Write FU for Dummies

This post is dedicated to people starting with their baby altar, but more important is for the SENIOR DISCIPLES who think they already know a lot but don’t. I hope these posts will be interesting enough as well as educational, and mind-blowing enough.

First, that altar you just made has a god there; you can call it your Saam Law Jo Si or Jo Si for now. It’s YOUR god; you create the altar, so why can’t you create your communication system with it?  That is the good thing about having your altar; it’s personal.

We have advanced FU language and codes in the system, which can do a lot more, but before you get there, you must learn by going through the basics and truly understanding WHAT real magic is. The magic of FU is to have a way to talk to your god and use this “ticket” of request to bring god’s help to places where you want to power to be deployed. Your god is at the altar; it cannot go to your office, car, or friend’s house. If you give the god a FU, then the god can place his power or even clone himself into the FU, and then you can deploy it anywhere you want.

First, you don’t need to go by the traditional way using brush, ink, etc. Let’s keep it simple and know how the basic works.

You need a pen or writing tool, something to write on, and of course, the most important thing is the stamp of authority which can mark that this paper is THE paper god approved.

Let’s make it easy, get some paper, and cut them into 6cm x 15cm stripes. These will be your FU paper. Any colour is fine for now—no need to be too precise for the measurements. A bit off is not a problem. You can also go with those 3x5 or 4x6 post-it pads; it doesn’t matter much for now. Go back to the DIV POST and learn how to use the DIV to ask your god if this is a good size, colour, etc., and pick something your god likes.

You should have a pen or marker; a sharpie would be fine. For now, you can use the common colour black, red or anything you like for the basic FU work. Something thicker will look nicer on the paper.

For the stamp, pick anything but choose something round or square looking. You can buy the cheap rubber stamp on amazon or get some self-inking ones. Pick a design that you think can represent your god, a symbol like a chicken, or a cat is fine too. Again, DIV to confirm with your Jo Si. This stamp does not have to be very serious, too; you can pick any design, don’t go too far and start designing your own thing because it is just a starter kit; get something simple and cheap.

Put everything in front of your god and put on your timer (incense or other timers). Tell your gods these are the tools for FU work from now on; the paper, the marker and the stamp.

Take each one, face the god, bow 1x and circle 3x CW and 3x CCW, put down, and repeat the same with the other objects. DIV to see if they are ready to use. Toss 3x. You can use these for FU  work if you see no YIN.

Draw a protection FU! :)

Take the paper and marker, and draw a protection FU on it. You can do a Saam Law FU HEAD, copy one from our FU book, or even create your own. Yes, designing an FU-looking thing or writing a message is fine. The key point is that the FU is what YOU and GOD know as a protection FU; it’s personal.

After that, stamp in the center, and there goes a FU.

Take the FU, face the god at the altar, put on the timer, and tell the god this is for protection, etc. Circle 3x CW 3x CCW and bow, put the FU on the altar and let god empower you for a while. When the timer is finished, you can use div to see if you can take it down. If approved, you can use this FU for real.

Stamping the center means the Jo Si at the altar approved this to be executed.

Stamping the top means Jo Si approves to “give help and empower” this FU.

Stamping the bottom means Jo Si approves this FU to bring things back into the altar, such as sucking back evil crap or negative energies.

You can also do all three stamps, but one is sufficient for protecting FU. Max, maybe add the top stamp for empowerment.

Now make a house protection FU for the main door, a personal travel safety FU for the wallet, a FU for the car, a FU for the office work desk, a FU for your friend, a FU for your parents, and so on. You can make any FU and design any FU; as long as you know what the FU means, it will work because the god at the altar is created by you, which means the god knows what your heart knows. However, always DIV to double-check with the god if confused.

A FU at this stage doesn’t need to be like a “FU” (the traditional one); it can be a picture, a scribble of words, or anything. The paper is a ticket; you can use symbols, pictures, or scribbles to represent what you want from the god. This is a baby stage; you can be very creative.

Why would you have to learn the complicated stuff later, then?  The “real” FU from the FU books and such look much more proper in ordinary people’s eyes, so you won’t be called “crazy.” Another thing is that they are used to communicate with the official powers in the lineage’s system, the celestial court. So they are much stronger than your local Jo Si and have a much stricter and more sophisticated system to manage the way they work. There is also much wisdom in the FU language, how the grammar works, etc. As you learn more and more from me, you will appreciate the complex system even more when you are mature in the lineage.

The stamps we use are also registered in the lineage for representing the different powers or departments in the court; they are not your creation and have special spells and designs etc. It’s okay. You don’t have to attend college when you are two years old. At this stage, the main point is understanding what a FU is and how flexible magic can get. Learn to USE IT ALL THE TIME like there is no tomorrow; that is how your god can quickly become super powerful. You must USE IT, USE IT, and USE IT MORE to grow the power.

If you are afraid your FU is not strong enough for something, you can always burn some CMG into it and empower it with the celestial master’s level power. BAM, instant upgrade.

Get going, and don’t forget to record a book of your creations so you have an FU-BOOK built for the god you created, and there you’re, your grade-one magic class. You will level up and upgrade as you learn more and more in the lineage, but if you can’t even understand this and how to MAXIMIZE the opportunity to deploy your magic, then you will be a very lame Taoist even if you know all the fancy version of magic.

For those who have your own matured altar already, and you know the advanced version of chick FU etc., you know your JO SI can also do the same as what I said above, and you already have your “chicken stamp,” which is your JO SI STAMP. Do you see a light bulb yet?