What Brings You Success

As a Taoist or disciple in the lineage, your goal is to embrace the power from the Tao or lineage so that it can help you with things in your life. That means a disciple who doesn’t use the power will fall into the “suckie disciple” list.

One might say, I am reading the ebooks, I am reading the blog, and I am watching your videos. Sure, that’s good to do, but it doesn’t do anything to get you any results.

It’s like you joined a gym club, and then you kept reading their books and videos and even licking their website clean- except for starting the actual workout. Does it make you better? Does it bring results? Does it help you at all?  Outsiders can read, too; why are you in the lineage? Why did you even ordain? It’s like you paid $400 to enter a gym that gives you top grade gym coach and lessons with a nice big gym to work out, but you didn’t do a thing and cry at home, saying you are “not ready.” Oh please.

To the gods, they are watching and observing; you are just being labelled as sluggish, lazy, dreadful, sloppy, and even unfaithful. If you had faith, you would have already listened, started acting, and not waited.

Magic is a form of PreHeaven power, unlike battery or water in the PostHeaven. PreHeaven things grow and get stronger as you use them more and more, just like our memory power and feelings of love. The less you use it, they get cold and will soon die!

Magic is like love; occasionally, you must “spice it up” with excitement and upgrades to flare up the power. If you keep doing the same thing, staying at the same level, then it gets robotic and dull, resulting in the power dying and fading out.  You must seek to improve and learn new things from time to time to “hype up” the power inside you, or else it will not grow, and it will get bored, dull, and slowly weaken over time.

Remember the HS0 that you got when you initiated or ordained? This is the first god with you, the root of everything for you. This god stays in your heart and is part of your heart.

We have a saying, “it’s like travelling on a river in a boat; if you don’t paddle and move forward with some force, then the boat will drift backward.” This is like how to love a relationship is; if you and your spouse stay in the same state for a long time, it gets dull, and the feeling will also decline. That is why you must always seek to re-hype the relationship occasionally and ensure you are still caring and loving with each other.

Everything doesn’t count until ACTION shows. Remember this key point! 

By doing and using the Taoist magic we got in our hands, it is a way to demonstrate our faith in the Tao and the gods above. If you want to be a non-sucky disciple, GET CREATIVE with your magic, learn to use and apply the power in more ways, and integrate magic into your daily life! Oh, you don’t know HOW to do that? Then that is why you should ASK!  Your peers on LINE would help you out!

If you PRACTICE, read, and watch things only, you suck.

(Practicing the heart spell is nothing, too, you need to USE the heart spell for actual magic to make it count!)

The real work is done when you USE and DO the magic. That’s when the actual work is done.

Like the gym scenario, don’t just be an observer, do the actual thing and get sweating. Get off your butt now and move.