different sounds or even meaning! What's more important is that it is a language that proof you are a true disciple and also a qualified one to request help from the celestials. Oh ya, doing the magic only send your request, but why shall they help? If you are just a "newbie" from outside, sure here is a BIT of help then. Nothing more!

Scripture Magic Power in You

Scripture magic power, is like your "account" in the celestial court which you have cultivated by doing your chanting regularly, and being a proper Taoist and "GOON" (official) in the court for X amount of time... this build up of power can be taken out and use on things when you need. There is actually a MUNN and MO to scripture magic too. Ref to MUNN CLASS!

When you learn and do the daily practice, that's munn, you are building up power in the celestial court for this magical scripture.

When you need the help, you will open altar, Cheng Sun and do the scripture to DEPLOY these powers to somewhere you need or want to help. There goes the MO part.


Not much input from everyone yet for the week 1 progress, so we will want to see everyone catch up this week and start posting progress and records of your chanting of the heart scripture!  Don't forget to buy the wooden fish, hing, and so on... if you do not have them yet. Order them from your DAI C BEH!

week 3 and 4

Video and feedback time!

video lesson

Watch the follow video and write a short paragraph or page about what you have learned, post it on LINE (in classroom). Add some of your thoughts and tell us what the lesson have inspired you to think about etc.