The Concept of Tin Dei Yunn

Tin Dei Yunn is a concept you should know because it is always used in our lineage’s content.

Tin 天 Sky

Dei 地 Ground

Yunn 人 Human

It is not about the sky with the cloud or ground you stand on. It is a concept, a pattern, like saying everything has a beginning, progress, and ending.

The sky is where the source is, the ground is the place that absorbs from the source, and human is what the ground gives birth to.

The celestial court is your source, where the powers and gods are. The whole lineage’s system is at the court, a preheaven thing you cannot see with your naked eyes. This is your “Tin” or sky. The court is far away and granted to our lineage from the gods even further away in Daai Law Tin.

However, for the court to beam down the power to us, it must go through the atmosphere zone, which passes an area where our spiritual altar network is located. This is the “Ground” for you guys. When we say the power of “Tin Yat Lineage,” this is the power we are referring to. It’s a thing built by the human side. The representative of this “ground” is the headquarters altar (HQ altar) which holds the main controlling power for the lineage. Then the other altars all link up and group together in the same area, forming a network of spiritual altars. If you don’t have an altar, your soul’s “ghost altar” is also in this network, and that is why the lineage can provide you with the powers to use the magic.

At last, the Yunn, or human, is the world you can see with the naked eye. Your body, altar and anything you use here is a physical thing that receives power from the ground zone.

If we need anything, we can take it from the ground zone directly or request it from the court through the ground. We can also send things up to the ground or the court through the ground. For example, you can send a letter to the god by submitting it to the ground, and the lineage network then beams it back up to the court for you to reach the gods above.

Anything you can see and touch is considered “human,” meaning you must always have a good connection with the “ground” to get anything from the lineage or the court.

The ground is like the office of a company. The sky is like the big boss level, where they have all the highest power and can provide you with anything if the ground doesn’t have them. However, the ground always keeps many resources for their daily operation need.

Think about going to Home Depot to shop as a “ground” with a warehouse as the “sky.” You are the human who buys stuff; if you need anything and they run out of stock, the ground has to place an order from the warehouse.

Same as the lineage too. We have powers at the lineage (ground zone) readily available for you to use all the time. As long as you are our disciples, you can immediately use the heart spell to get this power.

To get yourself glued closely to the ground, the only way is to be closer to the lineage and build a stronger relationship with the lineage. For example, every 1st and 15th of the lunar month, you will worship through the website, talk to the people or Cia Juan(s) often, etc. Communication with the people and interaction within the lineage makes you “closer” to the heart of the lineage. The more loyal and committed you are, the more you will get from the lineage when you do the magic. Just like if you go to a shop and be a loyal customer, they will always give you perks and help you out more.

Now you understand how the lineage’s structure for magic power works!